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3.12.2001 - Emptying out my draws...(fnarr fnarr)

  • *04.12 Update* Now found the website again and changed links that point to it, Many thanks to Gregf, Randy Hoffman, Xray1, TAS2012 and Daydream Graphics, who all gave me the right address :)
  • *04.12 Update* Also confirmed the name of "La keyboard" in the Sega future section, thanks to Katakana translating Frogacuda, Paul and RevQuixo :)
  • This is the "try to get rid of everything in my inbox" update, so this includes some old stuff as well as new, all sorts that for some reason or another I forgot/didn't bother to update over time. This now means I don't have anything hanging over my head at the moment, which is nice, so don't forget, I always need information on everything! Check out the Help Out! page for details ;)
  • About a month ago I had a massive hard-drive crash and lost a lot of information, if you sent me something that I haven't used or similar, could you please email it to me again as I lost all my emails and most of the un-backed up information, sucks...
  • Updated the Links page with some new information and stuff...

    Sega Bits:
  • Finally got round to sorting out the Sega Arcade Developers page, should be more or less spot on now...
  • Added Sega Driving Simulator to the future Page, a full blown real driving simulator based on Naomi 2 hardware...
  • Added some screenshots for Initial D : Arcade Stage and King Of Route 66 on Naomi 2 hardware.
  • Added some better screenshots for Dragon Ball Z VRVS on System 32.
  • Also Added Virtua Athlete, Champion Football to the Future Section, and a strange typing game called La keyboard,

    Namco Bits:
  • Added screenshots for Midnight Bay Racing, Tekken 4 and Smash Court Tennis in the System 246 section.
  • Added some screenshots and information for Starblade 2 - Operation Blue Planet to the Namco Future Section.
  • Added loads of pictures and some information about the amazing O.R.B.S cabinet to the Special Hardware section.
  • Added some screenshots and cabinet shots for Final Lap R on System FL thanks to Bman, and also added a System FL PCB picture.
  • Added some new screenshots to Suzuka 8 Hours 2 and Final Lap 2.
  • Added Namco NB-2 section, only has one game in it at the moment, The Outfoxies.
  • Added some better colour screenshots of Techno Drive to the System 12 page.
  • Small update to System 11 hardware specs and added better PCB picture (removed PSX SPU from specs as it doesn't have one)

    Atari Bits:
  • Most of this update is thanks to Brian and Scott, a huge thanks go to them for letting me use their information :)
  • Updated the 90's Prototypes page, including screenshots and other shots for Marble Man (Marble Madness 2), Vicious Circle, Beavis and Butthead, Freeze, Tenth Degree, Beathead, Road Riots Revenge, Primal Rage 2, Sparkz Arcade Classics and Hard Drivin Airborne.
  • Updated the 80's Prototypes page, added some games and some screenshots and information about most of them.
  • Added Cannonball to the 70's Prototypes page and the little information available about some of the games.

    Konami Bits:
  • Added Code One Dispatch to the unknown hardware page.
  • Updated the Mystic Warrior hardware page with some screenshots of Gaiapolis/Entapous, Martial Champion and Metamorphic Force, thanks to R Belmont for the piccys.
  • Added some more screenshots for Overdrive on XEXEX hardware.
  • Added screenshot for Hyper Crash on nemesis hardware.
  • Added screenshots of Run & Gun and demoted it to the XEXEX Hardware page.
  • Added screenshots of Dragon Ball Z 2 on XEXEX hardware page.
  • Added screenshots of GTI Club to Unknown hardware.
  • Added Dead Eye to unknown hardware section
  • Added some updated screenshots and a cabinet shot to WEC Le Mans.
  • Slightly updated the SystemGV hardware description.

    Other Stuff
  • I won a web award for System16, which is nice, never won anything before like that ;) Stuck it in the Thanks section.

    Six... (Updating System16 is tough, lets go shopping...)

4.11.2001 - Out with the old, in with the new...

  • In order to best understand this update one must understand the current situation of the arcade business. As many of you have noticed arcades are closing at an alarming rate, and some are already predicting the death of the arcade. So is it true? Yes and no. The arcade of today is dying, while the arcade of tomorrow and yesterday will dominate the future. Let's take a look:

  • Past - Lots of great titles of yester year have dissapeared. Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Galaga to name a few. So how do they bring back the classics for a new generation. Yep, you guessed it emulation.. or more specifically the ultracade. There's also the Namco classics Volume 1 & 2, Ms Pac / Galaga Reunion etc.

  • Present - With the rising cost of games and the diminishing returns few operators are willing to risk money buying games that are will come out on a console months later. Capcom allows Sega to handle it's distribting in the us starting speculation that they are preparing to quietly exit the arcade business as Midway has earlier this year. Sega in an effort to cut costs and save space makes a hybrid of the Us upright and the Japanese sit down giving thier game cabinets a generic look. Snk closes it's doors. The arcade market is ready for a metamorphesis and no one knows it better than Namco & Sega.

  • Future - Arcade machines begin to merger further with consoles. Each region's focus is on games specifically for that region, producing little universal titles. The task of producing universal titles will fall to korean developers (as seen in the IGS PGM system) American arcades begin to resemble thier Japanese counterparts. Taking full advantage of broadband a vast majority of arcade games will allow for interarcade and even console to arcade play.. such as seen in Sega's 1999 Spike Out. For more information on what Namco and Sega are planning for the future please see the corresponding sections.

    Sega Bits:
  • Changed the name of Initial D to Initial D Arcade Stage.
  • Added Outrun 2 to the Sega Future page as well as some commentary about the X-box hardware.
  • Added pictures for House of the Dead 3.
  • Changed the Name of InuNoOsanpo to InuNoOsanpo / Walk the Dog which came out 10/23/01.
  • Changed the pictures for Lupin 3 The Shooting.
  • Changed the pictures for Virtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2.
  • Added pictures for Get Bass 2.
  • Added pictures for Derby Club 2.

    Namco Bits:
  • Added some information on the gamecube hardware to the Namco Future section.
  • Added Gun Survivor 3 : Dino Crisis to the Namco Future Section.

    Atari Bits:
  • None this update.

    Konami Bits:
  • Moved Terraburst to 3DFX Based Hardware.
  • Merged Driving Party with GTI Club 2 as they are the same game.
  • Added Anime Champ, Gacha Champ , & Step Champ to System 573 Hardware.
  • Added Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z 2 to Xexex Based Hardware.
  • Moved Salary Man Champ to System 573 Hardware.

  • Other Stuff Special thanks to The Magic Box for the House Of The Dead 3 & Gunsurvivor 3 pictures.
  • (Addition 11-12-01) If you have a chance and the bandwidth be sure to check out the Soul Calibur 2 Trailer courtesy of IGN.
  • (Addition 11-12-01) The next update will be mid December. Look for information from the IAAPA then.

    take care,


21.10.2001 - The morning after the update before...

  • First I'd like to say that Pcb-a-holic did a great job of covering the Jamma 2001 show :)
  • Sega making a new arcade system based on Microsoft's X-Box console...Namco making a new arcade system based on Nintendos Gamecube console ...whats next? Konami making arcade hardware based on the PSX?...oops...;) Home gaming has come a long way since the home C64 version of Outrun ;)

    Sega Bits:
  • Moved King Of Route 66 and Initial D to Naomi 2 section and moved Wave Runner GP from Naomi 2 section to Naomi Section.
  • Split the GD-Rom section into 2 parts now, as it was getting very large as currently Sega are releasing a lot of games on this format.
  • Moved Super Major League / World Series Baseball 2001 from Naomi to the Anomie GD-Rom section.
  • Added Virtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2 to the Naomi section as well as the Naomi GD-Rom section, as its available on both formats.
  • Added some new screen shots for Spatter on System 1 thanks to Nicola Salmoria getting it working in MAME.
  • Added some more detailed technical specifications to the Model 1 , Model 2 , Model 2A-CRX , 2B-CRX and 2C-CRX sections.
    I'd like to say a special thanks to J-Chi for supplying all of this information below, he obviously spent some time looking through the site and finding things wrong, this site is possible due to people like him, thanks again :)
  • Moved from unknown, Ambitious of ZunZun to System C, Tricycle San and Spatter to System 1.
  • Deleted "Burokushiido" as its the japanese pronounciation of "Bloxeed". deleted "Guilty Gear 2" from Naomi as this was the pre-release name for "Guilty Gear X", deleted "Bass Fishing" as this is "Get Bass : Sega Bass Fishing", deleted "Meijin-Sen 3" as this runs on ALEC64 (N64 based arcade HW)
  • Added Virtua Fighter 2.1 on Model 2A CRX, a bugfixed version of Virtua Fighter 2. Added "Kyuukyoku no Othello", Japanese name for "Ultimate Othello" to unknown hardware.
  • Renamed "Moto Raid" to "Motor Raid ", Last Bronx USA to "Last Bronx-Tokyo Bangaichi", "Sega Touring Car" to "Sega Touring Car Championship", "Idol Mahjong Suchipai" to "Idol Janshi Suchipai 3", "L.A.Machineguns" to "L.A.Machineguns : Rage of the Machines"

    Namco Bits:
  • Added some new screenshots for Soul Caliber 2.
  • Added Starblade 2 : 'Starblade: Operation Blue Planet' to future games, no screenshots yet, but runs on the O.R.B.S. cabinet hardware.
  • Moved Midnight Bayside from unknown to System 246, as its a upgrade for Ridge Racer Arcade.
  • Added information to Speedup , runs on Sega Model 2 hardware.
  • Moved O.R.B.S. to special hardware as its a cabinet not a game, the game on show was and early alpha of "Starblade 2" to show off the cabinet mainly.

    Atari Bits:
  • Added San Francisco Rush 2049 TE and some information about Atari's 3DFX hardware thanks to Stig Remnes and Joey Cuellar.

    Konami Bits:
  • Moved Kick and Kick to System 573 and sorted the system specs out (being based on PSX hardware)
  • MASSIVE change around of the way some games are arranged in part of the Konami Hardware section. Its turned out to make a lot more sense sorting some of the hardware by video hardware instead of by CPU, as this ties the games together a lot better and makes a lot more sense to look at, took a loooong time ;)
  • A huge thanks to R Belmont for sifting through and sorting out the car wreck that is late 80's to early 90's Konami hardware...

    Other Stuff
  • Site wise lots and lots and lots of links fixed, shouldnt be any broken anywhere now, if anyone finds something linked incorrectly just drop me an email and I'll sort it out. Some more bugs ironed out, and I've generally fixed up and sorted out all sorts of bits here and there, you know, the normal html gubbins...s

    Six...( MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH pardon?)

16.10.2001 - Lupin Jamma 2001 Update...

  • Update 2 of 2 finished.
  • Changed the update a little bit to correspond with new information.
  • Please note that several links may be broken. I am currently awaiting Sixtoe's update before undergoing a sitewide bugfix.
  • I have shelved the promo videos and sounds along with more cabinet and screen shots until the next update (November 4th.)
  • Thank you for your patience. Enjoy!

    Sega Bits:
  • Added pictures and the flyer to Lupin 3 : The Shooting on the Gd-rom section
  • Added pictures and the flyer to Virtual Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2 and moved it to the gdrom section.
  • Added Derby Owners Club 2 , Shakka to Tambourine - New Music Edition , King of Route 66 and Initial D to the Unknown Section.
  • Added cabinet pictures for Shakka to Tambourine - Power Up , King of Route 66 and Initial D.
  • Added Super Major League 2001 including screenshots and the flyer to the gdrom section.
  • Added a flyer to Capcom vs SNK 2 : Millionare Fighting 2001.
  • Sega enters partnership with microsoft to develop arcade hardware based on the X-box. For the full article see the Sega future section.

    Namco Bits:
  • Added a Gaelco Licensed Hardware section and added cabinet pics, screenshots and the flyer for Speed Up!.
  • Moved Samurai Surf (along with a cabinet picture), Smash Court and Tekken 4 to System 246.
  • Moved Golgo-13 and Golgo-13 2 to System 12.
  • Added Drum Master 2 / Taiko No Tatsujin 2 to the Unknown hardware section along with Knockdown 2001 , Midnight Bayside and O.R.B.S.
  • Namco changes Soul Calibur 2 hardware to gamecube based.

    Atari Bits:
  • Moved California Speed to 3DFX Based hardware section. (Special thanks to - sonikku)

    Konami Bits:
  • Added Jurassic Park 3 and Tsurugi to Viper Hardware with cabinet pictures.
  • Moved Police 24/7 and Mocap Boxing to the Viper Hardware section.
  • Added cabinet picture for Pop N Music 7.
  • Added screenshots for Jurassic Park 3.
  • Added a picture of the System 573 pcb.
  • Added Monster Gate to System 573 along with screenshots.
  • Added picture for Konami 80's Gallery more to come later this week.
  • Added NBA Play by Play to the 3DFX Based hardware section along with a picture of the pcb. (Special thanks to Mark ;)
  • Added Driving Party (with cabinet and a picture) to the Unknown hardware section.
  • Added cabinet picture and the flyer for Thrill Drive 2.
  • Added cabinet picture and more screenshots of Silent Scope EX.
  • Added cabinet picture and the flyer for Kick & Kick.
  • Moved Mamba A Gogo! to Bemani hardware with deluxe cabinet pics.
  • Added Salary Man Champ (with cabinet picture) to Unknown hardware.
  • Added Dance Dance Revolution 6 Max, Beatmania II DX 6th Style, Dance Dance Revolution Kids and Pop N Music 7to Bemani hardware.

    take care,


29.9.2001 - Welcome...

  • (Edit by Six : Spelled Gaelco right now...;)

    Sega Bits:
  • Added a rumor about the Naomi 3 - Sega Rumor Section

    Namco Bits:
  • Added a picture of the Deluxe Speed Racer cabinet.

    Atari Bits:
  • Moved Wayne Gretsky's 3D Hockey to 3DFX Hardware.
  • Added Gauntlet Dark Legacy to 3DFX Hardware.
  • Added Gaelco Licensed Hardware section.
  • Moved Radikal Bikersto Gaelco Licensed Hardware section.

    Konami Bits:
  • Added section for 3DFX based hardware.
  • Added section for Viper System.
  • Added section for System 573.
  • Cleaned up the Unknown HardwareSection
  • Added section for Laserdisk.
  • Added cabinet pics where availible.

    Take care,


25.9.2001 - New member, arf arf...

  • First of all, some proper site news, if there is such a thing ;)
  • One of my best and long standing sources of information has finally got fed up with my seeming lack of ability to update the site enough with his updates (re-writing the site? bah, poor excuse apparently ;), so he has now asked if he can help out directly, and I'm more than happy to let him as he's a top chap, so welcome aboard System16 pcb-a-holic :)
  • Theres probably lots I've missed from the update, but I think pcb has a lot of stuff he's going to add, including some stuff from the recent Jamma show.
  • Also, I'm going to sort out the Konami Bemani section next, and if anyone out there owns one or knows the hardware involved in one then I'd be very interested to know...

  • Sega Bits:
  • Moved Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation VS Zeonback to the Naomi page, Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation VS Zeon DXadded to the Naomi GD-Rom page, bit of confusion there with the 2 versions being released at the same time...
  • Moved Capcom vs SNK : Millenium Fight 2000 Pro & Capcom vs SNK 2 : Millionare Fighting 2001from the Naomi to the Naomi GD-Rom page.
  • Added some new pictures to the laserdisk section thanks to progress made by Daphne on their emulation, nice pics of Galaxy Ranger and Astron Belt :)

    Namco Bits:
  • Nothing this time...

    Atari Bits:
  • Few odd bits, nothing that noticable...

    Konami Bits:
  • Renamed the PSX section to System GV, as thats what Konami called their PSX based hardware system.
  • Leaving adding System 573 to pcb as he knows a lot more about it than me...if he doesnt then I'll add it next time...

    Blah, off on holiday for the weekend, gonna get drunk'n'stuff, r0x etc...;)


    Six...(who now has time for even more GT3, whoop!)

18.9.2001 - "System16 - The Arcade Museum"...

  • Welcome to 'System16 - The Arcade Museum' what I hope will be the ultimate arcade source for all things Sega, Namco, Atari and Konami!
  • Yes, not content with the behemoth task that is already going on I have now added 2 more of the main manufacturers to System16, and with the other arcade museums out there its getting to the point where we can start to say that all of the big well known arcade manufacturers of old arcades are now being properly documented :)
  • A big welcome and thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive, whom which I have now teamed up with, instead of us both keeping insane amounts of flyers on each of our sites, as we are on the same host we have decided that it would be best if we chipped in together, so now all the flyers are linked to their site, which also gives them a nice surrounding, and they will be linking here for some of their game info :)
  • Also, For those of you wondering, my first love is and the most important section will always be the Sega section, as in my opinion (which is what counts, as its my website, so ner) Sega have always been ahead of the game, and its also where the site started out...
  • Also, in case your colour blind and/or stupid, the sites also had a bit of a cosmetic going over as well, I like it better, so *parp* if you don't like it ;)

    Atari Bits:
  • All of it!
  • Added all Atari arcade games ever made (that I could find), I think its probably the most comprehensive list on the Internet or anywhere else, and includes all Atari's weird and wonderful prototypes.

    Konami Bits:
  • All of it again!
  • Added all Konami arcade games ever made (again, that I could find), finding the games was easy, however, categorizing them is somewhat of a Konami don't have "Systems", which makes sorting it out very hard, and the newer games may not all be sorted out yet as there seem to be 1000 different versions of the Bemani games...

    Sega Bits:
  • Updated some various details on System 32, Multi System 32, Model 1, Model 2 and Model 3 hardware, especially the sound systems...
  • Moved Racing Herofrom System32 to Afterburner hardware, after Shinobiz and Coy got hold of an origional PCB.
  • Added screenshots for 3 very rare games, Desert Breakers, Bulletand Water Match, also added screenshots for Bonanza Bros, Hotrod.
  • Added some stuff, took some stuff out, moved some stuff, changed some stuff, this and that, you know, the normal, forgot most of what I did, so, who knows...;)

    Namco Bits:
  • Final Lap R and Speed Racer moved to new System FLsection, assuming for now that this stands for "System Final Lap", the Namco equivilant of Sega's System32/Galaxyforce hardware as it uses the same scaling sprites, but that's a guess on my part ;)
  • Added some excellent screenshots to the Namco NB1section thanks to the excellent work on the Namco NB-1 MAME driver by Phil Stroffolino, top stuff :), includes Gunbullet, Nebulas Ray, Super World Stadium 96' and 97' and Great Sluggers 94'
  • Also added some excellent screenshots of Namco Classics 1+2 thanks to the excellent new Namco ND1driver by Mark McDougall which is also great :)
  • Added screenshots for Tokyo Warsand Prop Cycle
  • Again, probably loads more I forgot I imagine

    Other Stuff:
  • Huge thanks to all who helped out in the new sections, which have been by far the hardest to categorize and sort out by miles, special thanks go to Olivier "semi between good and bastard" Galibert, R "kthnxr0x" Belmont and Aaron "I know a little bit about Atari" Giles for making my life a little easier :)
  • Tidied up the site in general HTML wise, and got rid of a lot of bloated code that I hadn't bothered too before and adding and took away some other things which you probably wont even notice, the heathens that you are.
  • Added letter links to the complete game lists so you can find the games by letters from the big page easier.
  • Tried to get the size of the screenshots down, converted a lot to 256 colour (or even 2 colour in some cases) as they didn't need to be 16bit, which makes them load a little bit faster.

    Well, that's it, no more, all done, no more companies, ever, probably, well, not for ages anyway...drop any comments along to the normal email address,


    Six... (Now going for a lie down and playing some more GT3...)

5.6.2001 - A Call To Arms : WingWar R360

  • I don't normally do this, but this is a special exception, I got this e-mail the other day - (mail edited)
    `I recently bought a R360, its unique because mine has "Wing War" (not G-Loc : Strike Force) as the game. There're 2 EPROM's on one of the PCBs in the attendant's tower that are specific to "Wing War" but in mine for some reason when I bought the machine they are from "G-Loc", Sega no longer has the "Wing War" EPROM's or their code available. My R360 is fully operational in the "test mode" and I can control the motors and cabinet fully, and in the game play mode, the Wing War game is fully operational, everything works BUT THE COCKPIT DOESN'T MOVE AT ALL in the game. Sega tells me that this is because the two EPROM's on the "Video/Drive" board don't know how to talk to "Wing War" as the R-360 is looking for G-Loc output commands to move the the unit'
    So, if anyone out there or anyone that even knows someone who has either a R-360 Wing War or the original tower control chips for a R-360 Wingwar PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I would be very grateful as it would be kinda cool to get some pictures of it moving as I didn't even know it existed with this game...
  • Apart from this, just a note to let you know I'm alive really, I've been kinda working on the site a little bit, but also been working hard, there should be a cool update sometime soon-ish, but for now you'll just have to hold on ;)

    Sega Bits:
  • Nothing this update...

    Namco Bits:
  • Nothing this update...

    If you can help please contact me, and if you know someone else who can help contact them and get them in touch with me, on a side note it seems like you can link them up as well, like the original Wingwar cabs...this would be beyond cool...

    Six... (who REALLY wants a go of it...)

5.6.2001 - Sorting out the wheat from the chafe...

  • Well, this was quicker than the last, I've done some major moving about of the sites files and getting it all neat and sorted out, its mainly a housekeeping update so hopefully you wont notice anything, and hopefully I havnt broken anything ;)
  • As I have moved everything around on the server I may have broken one or two things, please let me know if you find a broken link, thanks...
  • Modeler is looking great, with the latest game to have started working being Title Fight, a Multi System 32 boxing game, that was responsible for me ripping the skin off the back of my knuckles more than once, well dodgy controls ;)
    Sega Bits:
  • Split up and started from scratch on the Mega Tech and Mega Play sections of the site. Split them up as they are different hardware and are deserving of their own section...
    Put in a full (to my knowledge) games list, and generally tidyed up a section that I had so far almost totally ignored, and it is now looking more up to the standard of the rest of the site...
    Before people mention it, I have used the screenshots from the genesis versions as they are available and look identical to the megatech versions in almost every respect. I will replace them when they are eventually dumped and emulated, but having these screenshots is better than having blank spaces ;)
  • Updated the System E page with all new info and new screenshots of Tranformers, thanks to Mike Beaver (what goes around comes around eh Mike? ;)
  • Updated the System32 page with some more information, thanks to R Belmont
  • Updated the Future page...
  • Added some flyers for F355 Challenge and Twin, Crazy Taxi, Scud Race Twin, thanks to Till from sys2064
  • Added Cabinet and Marquee shots to Fighting Vipers
  • Added some screenshots for Street Fighter 3 Upper, thanks to Alexandre, and WWF Royal Rumble
  • Added some interesting information about Sega's Buck Rogers machine, seems like there was more than 1 version...
    Namco Bits:
  • Updated the Namco Future news page with a few nice things ;)
  • Added PCB shots of Numan Athletics(and some other bits), Exbania, Super World Court

    Well, that was short and sweet wasnt it, till next time,

    Six... (now boiling something else up in his arcade gumbo...;)

31.5.2001 - Revenge of the exploding arcade machine...

  • Had a nice break from doing the website, and after a little holiday from the madness I'm now back to it...
  • Modeler is coming on in leaps and bounds and is starting to look excellent. Outrunners and radmobile are the 2 recent upgrades to the driver, which are both incredibly graphically impressive, and with the music for Model 1 and System Multi 32 in place and sounding great, and the kalliera support being excellent, its shaping up to be one of the biggest emulator releases of the year!
  • Weird story behind a recent dump of a Sega game, the board that the roms were from came from Moscow in Russia, and belonged to to a machine that was installed in the commercial centre of Moscow,
    The commercial centre was then blown up in a bomb blast two years ago, among other things totally destroyed was the machines cabinet... and all that was savagable out of the wreckage was the board!
  • Site wise I've fixed some stuff here and there, some links, piccys, normal stuff, I'm bound to have left something that I've done out from the list below, I normally do...

    Sega Bits
  • Updated the Pinball section! Now have some good Pictures of Kelly Packards Golden Cue, a machine which never made it into full scale production, and there were only about 25 made...also updated X-Filesand Batman Foreverwith a couple of photo's
  • Added a Modelerlink to the sidebar under emulators, as I feel it is the sequel somewhat to the System16 emu, that is, its emulating the System32 ;)
  • Added some awesome hires pictures of the Model 3, System 32and Multi System 32pcbs, and also added some more technical information to Model 1, System 32and Multi System 32on the sound system, thanks to R Belmont
  • Added F355 2 International Course Edition Twinto Naomi section as it didnt have its own entry, and is a totally different hardware setup to the deluxe version
  • Added Spike Out Final Editionto the Model 3.21 section
  • Added some more/better screenshots for Virtua Fighter Remixand Virtua Fighter Kidson the STV-Titan
  • Added flyers and screens for Bull Fight/ The Togyuuand DakkoChan Jansoh
  • Added some photos of the Naomi System and carts to the Naomi section
  • Updated Screenshots for Virtua Stiker 3on Naomi 2 and Virtua Golf / Dynamic Golfon GD-Rom
  • Added a 2 page advert for Super Zaxxonand 2 flyers for Equites, updated 2 SDI flyers and added another 2 Japanese flyers, upgraded the Pengo flyers, all thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive
  • Added Sound PCB and Conversion kit pics to Batman Foreverfor the STV-Titan, thanks to Pcb-o-holic
  • Added a little more STV-Titaninformation, thanks to Dale
  • Updated Future page, added Spikers Battlewith screenshots and flyers, added screenshots/flyers and cabinets for Virtua Fighter 4, added screenshots and flyers for Beach Spikers, Waverunner GPand Cracking DJ 2, and added House of the Dead 3poster, and also a few more rumors including the new Sega Arcade System ;)

    Namco Bits
  • Added loads of PCB shots all over the place, including System 2, System 11, System 12, System 21, System 22, System NA-1, System FL(Speed Racer), Sega Naomi, Galaga Hardware, Gaplus Hardware, Libble Rabble Hardware, Klax Hardwareand Mappy Hardware. Any missing info or piccys would be great! ;)
  • Added some massivly improved shots of Vampire Night, Ridge Racer V Arcade Battle, Football Powerand Crisis Zone
  • Added Oh! Bakyuuunby Psikyo to the Unknown page, looks like its a similar game to point blank...
  • Added Smashing Driveby Gaelco to unique hardware page
  • Added some screenshots, flyers, full level shots and promo sheets for The Outfoxiesand Ninja Assault
  • Added some beautiful CG renders, board shot, and some screenshots for the rare Xevious 3D/G, thanks to Andrew for the screenshots
  • Added some screenshots for Rave Racer, Propcycleand Rolling
  • Added some cabinet shots for Steel Gunner, Final Lap R, Ridge Racer V Arcade Battle
  • Added some cabinet shots for Magic Edgeand some technical drawings
  • Added lots of information to Pac-Land, including some flyers, tech documents and circuit diagrams
  • Moved Point Blank 2 from System NB1 to System 11, after reading the manual...
  • Added Xeviousinstruction sheet
  • Added a Namco Future page with some sneak peaks at Tekken 4 and Soul Caliber 2 and Turret Tower

    Blimey, started out as a little update and I've managed to almost get totally up to date now, not bad :) Anyways, have fun looking through it all and as always let me know if anythings wrong/incomplete or if you have anything to contribute,

    Six...(Waiting for the train that never comes...)

16.5.2001 - Happy Birthday to Me!

  • Well, another year under the belt, reaching the grand old age of 27, wooo, never thought I'd make it this far :) anyways, here is a Picture of my new toys :), including my trusty Hot-Rod (an early present ;) and a 1979 handheld space invader game (front - back), both from Becky, my lovely other half :)

    Sega Bits:
  • Added screenshots for Rival Schools 2 by Capcom on the Naomi
  • Added screenshots for F1 World Grand Prix and Charge'N'Blast, BUT, there's a drawback, I've had to use the screenshots from the Dreamcast versions as there are no shots of the arcade versions available, but at least they give you a very good idea of what the games are like (being basically identical)
  • I am increasingly thinking Sky Champ is not a Naomi game or a game at all, but a mistranslation from Japanese...if anyone could confirm either way it would be great...

    Namco Bits:
  • None (getting too drunk, sorry :)

    Ok, I started out doing the update sober, but now I'm drunk, anything more will have to wait for another day, happy birthday to me, kthnx, thanks for all the birthday wishes I've had so far, j00 all r0x ;)

    Six... (going off to drink even more alcohol, as I can :)

14.5.2001 - Some More Groovy Stuff

  • One of the reasons (not the only one) for opening the Namco side of the museum is becoming more obvious, with the rumors flying about all over the place, and the fact that Sega and Namco in Japan are now using the same distributing network, more and more joint ventures seem to be taking place, have a look at the Rumor Mill on the Future Games pages for more info...

    Sega Bits:
  • New screenshots added for Ixion, an upto now undumped and fairly rare prototype game from Sega on Modified Super Zaxxon hardware, thanks go to Al Kossow for dumping it and Haze for the screenshots :)
  • Added Jet Squadron, a follow up to Gunblade on Naomi 2 to the Future Games section, also added Heavy Metal:Geomatrix from Capcom to the future page, as what seems like a followup to Powerstone 2. Also confirmed the systems for which a few of the games will be coming out for (i.e. nearly all GD-Rom)
  • Added Zero Gunner 2 to the Naomi page, an awesome looking shooter from shoot-em-up gods Psikyo, thanks to pcb-o-holic
  • Updated a little of the information on the Vic Dual system
  • The Future Page will now also contain a Sega arcade Rumor Mill (Copyright JoseQ ;) of upcoming releases news and gossip, as I dont want to take up lines and lines running through it here, but theres some nice things ;)
  • Re-Organised the Naomi Section, it is now split into 4 sections instead of 2 as they were getting too big and were taking an age to load, there are now 60 games in the Naomi section! I'm almost positive that this is the biggest single arcade system that has ever been made!
  • Split the STV Section into 4 sections as this has 48 games, which I think comes in second for most utilised system..
  • Moved Street Fighter Zero III Upper and Dynamic Golf from Future Games to Naomi GD-Rom Hardware as they have now been released in Japan, any screenshots of SF3U that you can find would be great, as I cant seem to find any :(
  • Moved Virtua Striker 3 from future to Naomi 2 as it is now out in Japan...
  • Moved Alienfront Online from future games to Naomi section as it has now (finally) made it out in Japan, probably...
  • Added Dynamite Baseball(no screenshots, help!) to STV-Titan section, renamed Dynamite Baseball to Dynamite Baseball '97 in model2B CRX, in Naomi section renamed Dynamite Baseball '99 to Dynamite Baseball '98, and finally added Dynamite Baseball '99(no screenshots, help!)....phew...thanks, kinda, to pcb-a-holic ;)

    Namco Bits:
  • I think that last time I updated the site I forgot to upload a load of picture...maybe...we'll see, I uploaded a load of old stuff that didnt seem to be on the site's ftp so everything should be fine now...weird...
  • Someone (contact me please, as I'm very interested as to who you are ;) has started work on a Namco System NB-1 emulator, and has got the backgrounds working in Gunbullet (aka Point Blank) already! This is great news as its a great game :)
  • Added some screenshots to Fighting Layer, thanks to ivilded
  • Moved Kart Duel from System23 to System12, thanks to ANY
  • Trying to find some information on "Oh! Bakyuuun" a Raizing gun game that looks like it uses a point blank cabinet and is distributed by Namco, but the Raizing website is down at the moment :(
  • Got loads of PCB pictures to put up when I get the time, should be soon-ish...

    Six...(who is currently madly in love with Vpinmame...DONT TOUCH THE DOOR! kthnx...)

1.5.2001 - More games and things? Of Course!

  • After a minor hard-drive disaster, and windows changing half the sites filenames to upper case and breaking a good few thousand links, I've spent some time messing about with the html getting it back to normal, also changed a couple of things here and there, and corrected some of the more glaring spelling mistakes and link errors, of which there were a few, even I get a bit lost around here...

    Sega Bits:
  • Added Screenshots for Flower
  • Added 9 new Naomi Games, some with screenshots : Cannon Spike(AKA Gun Spike), Gigawing 2(Yup, my bad, it IS naomi), Toukon Retsuden 4, Giant Gram 2000, Quiz Ah My Goddess, Charge'N'Blast, Pocket Shooting, Puzzle Kurutto Stone, F1 World Grand Prix, Moero! Justice Gakuen (Rival Schools 2), thanks to Kobashi for the information :)
  • Added Cotton and Fantasy Zone 2 Midi tunes
  • Added Outrun-Last Wave and Hang-On Parts 1,2 and 3 to mp3 section, thanks to Opi
  • Moved Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation VS Zeons from future games to Naomi as its just about to be released, thanks to pcb-o-holic
  • Deleted "A Third Time - Sandoaaru" - Sandoaaru is a mistranslation of the hiragana in the title pic for Sando-R, the hiragana are sa-n-do (then a dash) and typically the dash would double the sound of the following letter making sandoaaru...but in this instance the dash is just a dash "Sando-R" Also, since San is the Japanese word for three, it's probably where that "A Third Time" came from - Thanks to Rev Quixo for this :)

    Namco Bits:
  • Added Namco Cheats Section (with added penguins...dont ask...)
  • Added System 10 to hardware page, seems this is Namcos current 2D board...
  • Added Screenshots for Tekken Ver.A, Tekken2 Ver.B, Soul Edge Ver.A, Soul Edge Ver.B, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Kosodate Quiz My Angel, Dancing Eyes (pr0n!) and Final Lap 3 thanks to ivilded
  • Added some Specs for System 22 / Super System 22
  • Moved Kosodate Quiz My Angel 1 + 2 from System 11 to Unique Hardware
  • Moved Mr Driller, and Mr Driller 2 from Unknown to Naomi Section, thanks to Tomas
  • Moved Cyber Commando from Unknown to System 22
  • Moved Downhill Bikers from Unknown to Super System 22, thanks to Tomas
  • Moved Crisis Zone and Kart Duel from Unknown to Super System 23
  • Moved Final Lap R from Unknown to System 2 (a bit obvious in hindsight)
  • Moved Outfoxies and Mach Breakers to Namco NB1, thanks to Phil Stroffolino
  • Moved Mr Driller G and Taikono-tatsujin from Unknown to System 10


23.4.2001 - A Cry For Help...

  • *Help needed* I'm going to move Kosodate Quiz My Angel 1 + 2 from System 11 to unique hardware, as they use System KL and KE, and to my *current* knowledge these games, along with Speed Racer on System FL are all on named "System" boards but are (as far as I can make out) the only ones on their respective systems, I have trouble beleiving namco would name a board "System" and just have one game on it...
    If you know ANYTHING about any of these boards or the modern Namco 2D boards please let me know!
  • This has been a public service announcement* (and at 5am for me, nightshift sux kthnx)


18.4.2001 - Spot the difference...

  • *Mini Update 20/4* - Corrected a few little things, thanks to everyone for the heads up ;)
  • The Namco wing of the museum opens! This section is FAR from anywhere near the standard of the Sega section, as I have had to put together all this information from scratch from the very limited information on the net for the systems available, many thanks to those who have helped me with it all so far. I still need loads of information/pictures, so email me with any information on anything you have or can find, but as always don't just send me massive files (over 1 meg) without asking first, I`m not on broadband so takes me ages to download stuff!
  • This is something I've wanted to do for ages, as Namco has always been there to match Sega at every corner in the arcade market, and with the recent events concerning Sega and Namco making games together (Vampire Night) and sharing the distributing (not to mention that I`m also a huge Namco fan as well, among others...;) it seemed like an excellent time to do this!
  • A big thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive (for most of the flyers), All at Team Japump, Malcor and Al Kossow for providing so much information in the ReadMe files with dumps, and the Mame team for providing a great deal of information from the drivers.
  • Sega New stuff :
    Added some new flyers for Wild Riders, Club Kart and Virtua Striker 3, all courtesy of all round top chap Matt at Eventgaming.
    Added new screenshots to Action Fighter, Astro Flash, Dynamite Baseball, Power Stone, Sega Tetris, Toy Fighters and Zombie Revenge.
    Added some bits and pieces and changed the formatting slightly of some of the pages, nothing major, but little things no-one else but me will notice, but it keeps me happy ;)
    Moved Roach Racers and Derby Daze from Pinball 1994-1995 to Prototypes page, as they never reached production to my knowledge, and neither are pinballs either.
    Removed Crazy Taxi 2 and 'K' Project from Future games, as stunningly they are going to be console only I'm afraid :(
    Probably some more bits, but I've done so much I think I`ve kinda lost track of what I've updated ;)
  • All in all, the total of Sega and Namco games covered by this project is now well over 750!
  • To any people who are worried that I have lost my focus, not so, this is still, above and beyond anything else, the home for the System16 emulator and THE site on the net for all your Sega games, and it always will be, just now I`m planning to have it as THE site for all your Sega AND Namco games ;)
  • Big thanks to all the people who have covertly helped me recently and as always have fun exploring the site :)


2.4.2001 - Some good Emu news and some new bits...

  • Modeler is doing great, R Belmont and Farfetch'd are getting on well with the System32 / MultiSystem32 emulator, with quite a few games now running at a playable level. This is a fair achievement considering this is probably the most complex 2D system yet emulated, keep up the good work guys :)
  • Some great new flyers for Hang-On, Last Survivor, Quartet, SDI, Space Harrier, from the DTD Museum
  • Added some old original arcade magazine reviews for Alien Storm, Bonanza Brothers, Moonwalker and G-Loc
  • Added 2 new Games! Pilot Kids and Zero Gunner on Model 2B CRX by the kings of 2D shooters, Psikyo. There maybe more, but I cant speak Japanese and going through the Psikyo website is hard work
  • Something nice and big in the pipeline, you may like it, you may hate it, but you wont be able to ignore it ;)
  • Keep the information coming, I always use it!


21.3.2001 - Past-O-Rama v0.05!

  • A great update for a great emulator :). This Sega SG1000 emulator now has full Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear support as well as LOADS of new stuff! Head along to Pascals Past-O-Rama site for all the juicy details and to grab your copy, a worthy addition to the Sega Museum I think :)


20.3.2001 - Coo, lookit all the pretty colours...

  • New colour scheme, I hope you like it, I know I do
  • Moved the site away from frames, as it looks nicer
  • Been moved onto a nice shiny new server at ZTNet, yummy :), hopefully nothing got broken in the move ;)
  • Spent the past few days going through the site with a fine tooth comb hunting down errant links, now every picture/cabinet/flyer should open in a new window, if it doesn't TELL ME and I`ll fix it, you can imagine the amount I`ve had to check ;)
  • Added screenshot for Fonz to the Discrete hardware page, thanks to the Sega arcade project
  • Moved Equites to the Unique hardware page, and added screenshots/pcb shots and instructions. This is a fairly special game as it may be one of the first, if not THE first arcade game to use a 68000 cpu! Huge thanks to Roman for sending in the pictures and R Belmont for finding out the specs
  • Added screenshots for Bonanza Bros and better shots of Super Monaco GP, thanks to xxxx
  • Updated the specs for the STV-Titan system a bit more, thanks to FF


16.3.2001 - Confusion reigns ;)

  • It seems that I was a bit quick to act about moving Super Hangon to the Space Harrier hardware page, and thanks to ShinobiZ and Sarayan we now know whats going on (at least as far as we can make out),
  • Super Hang-On is on Outrun hardware
  • Super Hang-On Bootleg/Conversion (the playable one in MAME) is actually on Space Harrier hardware, it was either a conversion kit for the origional Hang-on or a bootleg made to run on Space Harrier hardware, we dont know which and may never know...
  • Moved Hang-On to the Space Harrier page as they are nearly identical, there, hope thats all sorted that out then :)


16.3.2001 - A Special Note

  • Yesterday Isao Okawa, the president of Sega, died of heart failure aged 74. Our hearts go out to his friends and family. He put his life into the company and poured a great deal of his own money into Sega to keep Sega alive. He will be missed.


14.3.2001 -

  • Updated the hardware descriptions for nearly all the systems with everything from specs to boards special features, huge thanks to R Belmont, Dayvee and Sarayan for all their help and not stabbing me for bugging them to death
  • Moved Virtual Striker 2 '99 from Naomi section to Model 3.21 section, just one I got wrong when I re-did the site ;)
  • Moved Super Hang-On and Super Hang-On Limited Edition to the Space Harrier page, as unlike suspected before its not outrun hardware, thanks to Sarayan for pointing this out
  • Updated hardware page format to make it easier to read (I think) and several other page source updates, not that anyone`ll notice ;)


7.3.2001 -

  • Updated and added some information on some games and systems, messed about with a few things,
  • Added Marvel vs Capcom 2 to the Naomi section
  • Added Crackin' DJ 2, Shakka to Tambourine - New Music Edition, Beach Spikers and Wave Runner GP to the Future Page
  • Added some more MIDI's and mp3's to their respective sections
  • Added Shakka to Tambourine, Crackin DJ and Samba de Amigo ver.2000 to Naomi page
  • Changed some flyers and instructions for better quality ones, including House Of The Dead, Spike Out, OutTriggers and Sega Rally 2, thanks to Tormod and The Arcade Flyer Archive
  • Probably some other stuff that I`ve forgotten, you know how it goes...


1.3.2001 -

  • Removed a few bits of incorrect info that crept in by accident ;)
  • Not got a lot of free time at the moment, got to add some new bits and peices and some new games here and there, and do some general housekeeping, thanks for all the informative emails, keep them coming!


24.2.2001 -

    AOU2001 - Yup, its that time of year, one of the biggest arcade shows in the world is upon us, and I`ve got some tasty goodness from the show just for you ;), this is all in the Future games section...
    Added screenshots and some cab pics for for Club Kart, Crazy Taxi 2, Dynamic Golf, InoNoOsanpo, Monkey Ball, Super Major Leauge, Vampire Night and Virtual Striker 3Special shout out goes to Monkey Ball, which looks great, and is meant to be a modern day Marble Madness, which can only be a good thing ;)
    Also worthy of note is Vampire Night, to my knowledge the first Namco/Sega joint venture, although its on Namcos System246, which is based on the PSX architecture, its worthy of note as rumors state Sega may start to produce games en-mass for this format
    Also, added a couple of screenshots in the SystemE section of Hang-On Jr, Riddle Of Pythagoris and Transformer


23.2.2001 -


    Well, I`ve got hold of the first shots of Virtual Fighter 4 for the Naomi2 system, pretty impressive stuff, check out the backgrounds as well, very nice ;), they`re in the Naomi2 section, go have a look.
    Added Flyers for F355-2, Cosmic Smash and Club Kart
    Added some more screen shots
    Removed Athlete kings from Model2 page, as its the US version of Dec-Athlete which is STV
    Added better cabinet shots for quite a few games, including Airtrix, and found a pic of the cabinet for Typing of the dead, which is odd...
    Added some more games to the Future games page
    Split the STV section into 2 pages, as the origional was taking far too long to load, having over 80 screenshots in it
    Moved Sports Fishing 2 from model2 page to STV page, and added some information courtesy of ANY and R.Belmont
    Added an odd Naomi game I hadnt com accross before, Death Crimson OX


19.2.2001 -

    ShinobiZ has released a new version of his excellent ROMIDENT tool, so if you were wondering what on earth that PCB you have is for, dump the roms and let it find out for you. The current version (2.1), identifies 3947 games & clones (added 220 sets since last version), so grab a copy of the new DAT from the ROMIDENT page.
    I am planning to add a few more bits and peices soon and some more to the emulator section, but for the last week or so I've been having a well deserved rest after spending the whole of January and half of feburary doing the site, went a bit Sega stir crazy ;)
    The amount of visitors has now passed 250`000, I'm so proud :)


11.2.2001 -

    Got a messageboard :) , Hurrah!, leave any comments, questions or information about the site or Sega arcade stuff
    Added Astro Flash to System E page, after Team Japump dumped it, thanks to ShinobiZ for letting me know :)
    Few more updates and bits and peices to be done, but its my other halfs birthday, so that`ll wait ;)


10.2.2001 -

    WOW, thanks to Uki for sending in loads of screenshots and adding two new games from his STV collection :), now have shots of Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty/Suikoenbu, Tecmo World Cup'98, Virtual Mahjong 2 - My Fair Lady, Steep Slope Sliders, Shanghai - The great wall, Seabass Fishing, Princess Kurara Daisakusen, Pro Mahjong Extreme S, Karaoke Quiz Intro Don Don!, this is great, it means theres only a few more games left in the STV section without screenshots :)


9.2.2001 -

    Tweaks'n'Stuff to the site, nothing much ;)
    Added flyers, instructions and tech info for Cotton2, Terra Driver and Puyo Puyo Sun for the ST-V, thanks to tormod for the excellent scans
    Removed Hikaru hardware specs until confirmed by Sega
    Added Modeler to the emulators page! Sorry about that R.Belmont + Farfetch'd ;)


7.2.2001 - 1st Update!

    Thanks for all the positive feedback, its great to hear, especially when you put as much into a project as I have here

    Added "Email me" to the sidebar, oops ;)
    Added complete games list to A-Z section
    Added and updated some more bad links
    Added some more technical info on model2 and 3 boards, thanks to R.Belmont


7.2.2001 - Welcome to the Sega Museum! ("I hope it works" edition)

    Its taken me a while, and It's still not finished, but I'm happy enough with the current state of the site to upload it, and after having to learn to write html and having no Internet connection for 2 weeks (cable dug up!) all whilst having to go to work as well, it was a baptism of fire, but now its up, as I think if I waited until I finished then It wouldn't be up until about 2002 ;)

    Theres a lot of graphical content on some of hardware pages, it will take up to a minute to load some pages on 56k connections, but the pictures look nice and thats what its all about :)
    Everything, as always, is still a W.I.P., and no part is every totally finished, all and any information gladly received, but mail me first before you send any large files please!
    There are some broken links, as for some reason win2k decided to capitalise half the uploaded files, being sorted out right now New and updated stuff

    Major Site redesign, as you may have noticed, it looks a bit different
    New logo, the competition was a massive success, with 0 entry's, so, after figuring out Paintshop pro, I did it myself :P
    Redesigned site map so you can navigate back and forwards from most points to anywhere relatively easily
    Added Unknown hardware page, help me out!
    Added Hikaru page to hardware section
    Added Naomi2 page to hardware section
    Added Naomi GD-Rom page to hardware section
    Added Blockade page to hardware section
    Added Discrete Hardware page (1973-1979 Games) to hardware section
    Added laserdisk page to hardware section, includes screenshots, cabinets, boards, general information, history and projects, many thanks to the Dragons Lair Project, who contributed a great deal of information, thanks guys :)
    Added Whitestar Pinball page to hardware section, contains flyers, pictures, instructions, tech manuals and some sounds and animated scoreboard gifs, general information on Apollo13, Batman Forever, Baywatch, Derby Daze, Godzilla, Golden Cue, Goldeneye, Harley Davidson, Independence Day, The Lost World, Lost in Space, Maverick, Mary Shellys Frankenstein, Roach Racers, South Park, Space Jam, Starship Troopers, Star Wars Trilogy, Twister, Viper Night Drivin and X-Files
    Added 1974-1978 Pinball page to hardware section, some flyers, but information on most of these machines is small, as I cant read Japanese and I`m sure these were all distributed in Japan only
    Added all missing Sega games to my knowledge, far too many to mention, including all of the 1973-1979 games (about 90) and some modern ones that were missed
    Added Sega Cabinet hardware page, e.g. for odd stuff like the R360 and the Virtua Formula full size F1 cars
    Added slightly revised midi section, and new mp3 section of Sega arcade tracks
    Added ability to search for games alphabetically now, as well as through hardware pages (after needing this too many times myself ;), this took bloody ages.
    Added loads more pictures, and some great quality ones
    Added some ingame movies, and some of Newer/Unreleased games, just in case you cant find them in your local arcade, including the ludicrously fast and good looking Planet Harriers :)
    Added loads more cabinet pictures
    Added circuit board shots, really good quality, thanks to ShinobiZ
    Added manuals section and some manuals
    Added cheats section, hope to keep this updated, send in any cheats you have!
    Added Sega prototypes page, with any information on machines that never made it, or made it drastically altered from the final machine
    Added more future Sega games to the list, including Virtual Fighter X/4 and Crazy Taxi 2
    Added Sega Arcade company history section
    Added HelpMe! page so people know exactly what I`m after most at the moment
    Added thanks page as this project couldn't have been done alone
    Split System32 section into its 2 versions, System32 and System-Multi32
    Split Model2 section into its 4 different versions, 2A, 2A CRX, 2B CRX and 2C CRX
    Split Model3 section into its 4 different versions, Model3 Step 1.0, Step 1.5, Step 2.0 and Step 2.1
    Moved Cool Riders from Model 2 page to Unique hardware page, runs on a system (H1) that was made obsolete after one game by Model 2 Oh yeah, the ATEI was great, and I got to play with all the new toys :), and the site definitly benefitted from the visit as I got to chat with some great guys from Sega, who were all tops chaps


12.1.2001 -

    Moved Dottori Kun from Unknown to unique, its a jamma test board
    Moved Suntory Tapper from Unknown to unique (MCR3 board)
    Added some screenshots for Afterburner, Afterburner2 and Suntory Tapper
    Oh, and added some shots from some game called Virtua Fighter 4 (whatever that is ;) to the future page.


3.1.2001 - Under New Management!

    Greetings and welcome to the dawn of a new era!, as from today I officially take over from ShinobiZ in the running of He has done a superb job of this site since its launch in August of 1999, and now he's left a monkey like me in charge ;). He has left me the Olympian task of following in his place, I can only hope I can do the site justice.
    I plan to spend the next month or so updating the site before its official new launch, so don't expect many, if any, changes right away, which brings me to my first point:
    ShinobiZ and myself were discussing about the name of the site, and its relevance considering that it now covers every aspect of Sega arcade games, system16 also has the domain, which I like, but I don't want to change the name of the site and upset everybody without asking first, so I am going to start a thread on the MameWorld and Retrogames forums and basically put it too a vote, to see if people want a name change or not!
    Also, once the name is confirmed, I was thinking about a competition for the new Logo, something in the Sega blue and white, would anybody be interested? Prize would be....erm....not a lot, just to have your handiwork at the top of the page ;)
    In other news, I am also lucky enough to get tickets to the ATEI at the end of January in the UK, which is probably one of the largest, if not THE largest arcade game show in Europe, and Sega and Deith (the UK and US Sega Distributors) will both be there in force, so I'll be reporting from there and seeing how much information/flyers/Posters I can pick up, stay tuned :)


1.1.2001 - Happy new year to everyone !

    I recieved about 20 mails from peoples who want to continue this site (and 3 virus mail, thanks). Thanks a lot for your support guys. In order to decide who will continue please resend me a mail with your plan for this site.

    ps: I hope you understand my wish, English is not my native language, it's French.

    Bonne ann??ous !

    J'ai re?environ 20 messages de personnes qui d?rent continuer ce site. (et trois virus, merci). Merci beaucoup pour votre support. En vue de d?der qui continuera, veuillez svp me renvoyer un mail avec vos projets pour ce site.


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