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E-Mail System 16

Use this page to e-mail me, due to the excessive spam I've been getting I have been forced to use this format, it makes it a bit more awkward but its necessary otherwise I'm going to go insane...

Some Rules :

  • NO ROMS - Under no circumstances will I respond to or even look at your email if you are asking for ROMs or where to get them ROMs, I'm not interested and I don't care.

  • I don't sell anything - System 16 is an online digital museum, I suggest ebay or something similar if you are looking for spare parts of machines.

  • Arcade Only - System 16 is not about console, pc or mobile games, and I have little interest in them. (outside of playing them!)

  • I probably don't know how to fix it - electronic fault finding is hard, electronic fault finding when you don't have it in front of you is practically impossible.

  • E-Mail : email

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