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Sonic 11.11.2023 - Sorry about that...

    Some code injection into the site diverted you all to some dodgy Chinese gambling site, should be fixed now.

    Still Alive BTW! So that's nice!


17.6.2019 - You're gonna laugh...

    So the HTTPS version of the site has been broken for quite a while, and I've made a few attempts at fixing it, but never managed to crack it.

    Turns out my old draconian hotlinking protection was set up to only allow to use images, so I added and now it works.

    I'm an idiot.

    Also, still alive! Hi! Thanks for all the emails telling me it was broken and asking if I'm OK, I am, just very busy with real life at the moment!



3.11.2017 - Out Run!

24.9.2017 - Welcome to the Fantasy Zone!

  • Just one page updated this time, but it's been a labour of love :)

  • Completely redid the Sega Space Harrier Hardware page and brought it up to the new standard, replacing every image with the best ones I could find (which wasn't easy at times and required some substantial image manipulation at others), thanks to Martin Lawes for getting me a decent picture of a hang on control panel and Hannes Slanec for linking to a picture of a Super Hang On conversion.
    I'm not sure this page had been updated since I did some of it over 15 years ago...crazy really. Loving doing it this way tho' at the moment :)



3.9.2017 - New Hardware! New Toys!

  • Working my way through my emails at the moment, quite enjoying it :)

  • Created Capcom Medal Hardware page, a totally custom SH4 based system. Moved Donkey Kong Jungle Fever and Banana Kingdom from Triforce Hardware to it, added Alien The Arcade Medal Edition and Pingu's Ice Block to it with the relevant pictures and screenshots, thanks to Zak and Metallic.

  • Dive Bomber was found! (OK, over a year ago) Moved from unknown to Konami Unique Hardware (hah!), this has been on the grail list for as long as I've been doing the site when I found a vague reference on an obscure Japanese blog, so great it's been found! Thanks to Shoutime and Haze.
  • Moved Dog Station Deluxe picture to, err, Dog Station Deluxe (oops), thanks Diet Go Go Fan.
  • Moved Premier Soccer '95 from Unknown to System GV, it was a PSX game so almost certainly had a direct port, thanks to solitarius576, added a few alternate names, additional versions and screenshots for Beat the Champ, Hyper Olympic in Nagano and Tokimeki Memorial Oshiete Your Heart.

  • Deleted Counter Strike Neo White Memories (it was a online novella), thanks to Morden, moved 2 screenshots from Counterstrike Neo to V2 on N2 Satellite Hardware, thanks to F1ReB4LL.

  • Renamed 3D0 to 3DO everywhere I could find it, thanks to Kasey Smith.
  • Added Kuru Kuru Fever and Hi Pai Paradise to Aleck64 Hardware thanks to NFG (see, I do read my emails...eventually), while I was there I also updated screenshots to a few other games as well, including a title screen for the still missing Variant Schwanzer and Rev Limit cartridges.

  • That's it for now, I'm pretty sure they're going to carry on being little updates from now on (even tho' there was a fair bit of work went into those few page updates!),



31.8.2017 - Indulging myself

26.8.2017 - Err, Hi...

  • Just an update that I'm still about/alive and interested, real life has a habit of getting in the way and I've got another hobby now as well which I'm very much enjoying!
  • I've had some interesting stuff sent to me over the past year or so and I really do need to get around to adding it, thanks to all those who keep sending stuff in, I do promise I'll sort it out and add what needs to be added, and update what needs updating :)

    Hopefully some stuff soon, you can follow me on facebook, I don't update much so it won't be a spamfest, I just tend to post when I've updated the site or somethings really interested me in relation to arcades,

  • edit* I've fixed a lot of broken links involving Atari Slapstic all over the Atari section, thanks to Chad Kary for pointing one out and making me fall down that rabbit hole ;)



    (O yeah! Go and play Sonic Mania, it's awesome!)

31.3.2016 - Back to the Old Skool

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