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Alpine Racer
Play as Penguin
At the "Press any Button" screen, hold the two outside buttons down and keep pressing the middle button down until you here a sound.

Alpine Racer 2
Play as Kuma
Hold SELECT while inserting your coin. At the skipper select screen, hold RIGHT and press the VIEW CHANGE button.

Play as Oyaji
Hold SELECT while inserting your coin. At the skipper select screen, hold LEFT and press the VIEW CHANGE button

Secret Players
At the player select screen, press Left + Right + Start simultaneously, then quickly press Right or Left to make a bear or two bonus men from Gunbullet appear.
Kuma the Bear has great acceleration but has a slow top speed while the gunbullets boys have great cruise speed but need a perfect slalom.

Alpine Surfer
Play as a Penguin
Hold both SELECT buttons during the select screen, then press the VIEW CHANGE button 7 times. If you did it right you'll hear a penguin sound.
Note: Due to the penguin's superior handling, you won't qualify for a high score

Aqua Jet
Penguin World
When the screen says "Press Start", press it while squeezing the accelerator. At the Course Selection screen, hold the steering column UP (press Start), DOWN (press Start), DOWN (press Start), UP (press Start) and squeeze the accelerator. If you hear the penguin yell, you did it!

Cyber Cycles
Drive the NVR 150 RR SP
To drive the awesome NVR 150 RR SP, push the change view button while selecting a circuit. (Continue holding the button until the race begins.) Meanwhile, at the vehicle selection screen highlight these motorcycles in order, pressing the brake pedal after each:

Wild Hog
NVR 150 RR
Wild Hog
Now highlight NVR 150 RR, mashing the brake pedal twice. The NVR 150 RR will be upgraded to the NVR 150 RR SP!

Penguin Scooter
To use the penguin scooter, enter one of these codes.

If the bike is Black or Green: Hold viewchange button. At bike select, goto NK brake once, goto GP brake once, goto SP break x5, goto GP brake Once.

If the bike is Red or Yellow: Hold viewchange button. At bike select, goto NK brake x3, goto NK == WildHog, GP == NVR, SF == Anthias

Cyber Sled

To fight in the fog, choose the advanced level, press the view point button, once for night, twice for fog

Crisis Zone
Boss 1 Tips
The tank in the mall can give you some extreme points IF you know what to shoot at and create combo's out of:
-6 side guns (3 on each side of the tank)
-1 gattling gun (the gattling gun on top of the tanks primary gun)
-1 primary gun (it's obviously the big gun on the tank
-2 rocket launchers (on either side of the tank)
These parts of the tank you can start shooting at right away, but there are 4 other places of interest that only open up once certain parts of the tank are destroyed:
-2 back rocket launchers (when you thought they were done, there's more, located on the back part of the tank)
-2 more gattling guns (inside the tank, last part of tank to destroy)

Note that the rockets that are being fired at you can be destroyed:
-Large rocket (that come from the side launcher's of the tank) These take more than one bullet to destroy.
-Groups of orange rockets (come from the back launchers of the tank) These can be taken out with one bullet, but be careful and fast.
submitted by bloodsky

Boss 2 Tips
Here are some things to note about the Tiger Helicopter

-The Helicopter's machine gun accuracy: this little gun seems to target you better when it's very close to you, so be on guard
-The orange rockets: this guy loves those rockets! But be careful, as tempting as it is to try and shoot every one you've got to be extremely quick (and lucky) at certain parts when the Helicopter is close.
-Dropping bombs: they require a few more bullets but it's actually a smart idea to shoot them, so you can destroy this boss.

The Helicopter will bring his friends in from time to time so keep on the lookout for other "things" shooting at you
submitted by bloodsky

Boss 3 Tips
The 3 bosses are two henchmen; One of these guys is more deadly than the other, mostly the fast moving, boomerang/knife chucking guy. He'll be your problem for the most part. Things to note when fighting these guys are:
-They bring their friends: several times the fat guy will call his friends to try to get several shots on you. Be careful!
-Some stuff to combo off of, there are paint cans and other stuff to combo more hits off these guys so if you really want that high score, this can help you.
-The boomerang/knives that the fast guy throws can be shot at. One bullet will drop 'em to the ground but I'll stress this again: don't throw away a life just to shoot a projectile. It's not worth it.
-Know when to duck: the fat henchman will try to swing a bunch of things at you. Don't be fooled, yet don't sit too long. Get a feel for when he swings and get ready to duck.

NOTE: The game doesn't say "DANGER!" this time...
submitted by bloodsky

Final Boss Tips
This guy wields a shotgun-esque weapon and throws grenades. This guy has got really good aim (most of the time) and he'll bring all of his friends into the fight: Ninjas, Blue Guards, Red Guards, White Guards, you name it.
submitted by bloodysky

High Score Tips
Working on a High Score for this game? Well here's some tips for racking in the points:
1) Basic Combos - an obvious one, shoot as many guys on the screen at the same time as you can and reload quick enough to continue popping guys on screen
2) Headshots - not 100% on this, but like Time Crisis 2, more points will be awarded for head shots.
3) Item combos - In Crisis Zone, pretty much everything can be shot at, so when you're not popping some bad guys, take a shot as the scenery. Try not to just fill the screen with bullets, concentrate on certain objects in the background, such as barrels or flowerpots, because it requires more items to be broken in order for it to count towards a combo.

Dirt Dash

Hold the brake, accelarator and view button, then insert coin.

Car Setting Mode
Repeat the above steps but hold all those 3 buttons and enter the T.T.Mode, then go to stage select, use the steeling wheel to choose the racing couse ( don't press any button ) and wait for the time to finish, if you success, 'car setting mode' will appear on the screen.

Motocross Go!

Race Alone
Hold brake, gas, and view while you insert your coins. Keep thm pressed until you start the race.

Secret Bikes
When selecting bikes, while turning the handle to full throttle and holding the brake, select your bike with the view button. The YZ400 gives you a transparent player with a visible heart. The YZ250 gives you a player in a black jumpsuit (very fast!!)

Soul Edge

To select Hwang (a hidden character) insert coin, press and hold start and go up, down then move to taki and go up, up, down, down then move to rock and go down, up, down, up you will here a noise if the cheat works, now move left

Soul Calibur

Camera Angle
You can change the camera angle after a fight during the replay. You can move it up, down, left, or right, use A to zoom in and B to zoom out.

Camouflage Code
At the Player Select Screen hold Up on the joystick and press all buttons simultaneously.

Change Weapons
This code will only work after Edge Master has been released.
Before chooseing your character, highlight him or her and lightly tap the G button. You will be able to choose which weapon style you want to use, 1 player, 2 Player, or Edge Master (E.M.)

Play as Unknown Soul
To play as the Unknown Soul version of your character, hold the start button when you select him or her. This will make your character "see through". This code will only work AFTER Edge Master has been released.

This code is also compatible with the weapon change code

Tekken 2

Alternative Colors
This code works with all of the characters. To choose a different uniform for your character highlight the character you want and press the button at the top right.

Tekken 3

Alternate Costumes
This trick works only for Forest Law, Jin Kazama, and the new girl (Xiang or something.)
At the character select screen press START on any of the characters above and a secret costume will appear.

Different Winning Pose
After you beat your opponent, press LK + RK for a different victory pose.

Play as Anna
To play as Anna, go to Nina and press START. Anna has the same moves as Nina.

Play as Tiger
When you are selecting your character, highlight EDDY GORDO and press the START button. When you are ready for battle you will see that EDDY is dressed like a hippie and has an afro. TIGER looks different but has the same moves as EDDY.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Begin match with Partner
To begin a match or round with the second character youve picked, hold down the Tag button and then press Start before the match begins.

Different Costumes
To be original costumes from Tekken 3 or Tekken 2 of the characters, press RIGHT PUNCH or RIGHT KICK. For some characters, you can be other costumes by pressing START or TAG. Tekken Tag Tournament costumes are by presing LEFT PUNCH and LEFT KICK.

Play As Gold Tetsujin
To play as gold Tetsujin select Tetsujin as you normally would and win 10 matches in a row against another player and on win 11 tetsujin will be gold rather than silver.

Play as Angel
To play as Angel, press Start when selecting Devil. Angel is special in because she will get Netsu powerups, Devil won't.

Play as Devil
To use Devil Jin, you must have Heihachi as Jin's partner. When using him in the match, press Back+right and left punch, rp, rp, then left kick. He should be surrounded with purple lightning for a long period of time.
Moves: Corspe Trust: R+L Punch New Combo: LP,RP,RP,LK,RP,RK,LK Spinning Devil Kicks: F,NEUTRAL,D,D/F HOLD,+RK,RK,RK


Play as Mokujin/Tetsujin
To select Mokujin/Tetsujin, go to the bottom row of the selection screen (the one that has Wang, P. Jack, Devil/Angel, the Ogres, and Roger/Alex). Put the selection box over Alex/Roger, the move right, and in an invisible box is Mokujin/Tetsujin. Like in Tekken 3, the computer selects which character Mokujin will imitates. But now if you play as Mokujin, tag out, wait about 15 seconds, tag in and the character that Mokujin imitates will change to another one. Mokujin has 3 costumes, a wood male Moku, a wood female Moku and a metal Moku (Its name is Tetsujin).

Play as Tiger
To play as Tiger, choose Eddy Gordo at the character selection screen and press Start.

Really Cool Tag
For those fans of Devil/Angel here is a neat trick. Choose Devil and Kazuya as one team. When you start the match you will only see one character, but when you tag, whoever you choose to start first will be covered in electricity and turns into the other character.

Tag Grab
Press RP+TAG at the same time to do a tag grab

Time Crisis
Extra Life
Shoot ten consecutive people without getting hit A life cross will begin to appear. Keep shooting people without getting hit. If you hit 40 people in a row without getting shot, you get a free life. It's hard to do but it is worth it.

Time Crisis 2

Bonus Points
There are many structures you can hit during the game to earn bonus points. Here are the following structures availible for bonus: Stage 1 Area 1:
A) Gasoline tanker after shoot-out in restaurant. Either Robert or Keith may destroy it. Total bonus +10000

Stage 1 Area 2:

A) When chasing the fleeing boss, shoot his hat off (shoot slightly above his head) four times to enter an alley before fighting the tank. This alley is filled with numerous bonus men.

Stage 2 Area 1:

A) Moving platform near train station.
If shooting at the bottom shoot at platform at the bottom at the extreme top left. If shooting up at the 2nd floor, shoot thw connector. Total bonus, +10000

B) Barrels at the train station.
Two are availible for destruction, but only one can be destroyed for a total of +5000 bonus. However, it is possible to hit both for a +10000 total bonus. To do this, shoot the right barrel twice and the left barrel three times. Afterwards, instantly point and shoot the right barrel for the double bonus.
submitted by Jeremy Miller

Enemy Descriptions and Liabilities
During your game, many enemies will attack you as you move up into the last past. They will also become more skilled and accurate as you move up. Here are the accuracy info and liabilities for each TC2 unit.

Accuracy ranking (1st=best acc. last= worst):

Bosses (Excluding jacob)
Marksman soldier (Red suit)
Soldier Sage RPG
Soldier Grenadier
Soldier Machine Gunner and Jacob
Soldier Commander (White suit)
Soldier knifeman
Soldier frogman/aquasoldier
Regular soldier (Blue suit)
Bonus soldier (Orange suit)
Abiotic enemies

Turret/vulcan/missile launcher

Marksman - These are probably the ones that may do most of the damage in the game. As soon as they appear they get a "dead-eye" shot toward you. Get to know their locations and shoot them as soon as you spot them. Or you may assure yourself and duck, then shoot them(and maybe have a few laughs)

Soldiers (RPG, Mac. gunner, Greanadier) - Not as quick as the marksman, but effective if they stand out there shooting you as they increase their odds of hitting you. As sson as these are spotted, SHUT EM' DOWN. Especially the maching gunners, who are able to send a "dead-eye" shot in less than a second.

Misc Soldiers (Knifeman, aqua, regular, commander etc.) - These are thw ones which hardly lay a finger on you. But, you must know that they still have a chance in busting a cap in your hole. Shoot them as soon as you find them. Kill the strongest unit out there before turning to fight the others.

Abiotic enemies - Always concentrate all firepower on them if neccessary. Helicopters won't stand around attacking you in the first parts of the game. But they'll get to screw with you later in stage 3. As for tanks, shoot them down and take out any interfering soldiers. Same thing goes for turrets etc.

Bonus men - Yawn.... wait a minute, 5000 a kill? These are the worst shooters in the game. But are good for an extra 5000 pts. or more. AND they can run and escape like mice. Try shooting them in the head and upper body to grab additional points. Get them as soon as you see them as these guys are rookies and are some major scaredy cats :)

Free Shots
For free practice sessions, pick up the light gun and begin shooting at the title screen, the one that says "Time Crisis 2"

Gun Calibration
Before inserting the last token, hold the trigger and step on the pedal. Insert the last token and you can calibrate your gun after choosing either solo or teamwork. There will be a sign below the solo category if this works.

Hard Mode
There is a way to make the game harder. In the first stage, look to the left. There is a rack of bottles. If you shoot enough, the game will have MUCH more shrp shooters. It may seem useless until the train level - you'll notice that in one section all the guys are ORANGE (harder)!

Time Attack Mode
To enter Time Attack Mode, hold A, B, C, and D buttons down then press Start to begin the game.

Tokyo Wars

Extra Time
Press the right and left pedal simultaneously 50 times, then turn the steering wheel LEFT and RIGHT.

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