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1.1.2000 - News From 2000

    New flyers added for Air Trix (back), Planet Harrier, Confidential Mission (back), WF Royal Rumble (back), E-Swat (U), Hot Rod (U), Clutch Hitter (U)
    Added screen shots for Air Trix, Confidential Mission (+cabinet shots)
    Added game Virtual On Force.
    Another interesting news : take a look to the two flyers GD-ROM (back).
    Thanks to Sega's US & Europe web sites and ArcadeFlyers for these nice flyers.

    System-E page updated with a link to a work-in-progress emulator and some info update. Thanks to Mike Beaver.

    Added a screen shots to Confidential Mission and Sega Marine Fishing.
    Many updates too on the Sega's Futur Games page.

    Added a new page with the upcoming Sega titles, please, if you know upcoming Sega games not listed on my page, send me a mail with the game title with if possible a link to a page with informations/screen shots !
    Thanks to Coy and Manjiro Works for the news.

    A new Model 3 game dumped, this time it's Virtua Striker 2 ver 99.1 !

    New ROMIDENT database ! Please, don't forget to read the notes on the top of the page !

    Updated the Links & Sega Emulators's pages !
    Added SubRoc-3D & Buck Rogers to the unique hardware's page. (Thanks to ArcadeFlyers for the flyers)

    Updated the Galaxy Force page with new screen shots taken from the Final Burn emulator !
    A new Model 2 game is dumped, this time it is Gunblade NY, thanks again to Bogus and Coy !

    Updated the System 24 page with the missing games.
    New flyers from Sega Enterprises USA and The Arcade Flyer Archive added, they are for Emergency Call Ambulance (U), Virtua Tennis (U), Brave Firefighters (U), Nascar (back) (U), Alienfront Online (U), Sega Strike Fighter (back) (U) and Confidential Mission (U).
    Added some upcoming Naomi games, they are Nascar, Alienfront Online, Sega Strike Fighter and Confidential Mission.
    I also added Looney Tunes to the System 32 page, I can't confrm if it's a System 32 or not, but by gfx design and the release year, I can assume it's a S32.
    The link to the Dave's FinalBurn emulator is now also present on Galaxy Force's hardware page because it emulates Power Drift , Wow !!!!

    New games dumped by me (ShinobiZ) and my friend Coy !
    They are : Daytona USA (Model 2A) - Special thanks to Bogus ;-) !
    F1 Super Lap (System 32)
    Hard Dunk (System Multi-32)
    Quiz [name in japanese] (System 24 with roms)
    Virtua Fighter 3 (Model 3 - first Model 3 dump ?)
    Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle (Model 3)
    Zero Gunner by Psikyo (Model 2A&B)

    Added Sega Marine Fishing to the Naomi page.
    Added flyers, screen & cabinet shots for Star Wars Racer for Naomi system !
    I also added the following flyers : Eighteen Wheeler (Upright) - Brave Fire Fighters (J) (back) - Enduro Racer (back) - Flash Point (J) - Star Trek Cockpit (back).
    These flyers/shots are taken from & Sega Amusement Europe Limited.

    NeoZeed released his Windows port of Charles McDonald's System C2 emulator !
    Get your copy on the System C2 for Windows page !
    There is also a new version of FinalBurn available, get it here.
    Here is the Changes :

    + Fixed some kind of config saving bug

    + Preliminary GUI panel. Press Escape to show and hide the panel.
    + Keyboard support. While a game is loaded, press "Input" and select "Use Keyboard" The keys are Up/Down/Left/Right/S/D.
    + Settings are saved to disk. - I haven't put the 'Use Video Memory', 'Sample Rate' and 'Bass Filter' options in the GUI yet, but they can be changed by editing cfg\finalburn.ini

    Some screen shots updated on the Sega System C2 for Windows page, is it coming ?
    A bug fix version of Charles McDonald's System C emulator has been released today, get it on Charles's pages.
    Here is the Changes :

    [Version 0.2b]
    - Haze submitted fixes for sample ROM loading in Stack Columns, and a bug with sprite width clipping.
    - Fixed version number display.
    - Improved sound channel disable switches.

    A new version of Charles McDonald's System C emulator has been released today, get the last version on Charles's pages. This is the changes in this new version (from emulator's doc) :

    [Version 0.2]
    - Many improvements and patches from Haze, including an in-game DIP switch editor. Now most games have correct colors and gameplay.
    - Zipped ROM support. - SN76489 PSG sound.
    - Preliminary uPD7759 sample support.
    - Second player input via gamepad or joystick.
    - DIP switch saving and loading.
    - Configurable paths for ROMs, snapshots, and DIP switch settings.
    - Shadow / Hilight display processing for Poto Poto and Puyo Puyo 2.
    - By default frameskip is disabled, can set up through configuration file.
    - Tweaks to the rendering code for unique sprite colors and 100% accurate priority handling.
    - Stereo sound swap option.
    - Fixed problem with button C not being mapped correctly.

    NeoZeed from Past-o-Rama is porting this great emulator to Windows, check the new Sega System C2 for Windows's page for more informations and preliminary screen shots !

    I also added a link to the wonderfull After Burner's hardware emulator called FinalBurn on the After Burner Hardware page ! Great job Dave!

    Added new game into System 24 page, it's a mahjong game called Tokoro San no MahMahjan 2.
    Added screen shots to all System C games !!! Thanks a lot to Charles McDonald and Haze for their work on System C emulators/drivers.

    Added new flyers from ! they are Tough Turf (U), Super Masters (U), Scramble Spirit, Quartet 2 (U), Fantasy Zone (J), Fantasy Zone 2 (back) (J), Body Slam 2 players conversion kit (U) and Alien Syndrome (back) (J).
    Added emulator links to Model 2, System 16 and System C pages.

    Added screen shots for Dead Or Alive (Thanks to Andreas Nowitzki) and Hanaguni Taisen Columns (Thanks to Tormod).
    I also fixed several information about board versions in Model 2 & 3 pages. (Thanks to Somic X)
    New ROMIDENT database released !

    And now !! and update from NeoZeed ....

    I'm on vacation and i've redone the Past-O-Rama page, and it must be easier to load. But the real news is that Past-O-Rama v0.02 is now available.

    I've rewritten a great part of the emu and the interrupts behavior are not far to be right. So now Yamato and Exerion are running very well. It still last "Rock'n Bolt" and "Safari hunting" which have troubles. Other good thing is that i've greatly improved the speed limiter and it give much better result on older video cards.

    I've also added lots of user interface goodies like multiple save states, keyboard shortcuts (thanks to St?ane Dallogeville from Gens),...

    For more informations visit the Past-O-Rama page. Have fun !! (NeoZeed)

    Great news everyone !
    We have a special release today, it's a brand new SG1000 emulator for Windows called "Past-O-Rama".
    Why bother again with a new SG1000 emu, are you thinking ?
    Well , I'd like to write an emulator and because I'm a SEGA freak (me being NeoZeed), I've started with this rather unknow Sega system (in Europe). During the dev period, I discovered what a nice system the SG1000 is. Even if the video capabilities are rather poor (no scrolling hardware, 16 colors, ...) the games are really cool ! Such classics as Q*Bert, Galaga, Zaxxon, Ninja Princess, Bomb Jack, Hero, Choplifter or Wonderboy are really nicely ported and have a great fun factor.
    Finaly, I'll like to thanks ShinobiZ for helping me a lot and for hosting Past-O-Rama even if it's not a Sega arcade emu (for now...)
    Have fun ! ........ Pascal

    Added two upcoming Naomi games : Slash Out the sequel of Spike Out and Fish Live the first aquarium simulator by Sega, I tested it in logon in February, it's very attractive, you can touch the screen with your fingers and the fishs do a lot of funny stuf :). Thanks to IGN.COM and Sega Arcade for the news.
    There is two unknow Sega games for sale on eBay, I'll try to get them ! They are Zun Zun Kyo and Quiz Ghost Hunter, please don't outbid me :).
    Added some midi files for Wonderboy in Monster Land and Golden Axe, get them here !
    A Sega System C2 (maybe named System 14 or just C-System) drive is in progress for M.A.M.E., you can follow it's progress here ! Good luck [Haze] !
    There is also another great emulator for another Sega system in progress but I can't disclose any informations yet, sorry.

    I updated my collection page, added Soul Edge (Namco), Super Monaco GP, Shinobi (S16A) and Power Drift.
    Added a new hardware page for Mega-Tech & Mega Play systems !
    I fixed the bad links to Romident files, now you can download the lastest dat file here ! Thanks to Stuart A. for the mail.

    Today flyers are : Time Traveler (W) (back/left/right), Title Fight (J) (back), Top Skater (J) (back), Virtua Cop (J) (back), Virtua Cop (J2) (back), Virtua Cop 2 (J) (back), Virtua Fighter (J) (back/left/right), Virtua Fighter 2 (J) (back), Virtua Fighter 3 (E), Virtua Fighter Kids (J) (back), Virtua Fighter Remix (J), Virtua Racing (J) (back/left/right), Virtua Racing (U) (back), Virtua Striker (J) (back), Virtua Striker 2 (J), Virtual On (J) (back), Wave Runner (J) (back), Wing War (J) and finally Zombie Revenge (E) !

    New RomIdent database released with 3442 recognized rom sets. Get it here !
    Today flyers are : Strike Fighter (J), Super Masters (W), Super Monaco GP (W) (back), Super Monaco GP (J) (back), Super Visual Football (W), System 24 (W), The House of the Dead (J) (back), The House of the Dead 2 (E) (back), The Lost World (E), Thunder Blade (W) (back), Thunder Blade Upright (W) (back) and Thunder Blade (U).
    Legend : W = World , J = Japan , U = USA , E = Europe and 2 = Second version.

    Today flyers are : Rail Chase 2 (J) (back), Scud Race (E), Sega Rally (J) (back/left/right), Sega Rally 2 (E) (back/left/right), Sega Rally Twin (W) (back), Sega Rally Twin (J) (back), Sega Touring Car (U) (back), Sky Target (J) (back), Sports Fishing (J) and Star Wars Arcade (J).

    Todays flyers are : Last Bronx (J) (back), Manx TT (E) (back), Ocean Hunter (J) (back), Out Run (W) (back/left/right), Out Runners (J) (back/left/right), Pebble Beach (J) (back), Power Drift (U) (back), Print Club v2 (E), Racing Hero (J) and Rad Rally (J).
    Added from Arcade Flyers Archive : Super Hang-On (W) (back/left/right).
    Added from Cybercade : Out Runners (U) (back).

    Todays flyers are : Gain Ground (W), Galaxy Force (W) (back), GetBass (E), Gunblade NY (J) (back), Gunblade NY (J2), Hard Dunk (J), Harley-Davidson (E), Heavy Metal (J) (back), Indy 500 (J) (back) and Jurassic Park (J).

    Added following games Sukeban Jansi Ryuko (S16), Stack Columns (C2) and Zunzunkyou No Yabou (C2).
    Todays flyers are : Daytona USA (J) (back/left/right), Daytona USA Twin (J), Daytona USA 2 (J) (back/left/right), Dirt Devils (E), Dirt Devils (J) (back), Dynamite Dux (J), E-Swat (J), F1 Exhaust Note (J) (back), F1 Super Lap (J) and G-Loc Air Battle (J) (back).

    Thanks to MarkL who sent me screen shots for Virtua Racing , Daytona USA , Indy 500 , Virtual On , Manx TT and Racing Hero !
    Added screen shots for (S32) Air Rescue, F1 Super Lap, Jurassic Park, Out Runners, Rad Rally, Stadium Cross, Super Visual Football, Title Fight, (S24) Crack Down, Gain Ground, (M1) Wing War, (M2) Desert Tank, Sega Touring Car, Last Bronx, Virtua Cop, Virtua Cop 2, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Striker, Wave Runner, (GF) G-Loc Air Battle, Strike Fighter and (AB) Air Bike Cop.
    Updated screen shots for Alien 3 - The Gun, F1 Exhaust Note, Rail Chase 2, Sega Rally, Sky Target and Super Monaco GP.
    Now, I have a *LOT* of Sega flyers to add, about 100 !!! I'll add 10 flyers every days.
    Today's flyers are for Air Bike Cop (J), Air Rescue (J) (back), Baku Baku Animals (J), Borench (J), Cool Riders (J), Cotton (J), Crack Down (U) (back), Crazy Taxi (E), D.D.Crew (J) and Dark Edge (J) (back).

    Sorry for the lack of updates, I got many problems. I'll be back very soon with updates
    Btw, my e-mail is working again !

    New ROMIDENT database released with 3306 rom sets recognized ! Get it here.

    Yeah! With the help from Gerald Coy I can finally test my multiple 68000 Sega boards !!
    This is for you the screen shots from Power Drift and Turbo Out Run.
    I also moved Super Hang-On to the Out Run page because they use the same hardware.

    I added screen shots for Holosseum (System 32), Bloxeed (System C) and Bloxeed (System 18).

    Team Japump dumped ST-V games ! That's a good news isn't it ? I hope to see this system emulated this year :)

    I added several screen shots for ST-V games, all are home made ! They are for All Japan Pro Wrestling, Columns 97 , Golden Axe The Duel, Pebble Beach Golf, Puyo Puyo Sun, Shienryu, Final Arch, Taisen Tanto-R "Sasi-Su!!", Sando-R and Virtua Fighter Remix.
    I also added screen shots for Cotton (System 16B) and Where's Wally (System 18).

    Some new home made screen shots for Action Fighter (System 16A), D.D.Crew (System 18) and Clutch Hitter (System 18). Screen shots from MAME added for Toryumon (System 16B).
    In the links page, I fixed the link to Sega Haven. (sorry for the mistake)
    I also modified the My Collection page !

    Today I tried to make some screen shots my self from my unemulated PCB, it's not easy to do with a WebCam !!
    Take a look to my screen shots from Hard Dunk (System 32) and Bloxeed (System 18).
    I'm sorry for the poor quality, I'll try another system later. (btw, suggestion are welcome!!)

    Lot of new flyers added ! (again, thanks a lot to The Arcade Flyer Archive for all of them)
    Added flyers for Dynamic Country Club (back), Rad Mobile (back), Spider-Man (back), Stadium Cross (back), Altered Beast, Bay Route, Wonderboy 3, Shadow Dancer, Space Harrier (japan), Columns (replaced), Rail Chase (back), Sport Fishing 2, Get Bass Fishing (back), Scud Race (back), The Lost World (back), Virtua Striker 2 (replaced), Virtua Fighter 3 (single version), Fighting Vipers (back,left,right), Manx TT (back), Rail Chase 2 (back), Sega Rally (back), Sega Ski Super G (back), Sega Touring Car, Funky Head Boxers, Wrestle War, Up'n Down (back), Mister Vicking (back), Bank Panic (back), Astron Belt (back), Galaxy Ranger (back).
    Added screen shots for Dynamic Country Club, Rad Mobile, Stadium Cross, Rail Chase, Fighting Vipers (replaced), Sega Ski Super G, Funky Head Boxers (replaced).

    Lot of new flyers added !
    Thanks to Cybercade, we have now the flyers for Crazy Taxi, F355 Challenge (back), Star Wars Trilogy (back) and World Series 99 (back) !
    Some new flyers form the The Arcade Flyer Archive, they are Golden Axe & Space Harrier (back, left, right).
    And finally some original scan from me : GP Rider (back), Line of Flyer (back), Laser Ghost (back) and finally Virtua Racing (back).
    I also added screen shots for Line of Fire and Laser Ghost.
    My Collection page is also updated.

    New screen shots from Game Fan : Batman Forever (ST-V) and Virtua NBA (Naomi).
    Added marquees for Carnival and Head-On.
    Openened the VIC-DUAL hardware page !

    Another midi file ! "Mega Driver" from Outrunners is now available on the The Sega's Midis Page, thanks to Matze for sending this file.
    Added screen shots for Crackdown and Monaco GP.

    At least a new midi file ! This time it's the tune "Final Stage" from Outrunners, the file is available for download on The Sega's Midis Page. Thanks a lot to Russell Howard for sending that file. I'd like also to give credits to Rafael who helped me to find all these flyers ! (I called him Empire in the Feb 20th news)

    02-25-2000 (my birthday :)
    Updated My Collection page and added a list of PCB Reseller ! If you are selling PCB and you want a link to your page, mail me !
    Added a lot of flyers today !! I added flyers for Alien Storm, Arabian Fight (back), Choplifter (back), Final Fight Revenge (back), Groove on Fight (back), Flicky (back), Regulus (back), Shooting Master (back), Star Jacker (back), Star Trek (back/left/right/cockpit), L.A. Machine Gun (back), Swat (back), Shinobi, Heavyweight Champ (back), SDI (back) and Moonwalker (back) !!! A big thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive who allowed me to uses their Sega flyers here ! Visit their site, they have up to 491 flyers online !!
    Added game instructions for Groove on Fight (part 2), Astra Super Stars (part 2) and Tando-R Versus (part 2).
    Added marquee for Swat (thanks to Jim H.)

    Added a search page !
    Added cabinet from G-Loc Air Battle and E-Swat.
    Added screen shots for Shooting Master.

    New section openned, it's My Collection's page !
    Added japanese flyer for Eighteen Wheeler (thanks to Empire) and also added the game screen shots in the Naomi page !

    February 2000 edition of the Sega's Databases are now on-line ! Get them on the Database's page !! The game list is also available now.
    Added marquee from Daytona USA 2, Hang-On and updated the one from Virtua Fighter.
    Added screen shot from Monaco GP.

    Added games Calorie VS Moguranian and Flower. Btw, I'd like to thanks Kengo Y. and Scott G. for the great informations they provided to me. Scott is searching for a Super Locomotive PCB, if someone can help, please contact me !

    Added flyer for Sea Bass Fishing.
    Added screen shots for Virtua Fighter 2.
    Added cabinet picture for Star Wars, Alien 3 : The Gun, Rail Chase and F-355 Challenge (Twin).
    Lately, I received several mail asking to me to make some sort of pression on System 16's authors to see a new version with support for more games, I'm sorry but I can't do this, the reason is simple, in case of you don't know ... I'm (ShinobiZ) the original author of the emulator. ;) I'd like to but I have not enough time.

    Added cabinet picture for Jurassik Park & Stadium Cross (both are System 32), After Burner, Water Ski, Le Mans 24 and Harley Davidson.
    Added screen shots for Motor Raid, Sega Touring Car, Water Ski, Scud Race Plus, Get Bass Fising (game added) and Le Mans 24.
    Added flyer for Spawn (Capcom on Naomi) and Samba de Amigo.

    Added/Replace screen shots for Emergency Call Ambulance, Magical Truck Adventure, Sega Rally 2, Ski Champ, Virtua Fighter 3 TB, Top Skater, The Lost World, Virtual On 2 (game added), Brave Fire Fighters, World Series '99 and Power Stone 2 (game added).

    Added/Replaced screen shots for Toy Fighters, Spike Out, Ring Out 4x4, Virtua Tennis, Fighting Viper 2, Gun Blade NY (thanks to Fabrice A.).
    Added flyers for Dec-Athlete, Virtua Striker (back), Sega Ski Super G.
    Added cabinet picture for Golden Axe 2, Galaxy Force, G-Loc Air Battle, Daytona USA 2 and Virtua Cop.
    Added instructions flyer for Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S.
    Added Le Mans 24 to the Model 3 page.

    Thanks to every persons who replies to my request about the Shinobi PCE roms, I got it now, thanks a lot !!
    Added instructions flyers for System 16 games Ryu Kyu (part2) and Action Fighter (part2).
    Added flyers for Virtua NBA (back), Emergency Call Ambulance (back) (japanese version), F355 Challenge Twin (back), Star Wars Racer Arcade, Eighteen Wheeler (back) and Jambo! Safari (english version).
    Added games Eighteen Wheeler and Star Wars Racer Arcade plus added screen shots for F355 Challenge Twin .
    Added screen shots for Gunblade NY and cabinet picture for World Series '99, Emergency Call Ambulance and Jambo! Safari
    I splitted the System 16B and the Naomi pages in two parts for faster load.
    And at last but not least ! I added a new System 32 dump : Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S !! Before sending any mail, you must known there is no emulators available, I don't known when the emulator will be available and I'm not the author at all ! Thanks.
    Oh yes, I'll forgot to tell you, I received my System 16 boards I ordered from Japan, they are Toryomon, Ryu Kyu, Action Fighter and Flash Point ! (One of them is not protected....... ;)
    Btw, if you quote me on your site, please correct my bad english, thanks ;)))

    Some personal requests today :
    1. I'd like to buy an original Out Run/Turbo Out Run or After Burner/Thunder Blade stand-up cabinet from Sega in my area. Please, if you known where I can buy one of these arcade cabinets in the regions of Belgium, North of France, West Germany, Netherlands or Luxemburg, contact me asap at ! Thanks !
    2. I'm also searching for the 512Kb version of Shinobi on PC-Engine (TurboGraphX 16) in rom format :)
    Oh, at least but not least I fixed two bad links on my Naomi page, thanks to _SnOoD for the report.
    ps: Don't forget to buy your Dreamcast !!! I got mine and it's awesome !! Long live to Sega !

    Added Japanese instructions flyers for ST-V games Baku Baku Animals (part2), Cotton 2, Decathlete (part2), Golden Axe The Duel, Radiant Silver Gun, Terra Diver (part2), Final Arch (part2).
    Added marquee (top sign) for Final Arch, Burning Rival, Champion Boxing , Shadow Dancer and Aurail.
    Added Gigas, Champion Boxing & Free Kick to the old Z80 games page.
    Burning Rival is back for download and an unreleased System 32 dump is coming ...

    A new romident database is available on the romident page. This version can identify up to 3037 different set of roms.

    At least some changes to the games pages !
    I added the flyer/screenshots for Naomi games Sega Tetris, Jambo! Safari, Virtua Striker 2000 and Virtua Tennis (thanks Gerald!).
    I also moved Emergency Call Ambulance to Model 3 page, it's not a Naomi game.
    I ordered last week three undumped System 16 from Japan, I hope they are not protected !

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