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Hardware : Hardware Description

The NAOMI (New Arcade Operation Machine Idea) is also Japanese for beauty above all else.

The GD Rom upgrade is compatible with Naomi and Naomi 2 via the option port on the top of the board. It comes with a Dimm board, very similar to the ROM board on a normal Naomi cartridge, but has RAM instead of ROMS.
RAM board Uses normal PC type DIMM's, so upgrading memory is not a problem, and relativly cheap.

The GD Rom system has a very clever way of getting around the loading delay time. When the game is initially installed, the GD ROM loads its content into the Naomi RAM. Once this is completed, the GD ROM goes into standby unless the RAM gets corupted or the game gets shut off for 72 hours or more. This does two things,

1) Eliminates loading delays completely, (after initial power up.)
2) Minimizes the on/off cycles of the GD ROM drive and greatly increasing the life of this mechanical device.

From Sega R+D - "We learned a lesson watching our coin-op competitors go through hardware hell. Many have been using off-board storage devices for years - hard drives, CD's, etc. with great success in increased content but at a tremendous cost in realiablity. These storage devices simply could not withstand the constant on/off cycling a coin-op application demands. Add to that the dirt and smoke a game has to put up with on location vs. a normal computer application and you can see how this was a problem waiting to happen"

The GD-Rom system uses an electronic "key" that plugs into the DIMM module to act as an activator, to prevent people just copying the GD-Roms, visible on the top right of the pictures. A different key is supplied with every game.

There is a well founded rumor that Sega may use this system for having multigame cabinets like the neogeo multi systems, as the GR-Rom can store a LOT of data....
System Pictures : GD-Rom Closeup - Dimm Module + Key
Flyers : GD-ROM Front - GD-ROM Back

This hardware is based on Sega Dreamcast

Page 1
Alienfront Online
Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble
Border Down
Capcom Vs. SNK 2 : Millionaire Fighting 2001
Capcom Vs. SNK : Millennium Fight 2000 Pro
Chaos Field
Cleopatra Fortune Plus
Confidential Mission
Crackin' DJ 2
Doki Doki Idol Star Seeker

Page 2
Dragon Treasure
Dragon Treasure II
Dragon Treasure III
Get Bass 2 / Sega Bass Fishing 2
Guilty Gear XX #Reload
Guilty Gear XX : The Midnight Carnival
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Guilty Gear XX Slash

Page 3
Jingi Storm - The Arcade
Kuru Kuru Chameleon
La Keyboard XYU
Lupin 3 : The Shooting
Lupin : The Typing
Melty Blood : Act Cadenza Ver. A
Melty Blood : Act Cadenza Version B
Melty Blood : Act Cadenza Version B2

Page 4
Mobile Suit Gundam : Federation Vs. Jion
Mobile Suit Gundam : Federation Vs. Jion Deluxe
Moeru Casinyo
Monkey Ball
Musapey No Choco Marker
Noukone Puzzle Takoron
Project Cerberus
Psyvariar 2
Quiz Keitai Q mode

Page 5
Senko no Ronde
Senko no Ronde New Version
Senko no Ronde SP
Shakka to Tambourine
Shakka to Tambourine 2001
Shakka to Tambourine 2001 Power Up!
Shikigami No Shiro II / The Castle of Shikigami II
Shootout Pool
Shootout Pool Prize

Page 6
Spikers Battle
Sports Jam
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper
Super Shanghai 2005
Tetris Kiwamemichi
The Maze Of The Kings
Touch De Zunou
Trigger Heart Exelica
Under Defeat

Page 7
Usagui - Yamashiro Mahjong Hen
Virtua Athletics / Virtua Athlete
Virtua Golf / Dynamic Golf
Virtua Tennis / Power Smash
Virtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2
World Series Baseball / Super Major League

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Spikers Battle
Spikers Battle Spikers Battle
Spikers Battle Spikers Battle
Flyers : Normal Flyer

Sports Jam
Sports Jam Sports Jam
Sports Jam Sports Jam
Flyers : Normal Flyer - UK Flyer
Prequels : Decathlete / Athlete Kings (1995) - Winter Heat (1997)
Sequel : Virtua Athletics / Virtua Athlete (2002)

Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper
Capcom - 2001
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper
Notes : This is an arcade version of the Dreamcast version of the origional SFZ3. It has all 33 characters including all of the "boss" characters.
Prequels : Street Fighter (1987) - Street Fighter II (1991) - Street Fighter II : Champion Edition (1992) - Street Fighter II : Hyper Fighting / Street Fighter II Turbo : Hyper Fighting (1992) - Super Street Fighter 2 : The New Challengers (1993) - Super Street Fighter 2 : The Tournament Battle (1993) - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo / Super Street Fighter 2 X (1994) - Street Fighter Alpha / Street Fighter Zero (1995) - Street Fighter Alpha 2 / Street Fighter Zero 2 (1996) - Street Fighter EX (1996) - Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (1996) - Street Fighter EX Plus (1997) - Street Fighter III : New Generation (1997) - Street Fighter Alpha 3 / Street Fighter Zero 3 (1998) - Street Fighter EX2 (1998) - Street Fighter III 2nd Impact : Giant Attack (1998) - Street Fighter EX2 Plus (1999) - Street Fighter III 3rd Strike : Fight for the Future (1999)
Sequels : Hyper Street Fighter II : The Anniversary Edition (2004) - Street Fighter IV (2008)

Super Shanghai 2005
Starfish - 2005
Super Shanghai 2005 Super Shanghai 2005

Tetris Kiwamemichi
Success - 2004
Tetris Kiwamemichi Tetris Kiwamemichi

The Maze Of The Kings
The Maze Of The Kings The Maze Of The Kings
Flyers : Normal Flyer
Cabinets : Deluxe - Upright

Touch De Zunou
Touch De Zunou Touch De Zunou
Flyers : Flyer

Trigger Heart Exelica
Warashi - 2006
Trigger Heart Exelica Trigger Heart Exelica
Trigger Heart Exelica Trigger Heart Exelica Trigger Heart Exelica
Flyers : Flyer

Triangle Service / Taito - 2005
Trizeal Trizeal
Flyers : Front

Under Defeat
GRev - 2005
Under Defeat Under Defeat
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