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1.1.1999 - News From 1999

    Today I did a lot of fix/additions, thanks to Warlock from Emulation Status for the precious informations ! 11-19-1999
    Oh, a little System 32 news ! I dumped 3 new System 32 games for the S32 emulator's author. These games are Dragon Ball Z, Burning Rival and finally Arabian Fight. For your informations most of the System 32 roms already available were dumped by me too (Golden Axe 2, Super Visual Football, Spiderman & Holosseum). Don't ask me for the dumps, they are not yet available to the public, sorry.
    I also dumped the ST-V (Sega Titan) bios if someone want to try to write an emulator, I can provide a link to that rom, contact me.
    Opened the System-E page, not many informations yet.
    Added games Repulse, Flashgal, Hopper Robo, Turpin, Guttong Gottong & KO Punch all on the Old Z80 page.
    Added screen shots for Super Monaco GP.
    Added marquee for Thunder Blade.
    Added cabinet picture for Super Monaco GP (upright).
    Added flyer for Wing War.
    Changed title screen picture and added PCB picture for Moowalker.

    At least an update ! :))
    Added screen shots for games Time Traveller, Dragon Ball Z, Holosseum and Clutch Hitter.
    Added marquees for games Holosseum, F1 Super Lap and E-Swat.
    Added cabinets for games Enduro Racer, Choplifter and Spider-Man.
    Added flyer for Hang-On.

    In the midi section, I renamed the unknown Power Drift tune to it's real name 'Side Street' (thanks to Myhtos). I also added several midis for Galaxy Force from Matze. Go to the Sega's Midi page to get them.
    Added screen shot for Dunk Shot (System 16b).
    Added pictures for Turbo Out Run (marquee & cabinet), The House of the Dead (marquee), Super Zaxxon (cabinet), Choplifter (PCB), After Burner (cabinet) and also replaced the marquee for Enduro Racer by a nicer version.
    Added The Typing of the Dead for Naomi.
    Merged Sonic Fighter & Sonic Championship, they are the same game, just US and Japan release.
    Someone told me that Virtua Cop is for Model 1 hardware and not Model 2, anyone can confirm ?
    Fixed several missing links (specially on System-C page).

    Added a lot of fixes/additions in the ST-V page.
    Added flyers for Ocean Hunter, Dirt Devils, Gunblade N.Y. and Spike Out. (thanks to Naz!)
    Added screen shots for Jambo Safari on Naomi.
    I known there is some missing screen shots (bad links) in the new pages, I'll try try to fixes them as soon as I can. (thanks for the mails about these problems)

    Openned the Model 1, Model 2 and the Model 3 pages ! Several games misses the screen shots, if you known where to find some of them, please contact me ! Thanks.
    Thanks to NAZ, I added a lot of flyers from him for Power Stone, Turbo Out Run, Out Run, House Of The Dead 2 and Zombie Revenge.
    Added screen shots for Emergency Call Ambulance for Naomi.
    Added Sega Tetris for Naomi, Excite League and Super League for System 16B (no pics).
    Added marquees for Shooting Master for System 2.
    Updated/Added flyers for Pengo, Frogger, Turbo, Eliminator, Star Trek, Tac/Scan, Zektor, Zaxxon.

    Sorry for the lack of updates but i'm very busy. I have a lot of updates to post. For this week-end i'll update the site with new flyers, new screen shots, some new pages (model 1,2 & 3) and some interesting news :)

    Added new games/infos in the Naomi section for Samba de Amigo, Puyo Da! and SNK vs Capcom !
    Removed Strider 2, it's not a Naomi based game.

    Added new games/infos in the Naomi section for Jambo! Safari (driving game), Emergency Call Ambulance (sequel of Crazy Taxi), F355 Ferrari Challenge Twin (one screen/one board version of the game), Toy Fighters (fighting game), Spawn and Out Riggers (Quake-Like).
    Added Final Fight Revenge to ST-V section.
    Updated ROMIDENT's data base, 70 rom sets added !

    I'm back ! Vacation are always too shorts :(
    Openned the System 24 and System-C pages ! (Mmmh, these pages really misses emulated pictures :)
    Added screen shots for Enduro Racer. (Congratulations for the MAME team !)

    This is the last update before my holidays, i'm going to the south of France (Cote d'Azure), i'll be back in 10 days. When i'm back i'll work on the missing pages. Oh yes, please don't send me to much mail during this week, i'll not be able to read them until i'm back :) Thanks !
    Updated ROMIDENT's data base, 132 rom sets added ! (note : this is not an emulator, it's just an arcade rom identidier)
    Added one midi for Virtua Racing to the Sega's Midis page.
    Added screen shots and pictures from the Video CD for Galaxy Ranger & Astron Belt.
    Added flyer for Mister Viking, Flicky & Enduro Racer.
    Added screen shots for G-Loc Air Battle.
    About the System 32 emulator, don't ask me anymore to known when I'll release it because "I don't known!" The reason is simple, I'm not the author and I can't reveal the author's name.

    Added an mp3 section to the Sega's Midis page !

    System 32 news : The 4 scrolling layers are now emulated, more bug fixes in the sprites system. Another great news, Sonic Arcade has been dumped !
    Added 12 midi files for Bonanza Bros, Fantasy Zone, GP Rider, Outrunners, Quartet, SDI, Tetris, Thunder Blade and Virtua Racing. Get them from the Sega's Midis page.
    I'll be in vacation in one week and for two week, i hope to finish and upload the missing pages during this time.

    Added board picture for Tetris.
    Added screen shots for Bay Route.
    Updated screen shots for Spider Man, Dark Edge, Out Run and Space Harrier.
    Removed the Sonic midis, they are not from the arcade version of the game but from a CD called 'Sonic Arcade'.
    System 32 news : This emulator is progressing very nicely, all sprites are almost displayed corretly, background scrolling added, sprite window clipping added and a lot of other fixes/addition.

    Added board picture for Turbo.
    Added side art pictures for Shinobi and Wonderboy.
    Changed screen shots for Giant Gram All Japan Pro Wrestling 2.
    Another big midi update with 16 tunes added for Daytona USA, Enduro Racer, Fantazy Zone, Gain Ground, Hang-On, Monster Land, Quartet, Scramble Spirit, Scud Race, S.D.I, Sega Rally, Shinobi and Space Harrier. Get them from the Sega's Midi page.

    Big midi update !! Added 24 tunes for After Burner, Thunder Blade, Cotton, Dunk Shot, Daytona USA, Enduro Racer, Space Harrier, Fantazy Zone, Galaxy Force, Quartet, Super Hang-On and Turbo Out Run. Get all these midis from the Sega's Midi page.

    Openned the Sega G80 Raster and Vector pages !.

    Openned the Links Page. Mail me if you want your site to be listed in this page.
    Added all midis from Super Hang-On to the Sega's Midi page. (thanks to Matze).
    Added marquee for Quartet 2.
    Added Burning Rival, Dragonball Z V.R.V.S and F1 Super Lap in the System 32 section.
    Added Cotton Boomrang, Maru-Chan de Goo! and Taisen Tanto-R in the ST-V section. (+ several fixes).
    Moved Toryumon to System 16B.
    Removed Sonic Fighters and Dynamite Baseball from ST-V page because they are Model 2 games.
    Removed Battle Bakrade, Uopoko and VJ Stepping Stage from Naomi page because I'm not sure of the hardware they are using.
    A big thanks to J-ihci for the informations/fixes/screen shots he sent me !

    Added board pictures to most of the hardware pages.

    Openned the Sega's Hardware Databases page !
    Added board picture for Sega Titan ST-V hardware.

    Added Sonic Fighters and NBA Action in the ST-V section.
    New screen shots added for All Japan Pro Wrestling , Cotton 2 , Final Arch and Razzmatazz.
    New flyers and midis sound track added for After Burner.
    Changed screen shots from Tough Turf and Wonderboy in Monster Land.

    Openned ST-V page.
    New images added for Dark Edge (screen shots) and Frogger (manual cover).

    Openned System 1 and System 2 pages.
    Added The Shanghai Kid in the System 16B section.
    New images added for Cotton (screen shot) and Super Zaxxon (marquee).
    Changed cabinet pictures for Out Run.
    Added hardware description for Naomi hardware.

    Added Frogger in the old z80 games section.
    New images added for Zaxxon and Turbo.

    Openned Old Z80 Games page.
    Added Space Tactics in the unique hardware section.
    New images added for Spider-Man, Out Runners , Dead or Alive 2++ and Super Hang-On.

    Openned The Sega's Midis Page.
    Added Monaco GP in the unique hardware section.
    New images added for Hang-On.

    First, I'd like to say a big thank you to all peoples who support me by E-Mail, provided me informations, images and corrections ! THANKS YOU !
    New images added for Sonic The Hedgehog, F1 Exhaust Notes, Out Run, Moonwalker, Golden Axe, Gun Beat, Enduro Racer, Astron Belt , Congo Bongo and Airlines Pilots.
    Added board pictures for Zaxxon hardware.
    Added game Strider 2 in the Naomi section and Galaxy Ranger in the unique hardware section.
    Updated the Shinobi marquee.

    Openned the System 16 Arcade Emulator and the Romident pages.
    New images added for Thunder Blade, Shinobi and Exhaust Note.

    Added game Racing Hero in the System 32 section.
    Openned the Unique Hardware section.
    New images added for Alien 3, Out Runners, Rad Rally, Super Monaco GP, AB Cop, Power Drift and Super Hangon

    January 23rd, 1999. (read the old news page if you have problems with System 16 v0.82a)
    One new game has been added to the emulator, it's Body Slam, another wrestle game. Click here to see screen shots from the game.
    An original set of roms for Wonderboy III is now also supported, there is less bugs and the ending is now fully working !
    And last but not least, the speech voice emulation has been added for System 16 type B games, thanks a lot to the MAME team for the Nec D7759C emulation. Now the following game features full sound without any samples : Shinobi, Altered Beast, Aurail, Passing Shot, Wrestle War, Alien Syndrome, Heavyweight Champ, E-Swat and finally Golden Axe (this one needs a new rom because the current speech rom available is not complete).
    All these new features are not yet in the current public version and i don't known yet when the next version will be released to the public.

    January 2nd, 1999
    The new version of System 16 v0.82 has several problems (must of them related to the new Allegro) this is how to fix them :
    Download the update 0.82a of the emulator here or from the downloads page and try it !
    If your problem still not fixed :
    You still have no sound with an Ensoniq PCI sound card, try to force the parameter -soundcard 7 , this must works.
    If the emulators crashes at startup, try the new parameter -menuvideomode with the value 1 or 4, the default value is 5. This value is keept in the INI file, so you don't need to uses it at each startup.
    On some systems when vsync is off the emulators runs too fast, you can try to enable it with the parameter -vsync or if you don't like it, go to your dos box properties, click on "advanced parameters" and if the first check box if checked, then uncheck it. Reset you dosbox and the problems may be resolved.
    Btw, when you have a problem, please send more infos than the only sentence "the emulator don't works, what's the problem ?" and please include the following informations if possible, a copy of your System16.ini, a description of your config and the exacts errors reported by the emulator. Thanks.

    January 1st, 1999
    A new game has been added : RIOT CITY from SEGA/WESTONE 1991.
    There is also many other additions/bug fixes, read the file README.TXT for a complete list of changes since version 0.80.

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