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5.12.2002 - Never Say Never Again...

  • Well, what can I say, I got interesting in this a while back and did a kinda skeleton layout for it in a couple of hours but then shelved it due to having to play Gradius or something. Nothing more came of it (babies and stuff getting in the way etc...) until recently, when I got a few hints and shoves in the appropriate direction, so I thought, "well, why not" and here it is, the all new super dooper Midway (and Bally/Sente/Williams) section!
  • Midway are in my opinion pretty important industry wise, being the second largest (after Atari) Western Arcade game manufacturer, and they have also had some classic and incredibly popular games in their lineup, not to mention a pretty unique stab at hardware compared to everyone else.
  • Midway have handily always more or less stuck to systems with very few custom pieces of hardware which makes cataloging them fairly straightforward... but then again, after Konami anything's relatively easy ;)
  • It's also a fairly nice section to do because its "finishable", as in Midway are no longer producing arcade games, so theres not the constant game of catchup I have to play with everyone else.

    Midway (and Bally/Sente/Williams) Bits!
  • Huge thank go to Aaron Giles for providing me with a lot of help with the new section, its made it fairly enjoyable :)
  • Thanks once again to MAME source and everyone who contributed to the Midway drivers for making it so easy to sort everything out.
  • In case you wondered, I'm calling it the Midway section as opposed to anything else as Midway were Bally's videogame division, and they bought Williams, so they own them as well, Sente was a brief liaison, so its easier and fits in all the the menu's nicely as well :)
  • O, and also, I'm not even attempting to try and document Bally Pinball machines, theres loads of good sites if pinball is your thing ;)

    Sega Bits
  • Added Musapey's Choco Marker to Naomi GD-Rom hardware, thanks to Mark Frizbie.
  • Added some pictures of the Atomiswave hardware, thanks to Joerg Hartenberger.
  • Moved Ribbit from Unknown Hardware! To System C Hardware! Thanks to Gerald!
  • Added some cabinet photos for Squadron, Rock'n'Bark, Sparkling Corner, Road Race, Galaxy Wars, Pro Racer, Wild Wood, Top Runner, World Cup, Break Open, Cartoon Gun, See Saw Jump, Bomber, Crash Course, Man T.T., Twin Course T.T., Superbowl and Heavyweight Champ to the Discrete Hardware page.
  • Added some more screenhsots for Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtua Fighter 3, thanks to Rad Killer.
  • Moved Guilty Gear XX from Naomi 2 GD-Rom to Naomi GD-Rom, my fault, I saw one running in a Naomi 2 system and assumed it was on that, I know the Naomi 2 is backwards compatible, but I didnt think anyone would use one for a Naomi 1 game yet :)
  • Updated the flyers to be in line with the Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Atari Bits
  • While I was doing the Midway section I managed to clean up the late Atari stuff as well, mainly with Aarons help.
  • Added Flagstaff Hardware, Seattle Hardware, Vegas hardware, Denver Hardware and Media GX Hardware pages.
  • Deleted old redundant 3DFX Hardware Page.
  • Updated the flyers to be in line with the Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Konami Bits
  • Added Baby Phoenix hardware page and moved Track N Field, Simpsons bowling, Beat the Champ and Deadeye to it, thanks to Sam Yerushalmi.
  • Moved World Combat to Pyson Hardware.
  • I need to update the Bemani section sometime, but its proving to be a nightmare as there's so many different variations of the equipment its turning me a bit mad in the head ;)
  • Deleted Powerpuff Girls on unknown hardware, does not exist.
  • Updated the flyers to be in line with the Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Namco Bits
  • Moved Oh! Bakyuuu, Aerosmith - Quest For Fame, Um Jammy Lammy, Aqua Rush, Super World Stadium 2000, Super World Stadium 2001, Teknowerk and Kaiun Quiz from Unknown hardware to System 12 Hardware, thanks to pumpCurry from Japan.
  • Moved Mr Driller from System 10 Hardware to System 12 Hardware, thanks to pumpCurry from Japan.
  • Added Paca Paca Passion, Paca Paca Passion Special, Paca Paca Passion 2, Tenkomori Shooting, Attack Pla-Rail and Toukonretsuden 3 to System 12 Hardware, thanks to pumpCurry from Japan.
  • Renamed Mappy Hardware to Super Pac-Man Hardware, it being the oldest game, thanks to "Someone"...
  • Split up Galaxians hardware and added King & Balloon to it, thanks to "Someone"...
  • Created Pac-Man Hardware and moved Rally X, New Rally X and Pacman/Puckman to it, thanks to "Someone"...
  • Added a lot of new notes and details about older hardware thanks to "Someone"...
  • Changed Beraboh Man to Berabow Man on System 1 Hardware thanks to "Someone"...
  • Changed date for Street Viper from 1980 to 1993, oops, thanks Oll, who pointed out that the Viper didn't exist in 1980 :)
  • Updated the flyers to be in line with the Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Taito Bits
  • Added Galmedes, U.N. Defense Force: Earth Joker and Kokontouzai Eto Monogatari by Visco to Bonze Adventure Hardware page, thanks to Brian Troha.
  • Added some much nicer screenshots of Space Invaders from MAME.
  • Added Steel Worker screenshots on unknown pre 1990 hardware.
  • Added better screenshot of Top Bowler on unknown pre 1990 hardware.
  • Deleted Samurai Jack on unknown hardware, does not exist.
  • Updated the flyers to be in line with the Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Other Stuff
  • Updated the MAME Sega driver WIP page, and made a link in the menu bar as well.
  • You have to go Here, Baby Jack commands you to...


    Toby... (Graaaagh!...)

22.9.2002 - Do not adjust your set...

  • No, this isn't an optical Illusion, I really am updating the site twice in almost one week, freaky eh?
  • This update is to mainly direct feedback on the update I just did and a round up what happened at the AOU show that was on the other day, some nice surprises and lots of new ideas being thrown about, the biggest announcement of the show probably being Sega admitting that they are developing Naomi 3 hardware, designed to sit at the top of the hardware pile once again, it is by all accounts considerably more powerful that the Chihiro (Xbox based) and Triforce (Gamecube based). No more details as of yet, but you can be sure that when I find out I'll have some sort of update :)
  • The AOU show was also dominated by network and card games, be it arcade machine to arcade machine or arcade machine to Gameboy Advance, it looks like this is the way arcades are firmly heading, at least in Japan anyway...

    Sega Bits
  • Added Naomi 3 hardware page. Yup, you read right, no specs or any information at all yet, not even a sniff, but it HAS been confirmed.
  • Added system pictures and specs of the Chihiro Hardware, and I have to say, its a very sleek looking piece of hardware :)
  • Changed the name of System X hardware to Atomiswave, added games Dolphin Blue, Maximum Speed, Premium Eleven, Sports Shooting USA and also found out its Dreamcast based, not PSX2 based. This makes much more sense for a joint venture between Sega and Sammy to produce an arcade platform, the whole PSX2 thing sounded a bit too Namco from the start ;)
  • Moved Initial D : Arcade Stage 2 to Naomi 2 GD-Rom hardware and added a screenshot.
  • Added screenshot's (finally) to Dynamite Cop on Model 2C CRX Hardware thanks to Wolfgang.
  • Added a screenshot to Sukeban Jansi Ryuko thanks to Adol.

    Atari Bits
    All these are thanks to Stefan Jokisch and the additions he made recently in MAME for the older Atari games.
  • Moved Poolshark, Smokey Joe, Monte Carlo to the 6800 Based Hardware page.
  • Moved Sky Raider, Super Breakout to 6502 Black and White Based Hardware as they used coloured overlays.
  • Moved Crowns Golf, Dunk Shot, Knuckle Bash and TX-1 from Unique hardware to Licensed hardware.
  • Triple Hunt Single removed, it was just a cabinet revision.
  • Added information about Tournament Table to the Unique Hardware page, it runs on enhanced VCS 2600 hardware.
  • Added better screenshot's for Poolshark, Fire Truck, Smokey Joe, Orbit, Drag Race, Sky Diver, Monte Carlo, Destroyer and Triple Hunt from MAME to the 6800 Based Hardware page.
  • Added better shot of Super Bug to the 6800 Based Hardware page.
  • Added better screenshot's for Night Driver, Flyball, Ultra Tank and Starship 1 from MAME to the 6502 Black and White Based Hardware page.
  • Added Mazer Blazer to Licensed hardware, thanks to Ian.

    Konami Bits
  • Added loads of information and some pictures to the Viper Hardware page, thanks to Shambles.
  • Added System picture and Hyper Athlete screenshot's to the GV System page thanks to Wolfgang.
  • Added some better screenshot's for World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Style on Pyson Hardware.
  • Added Beatmania II DX 8th Style cabinet picture to the Bemani Hardware section.
  • Added Satellite Hardware page, and added Monster Gate 1,2,3, Warring States & Mahjong Fight Club and some pictures.
  • Added World Combat (looks, and by all accounts IS awesome), Dogstation and Dogstation Deluxe to Unknown Hardware page, although I expect its Viper Hardware.

    Namco Bits
  • Added Dragon Chronicles to the System 246 hardware page.
  • Added Space War : Chocolate Vader Contactee to the System 10 page. Silly arcade trivia, this is the first game namco has ever made with the word "Space" in the title, which considering the other companies named nearly every other game "Space Something" in the 70's and 80's is pretty amazing :)
  • Added Kuru Kuru Fruit to the System 10 page.
  • Added Air Combat Deluxe Cabinet picture to the System 21 page, thanks to Tomas.
  • Added the old name 'Polygonizer' to the System 21 page, thanks to Kevin.

    Taito Bits
  • Moved XII-STAG from Unknown to G-Net hardware and added the flyers for it, thanks to Joerg.
  • Moved Wiz from Unknown hardware to Licensed Hardware (its a Seibu Game), thanks Haze.
  • Moved Flipnull from unknown to L System as its a clone of Plotting, thanks Haze.
  • Added screenshots for NY Captor thanks to Dox.

    Off Topic Stuff
  • I played the Unreal Tournament 2003 and No One Lives forever 2 PC demos the other day, and well, its typical, they're like buses, you wait for ages for a good first person shooter to turn up, then 2 turn up at the same time! Both highly recommended :)
  • Becky bought me a Gamecube the other day, so I've been playing Super Monkey Ball loads, its great but frustrating to the point of wanting to throw your controller through the screen, and Rogue Leader r0x :)


    Toby... (Free time, sheesh, who'd a thunk?...)

13.9.2002 - The "Blimey, free time!" update.

  • EEK! Blimey, my first real update in nearly 3 months and I do it on Friday the 13th, I'm just waiting for the server to crash and catch fire now or something :)
  • I've added an Appendix page to the site, it covers a lot of the terms used in arcade, hardware and emulation circles. There's a fair amount relating to 3D systems as these tend to be the ones that have the most outrageous terms and are most confusing, but there are also explanations for all of the older and common phrases as well.
    If you can think of anything I've forgotten in it or have a better explanation for something then let me know, but remember to try and keep it simple as the whole idea of the page is that people will actually understand what these terms actually mean!
  • I've also tried to update the Thanks section as well, full of people who have made this site possible and have helped along the way, so don't forget to let me know if I've forgotten you!
  • This is an almost total clearout of what I had lying about on my hard-drive waiting to be put up, I have left some stuff out though due to wanting to actually upload it this decade ;)

    Sega Bits
  • Added System X Hardware page. This is a new joint venture between Sammy (Guilty Gear X etc..) and Sega, no information as of yet, as not much is known yet apart from that it's in pre-production and it's a Sony Playstation 2 based hardware platform.
  • Added a Satellite Terminal Hardware page, moved Derby Owners Club from unknown hardware to it, moved World Club Champion Football Series A 2001-2002 from future games to it and moved Derby Owners Club from Naomi to it.
  • Added Sega Netmerc / Tec-War to Model 1 hardware.
  • Added System 16 Jamma Adaptor to the unique hardware page, thank to Quoth09.
  • Added a screenshot and cabinet shots of Car Hunt, one of the more rare Sega games, thanks to Adam Rundell for the photos.
  • Added screenshots for Robo Wres 2001 on the System 2 page.
  • Added screenshots for Subroc-3D on the unique hardware page.
  • Added screenshots for Jumbo Ozaki Super Masters on the System 24 page, also changed the name slightly so its correct (took out the "'s" and "golf"), thanks to Philip Bennett.
  • Renamed Find Love to Zenkoku Seifuku Bishojo Grand-Prix : Find Love (great name) on STV Hardware and added some screenshots, thanks to RevQuixo.
  • Added Alpha Fighter to Vic Dual Hardware (thanks Avedis), also added some brief information about the Dual cabinet.
  • Added some hardware information on Champion Boxing on old Z80 hardware and added a PCB picture, thanks to Dox.
  • Renamed the old System X and System Y names to their correct names X Board and Y Board hardware, I needed to brush up on my Katakana ;)
  • Renamed XBox hardware Chihiro Hardware, as this is its proper name.
  • Added Virtua Cop 3 and some nice screenshots for House Of The Dead 3 to Chihiro hardware.
  • Added Virtua Striker 2002 and screenshots to the Sega Triforce page thanks to Jorge Silva.
  • Added Initial D : Arcade Stage 2 to future games, also on the subject of Initial D, there is going to be an english language version of the original story based driving game released.
  • Added the hack Sega Rally Pro Drivin to the Model 2A Hardware page, some more information about this would be nice.
  • Moved Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution from future to Naomi 2 Hardware.
  • Added a couple more screenshots for F-Zero AC on Triforce Hardware page, thanks to Magic Box.
  • Added Fantasy Zone 2 on Megetech Hardware, thanks to Mark Friz.
  • Added some new screenshots to Cool Riders on unique hardware.
  • Moved Ace Attacker from System 18 hardware to System 16B hardware after Thierry (Hiya!) dusted off some of his old boards.
  • Sorted out Spatter / Sanrin Sanchan / Tricycle San in the System 1 page, merged them all into one and moved Sanrin Sanchan from unknown, thanks to Dreamal from reminding me.
  • Moved Burokushiido from unknown to System 18 and merged with Bloxeed, thanks to Jon.
  • Moved Astro Fighter (thanks Avedis) and Equites from unique hardware to licensed hardware.
  • Added some bios information to some of the games on the STV page, some games will work with the USA STV, and some with the Japan STV, and some on both, I've made a note on the games where I know what they work on, thanks to Mark for all the information.
  • Gone through the Model 1, Model 2 and Model 3 hardware pages, adding stuff and correcting stuff, I've known most of this for ages but for some reason failed to update the page with it every time I've done an update.
  • Added a thank-you note in the Apollo 13 prototype and Goldeneye Prototype pinball sections to Federico Croci from, a nice Pinball based site.
    In future if anyone sends in information in to me that you have found on someone else's site, can you please tell me where you got it from so I can give everyone involved credit, as otherwise there can be "misunderstandings" ;)
  • Added Waku Waku Sonikku Patokaa and Sega Sonic Cosmo Fighter Galaxy Patrol and cabinet shots to the Unknown section, thanks to Jesus.

    Atari Bits
  • Added screenshots for Danger Express and Primal Rage 2 to the Atari Prototypes - 90's page, thanks to Derek for the photos and the info.
  • Added PCB crate picture for the 3DFX hardware, thanks to Alex, must sort out this section more sometime...
  • Added Hard Drivin' Panoramic to the Hard Drivin hardware page, and some information about it, thanks to Kevin.
  • Confirmed that the Atari pinballs used 6800's, thanks to Rodger.
  • Changed the resolution for System 1 from 640x480 to 336x240, thanks to Mike.
  • Updated the Atari Manual Page, thanks to Kevin Eshbach.
  • Deleted Aztarac and Mad Planets from unknown hardware, as they are not Atari games, thanks to Tom, Bryan and Rodger.

    Konami Bits
  • Added Pyson Hardware section and added World Soccer Winning Eleven Arcade Game Style to it, thanks to Magic Box.
  • Added Konami GQ Hardware section and moved Crypt Killers to it.
  • Added Hawaiian De Golf (previously known as Mocap Golf), Mahjong Fight Club and Nice Smash to Unknown Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Escape Kids on X-Men hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Lethal Enforcers 2 on Konami GX hardware.
  • Added a marquee and screenshot for Konamis Open Golf Championships to Konami GX hardware.
  • Added Hell Night and a CD picture to M2 hardware, thanks to Shambles.
  • Added Sogeki, the Japanese name for Silent Scope EX, and also some small info to the Viper hardware page, thanks to Shambles.
  • Moved Silent Scope and Silent Scope 2 to Hornet hardware and added some system details.
  • GTI Club 2 / GTI Club Corso Italiano / Driving Party all merged and moved from unknown into the Unknown PPC based section.
  • Skiers High and Jet Surfer/Wave Shark moved from Unknown to Unknown PPC based section.
  • Added Dancing Stage Euromix 2 to the Bemani Hardware section.
  • Added Beatmania II DX 8th Style to the Bemani Hardware section.
  • Added lots of nice cabinet pictures to the Bemani section, pictures added for Beatmania 6th mix, Beatmania 7th mix, Beatmania Core Remix, Beatmania Club Mix, Beatmania III, Beatmania III Append Core Remix, DDR 4th Mix, DDR 4th Mix Solo, DDR 5th Mix, DDR 6th Mix / DDR Max, DDR 7th Mix / DDR Max II, Dance Maniax 2nd Mix, Drum Mania 2nd Mix, Drum Mania 3rd Mix, , Drum Mania 4th Mix, Drum Mania 5th Mix, Drum Mania 6th Mix, Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix, Guitar Freaks 4th Mix, Guitar Freaks 5th Mix, Guitar Freaks 6th Mix, Guitar Freaks 7th Mix, Keyboard Mania 2nd Mix, Keyboard Mania 3rd Mix, Mambo-a-gogo, Martial Beat, ParaParaParadise, ParaParaParadise 2nd Mix, Pop'n'Music 4, Pop'n'Music 7, Pop'n'Music Animelo, Pop'n'Music Mickey Tunes and Pop'n'Stage EX.
  • Added Pool Pocket Fortunes screenshots and a new cabinet shot to PSX2 based hardware.
  • Added cabinet shots for Gun Mania on Unknown Hardware.

    Namco Bits
  • Added Time Crisis III to the System 246 page, no screenshots yet, due for release sometime late this year/early next year...
  • Added Wangan Midnight R to the System 246 page, no screenshots yet.
  • Added Alpine Racer 3 and some screenshots to the System 246 page, in case your wondering how I missed it, this came out earlier this year but bombed even in Japan, hence me missing it, its not going to get a release outside Japan, and is now "Straight to console".
  • Added a montage of Starblade cabinets on System 21 thanks to Tomas Dahlgren.
  • Added some information about Drivers Eyes to the System 21 page, thanks to Kevin.
  • Added some J-League Soccer V-Shoot screenshots to the NB1 Hardware page.
  • Moved Point Blank 3 from unknown to the System 10 page, thanks to Shambles.
  • Moved Quest of Pistol Daimyo to System 1 Hardware from unknown hardware, clone of Pistol Daimyo no Bouken.
  • Added lots more technical information and pcb pictures to System 22 and Super System 22 thanks to Phil Strofflino.
  • Added some Rave Racer and Ridge Racer 2 screens to System 22 thanks to Viva Nonno.
  • Added Dragon Chronicles, the sequel to Dragon Buster / Dragon Valor, to Future games.
  • Deleted Ray Blurring Sir on System 22 hardware, as it's a mistranslation of Rave Racer.
  • By the way, last time about the Rhino gaming naming weirdness, Stiletto also mentioned it to me as well, so I thought I'd mention him here, otherwise he'll only moan he's unappreciated or something ;)

    Taito Bits
  • Added System 246 page and added new game Battle Gear 3 to it, thanks to Brian Faber.
  • Added Naomi Hardware page and added new game Pochinya to it.
  • Added new Shooter XII-STAG to the Unknown Post 1990 Hardware section.
  • Added some screenshots for Victorious Nine on Unknown Pre 1990 Hardware section.

    Other Stuff
  • I'd like to say a huge thanks to all those people who sent in congratulations for Jack, we appreciated every last email and I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to answer all of them, being a little bit busy!. He's doing very well, lots of smiling and laughing and generally making it impossible to be angry with him, even when he wakes me up at 4 in the morning :)
  • The AOU arcade show is at the end of this month so expect some interesting things to appear around then, there are rumors that Sega are going to be showing Outrun 2, House Of The Dead 3 and Virtua Cop 3, and Namco are going to take Time Crisis 3, all of which I have big hopes for :)


    Toby... (Free time, sheesh, who'd a thunk?...)

10.8.2002 - Brief Namco stuff...

  • Right, real brief update just to sort out a couple of things, I've just got in from work at midnight so it's pretty brief ;)

    Namco Bits
  • Moved Ace Driver : Victory Lap from Super System 22 to System 22 page after having a look at the PCB, its a straight rom upgrade for the Victory Lap cabinet, thanks to Guru for the info.
  • Deleted Rhinoceros bar command (Cyber Commando) from System 22 Hardware and Rhinoceros berth lead-lead (Cyber Sled) from System 21 Hardware, thanks to Gridle for figuring out that Rhinoceros *** is a mistranslation of Cyber :)

    Other Stuff
  • There should be a proper update soon, I literally have had no time at all in the past month (see post below, everything going great btw :)


    Toby... (Going to bed, ZZZzzz...)

4.7.2002 - Jack...

  • Jack, Born 4th July '02 @ 09:15am, 9lb 6oz (4230g), Mum and baby both well...


    Toby... (Happy as a Dad can be...)

26.6.2002 - The Catching Up-date...

  • It's been ages since the last proper site update, I've been pretty busy with real life recently and I've only been working on the site in fits and spurts for the past couple of months or so, and every time I thought I was about finished I found something else to add, so its taken a while...
  • Spent a fair bit of time on my favourite part of the site, the Sega section, especially with the older stuff as I seem to have neglected it recently. It's now much more up to scratch and filling out nicely. I should also have some neat new stuff in the future for the Sega section as well, so stay tuned!
  • Theres some stuff I've left out this time, mainly due to wanting to actually upload the page sometime this year and before it gets too out of hand and the front page gets too large ;)

    Sega Bits
  • Added Xbox Arcade hardware page, Added Virtua Fighter 4.1 and moved House of the Dead 3 and Outrun 2 from the future page to it, and added some more screenshots for House Of The Dead 3, which has had the cell shaded cartoon type graphics dropped recently in favour of the more traditional look.
  • Added a Naomi 2 GD-ROM page, added the GD-ROM version of Virtua Striker 3 to it, and moved Guilty Gear XX : The Midnight Carnival, Initial D : Arcade Stage and Beach Spikers to it.
  • Added a Sega Licensed Game page, and added Atari Basketball, Warlords, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Asteroids, Starhawk, Sundance, Tailgunner, Armour Attack, Targ, Fire One, Tapper and Timber, which were all distributed/manufactured in Japan by Sega.
  • Overhaul of the Discrete Hardware page, added 3 Way Block, Break Open, Castling, Cosmic War, Space Ship, Space Fighter, Senkan Yamato, Super Break Open and Triple Attack, added some more pictures and information on Bullet Mark, Goal Kick, Hockey TV, Mini Hockey, Road Race, World Cup, Table Hockey and Tracer.
  • Changed the name of Afterburner Hardware to its correct name, System X Hardware.
  • Changed the name of Galaxy Force Based Hardware to its correct name, System Y Hardware.
  • Added some new information about the Sega Triforce Hardware (Gamecube based arcade system). It's now known it is around twice as powerfull as the home system, and it looks like its going to be THE arcade system of the future, gaining support not just from Sega and Namco, but interest in developing games on it from Capcom and Konami as well. Also added the triforce logo and some shots for F-Zero AC to the page.
  • Added Ikaruga, The Maze of the Kings, Shakka to Tambourine 2001 and Shakka to Tambourine 2001 Power Up! to the Naomi GD-ROM page.
  • Moved Shakka to Tambourine, Spikers Battle, La keyboard, Lupin : The Typing and Alienfront Online from various places to the Naomi GD-ROM page.
  • Added Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution and a better screenshot for Shootout Pool to the Future page.
  • Added Border Down by Grev to the Future page, made by the people who brought you G-Darius and Rayforce, thanks to Logomancer and Sarah Harato.
  • Added J League Football, a clone of Super Visual Football, to the System 32 page.
  • Moved Sega Driving Simulator and Soul Surfer from the future section to the Naomi 2 section, also added some more screenshots and cabinet pictures of soul surfer.
  • Added the unofficial hacks Daytona USA : Turbo and Daytona USA : To The Maxx to the Model 2 section.
  • Added Fantasy Zone 2 and Enduro Racer to the Megatech section, thanks to J Thomas.
  • Added some more information on the R360, thanks to Kevin.
  • Moved Albegas / Cybernaut from prototypes to Laserdisk section as it belongs there, added some pictures of it as well thanks to the Dragons Lair Project.
  • Added Penta, a clone of Pengo, to Z80 Hardware page.
  • Added pictures for N-Sub and Motocross to the Unknown Page.
  • Fixed the broken pictures for Ski Champ and Scud Race, thanks to Sarah Harato for the heads up.
  • Sorted out Z80 Hardware page, added some more hardware specs, mainly thanks to MAME.
  • Moved Car Hunt and Dual from Unknown Hardware to Vic Dual hardware page.
  • Moved Fortress from Unknown Hardware to Discrete hardware Page.
  • Deleted Cart'N'Gun, a mistaken twin entry of Cartoon Gun.
  • Updated at least 48 new flyer links, thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Atari Bits
  • Added Crime Patrol and some screenshots to The Last Bounty Hunter and Crime Patrol 2 in the Laserdisk section, thanks to the Dragons Lair Project.
  • Added a picture of probably the only San Francisco Rush 2049 TE cabinet to the 3DFX page, thanks to Aaron Hightower, chief programmer of the game :)
  • Added a small piece of information about the Roadrunner prototypes.
  • Changed Quantum to state its a 68000, not a 6502 game, oops, thanks Oliver.
  • Updated at least 22 new flyer links, thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Konami Bits
  • Added PCB shots of Xexex to the Xexex Hardware page and Thundercross 2 to the TMNT Hardware page thanks to Vincent.
  • Updated the Bemani section with some new information, did some housekeeping, deleted DDR Solo mix as this doesnt exist, added Beatmania 7th Mix, Beatmania : The Final, Beatmania III Append 7th Mix, Dance Dance Revolution 1.5, Dance Dance Revolution (USA Ver), Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (Asian Ver.), Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Korea, Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Korea v2, Dance Dance Revolution Club Version, DanceManiaX 2nd Mix - JPARADISE and Pop N Music 8, changed a few names to their correct ones and just cleaned up a bit, many thanks to Brandon Marks and Taiki for some of the information.
  • Moved Deadeye to M2 hardware, thanks to Mark Fritz.
  • Added Kyuukoukabakugeki / Dive Bomber, a cool looking shooter, to the unknown hardware section.
  • Added Gun Mania and Gun Mania Zone Plus to the unknown hardware section.
  • Updated at least 30 new flyer links, thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Namco Bits
  • Added Starfox to the Namco Triforce Hardware page, already covered the rest in Sega bits above.
  • Added X-Day 2 and pictures to the NA2 page, thanks to Brian A Troha.
  • Added Fighter & Attacker (clone of F/A) and pictures to the NA1 page, thanks to Brian A Troha.
  • Added Boxy Boy (clone of Souko Ban Deluxe) and pictures to the System 1 page, thanks to Brian A Troha.
  • Added some pictures for Tekken, Tekken 2 and Dunk Mania to the System 11 page, thanks to the ZiNc emulator.
  • Moved Mach Breakers to the NB2 page, thanks to Brian A Troha and Phil Strofflino.
  • Moved Mazan : Flash of the blade to the Naomi Hardware page.
  • Added Assault Plus title screen to the System 2 page, thanks to Brian A Troha.
  • Added Street Viper screenshots to the Laserdisk section, thanks to the Dragons Lair Project.
  • Added some screenshots for Classic Reunion on System 10 hardware.
  • Fixed the pictures for Gunmen Wars. Thanks, once again, go to Sarah Harato for the heads up.
  • Added some information on Starblade on System 21, thanks to Tomas Dahlgren.
  • Moved Starblade : Operation Blue Planet, Soul Caliber 2 and Gun Survivor 3 : Dino Crisis to the System 246 hardware page.
  • Added Powerfull Baseball 2002 to the Future page.
  • Updated at least 23 new flyer links, thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Taito Bits
  • Added Buggy Challenge Hardware page, added Metal Soldier Isaac, Metal Soldier Isaac II and moved Buggy Challenge to it.
  • Renamed Zaraon to Zarzon and added pictures for Super Speed Race Jr, Moon Shuttle, Super Dead Heat, Speed Race DX, Space Cruiser, Tri Attacker to the Unknown Pre 1990 hardware page.
  • Moved Operation Tiger from Unknown to G-NET hardware and added some better screenshots, thanks to Sarah Harato.
  • Added Attack UFO cabinet shot and information, thanks to John Sugg.
  • Added Demons World / Horror Story to the Toaplan hardware section, thanks to wwtk.
  • Added a cabinet picture of Dangerous Curves to the Unknown Post 1990 Hardware page, thanks to Hardhamm.
  • Added Cosmopolis and Seafly to the Pre 1990 Unknown Hardware page.
  • Added Change Lanes to the Z80 Hardware section.
  • Added Birdie King 3 to the Tiger Heli Hardware section.
  • Added Big Event Golf to the NY Captor Hardware section.
  • Updated at least 33 new flyer links, thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Other Stuff
  • Added a new Jamma pinout diagram and ditched the old one (as it was pretty ropey), many thanks to Tomas Dahlgren for putting the new one together.
  • Updated the Link Page, couple of nice new additions to the museum section and updated some expired links.
  • I can't say thank you enough for all the positive emails I get back from people, I always enjoy reading them and if I don't get back to you I'm truly sorry, It's not that I'm ungrateful, as I can assure you I'm always grateful for any (positive) mails I get, it's just that I don't have the time to answer them all, having a real life/job/wife and stuff, but I do try when I get some free time!
  • This may or may not be the last update for a small while, not that I'm the most regular updater or anything, but well, this time I'll actually have an excuse rather than the normal "I'm lazy" one ;) more news as and when...


    Toby... (Onwards to the undiscovered country...)

22.5.2002 - Sega WIP again...

  • Another small update this time, still very busy with "Real Life"?lately, but have come across some great information that I'll be updating the site with in time, lots of cool new stuff and lots more information on various things Sega ;)
  • Anyway, go ahead and check out Here for the latest goings on in the Sega MAME driver...
  • As a side note, as a drive to help with the cost of running the server this site sits on (it isn't cheap) and in an effort to try and kill some of the god-awful popups that seem to appear, my web host (who hosts me for free), ZT Net, has set up an online store Here that is at the moment just selling Hanaho Hotrod arcade joysticks ($199, I've got one, and its great ;), but hopefully in the future start to sell other arcade and game related items as well, if you're in the market for a hotrod, you can get it from here and give the site a small boost in the process :)


    Toby... (Outrunning all the way...)

8.5.2002 - Sega MAME driver...

  • Just a small update this time, I've been busy with "Real Life"?lately.
  • I got fed up with answering all the "whens the Sega driver for mame going to be finished" questions, and have decided, with OG's blessing, to put up a WIP of the current state of the drivers as they stand, a snapshot of the driver in progress if you like...Enjoy the piccys ;).
  • Its all coming along very well, with some fantastic additions and improvements, but as always happens, you fix one thing and another blows up in your face, its a loooong process, but its looking good so far :)


    Toby...(rotating strike fighter am yummy...)

29.3.2002 - Hardcore Taito and arcade lovin' baby, yeah!

  • Well, the first big addition of 2002! I wasn't going to add any more sections for some time (if ever) but after speaking to Warlock from Emustatus a month or two ago it was clear that he didn't have the time to continue looking after the Taito Project anymore due to him having just so much work at University. I thought it would have been a real shame for the work he started not to be carried on as Taito are one of the most important pioneers of arcade games, bringing the arcade business a slew of all time classic games.
  • So with this in mind and after talking to Warlock he agreed that it was a good idea that I take over the Taito project and move it to System 16, so with his blessing I present you with the newest addition to System 16...The Taito Museum!
  • I've gone through my entire email and pending directory and I've added everything that I have on my computer, if you sent something in and I haven't updated, first check the relevant section as I may have updated it but forgot to mention it on the main page, but if its not there then I either didn't get it or I've lost it somewhere. So if possible send it again, I've had a fair amount to do this update so I may well have left something out. Remember, I'm always happy to receive any stuff that I haven't got!
  • A huge thanks to Mitaine who has contributed a massive amount of time and effort by going through his old game magazines from when they reviewed arcade games, scanning them, then sending me over 500 megs of scans!. There are loads of great pictures in them and I've filled in a lot of holes all over the place, this is probably the single biggest contribution to the site I've ever had, thanks again!

    Sega Bits
  • Added a Sega Triforce Hardware page, the Nintendo Gamecube based arcade system, and added one of its first games, F Zero AC.
  • Added a R360 page by moving it from the unique cabinets section to its own page, and added a video of it in action :)
  • Added Guilty Gear XX, The Maze Of The Kings, Soul Surfer, Shootout Pool and Lupin the Typing to the Future page.
  • Added some updated shots (at last) from Modeler to the System 32 and Multi System 32 page thanks to R Belmont, Farfetch'd and Olivier Galibert.
  • Added some screenshots for Ufo Senshi Youko Chan on System 2 hardware, which I've been looking forever for, so I'm happy about that :)
  • Added new shots to Buck Rogers and the Planet of Zoom thanks to the emulation in MAME by Aaron Giles.
  • Added new shots to Angel Kids thanks to the emulation in MAME by David Haywood.
  • Moved Sky Target to Model 2A, copied Dead Or Alive to 2A as its available on both 2A and 2B.
  • Added California Games to Mega Tech section.
  • Moved Virtua Athlete from Future to GD-Rom page as its now been released.
  • Added some cabinet shots to the main pages to games that have good cabinets.
  • Added Satourne to the Sega Emulators page, I forgot about this nice little emulator, a little slow at the moment but looking fantastic, thanks to everyone who emailed (lots of you) but special thanks to Ben-J from Satourne's homepage Consollection :)
  • Added cabinet shots for Pong Tron, Pong Tron 2 and Secret Base in the Discrete Hardware section.
  • Updated and Synchronized about 30 new Sega flyers with The Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Atari Bits
  • Added lots more information to the hardware descriptions to a few sections as these were only partially completed, thanks to Aaron Giles...
  • Added hardware specs for CoJag system, and quiet a few new screenshots and pcb pictures ;)
  • Added Atari Test Hardware section with pictures and flyers of the Catbox and Pat 9000.
  • Added some pcb and cabinet pictures to Beavis and Butthead, Arrk Arrh, Bradley Trainer, Lunar Battle, Alpha One, Beathead and Marble Madness 2 in the 80's and 90's prototype pages, mainly thanks to Scott.
  • Added cabinet shots for Dragons Lair and Firefox to the Laserdisk Section.
  • Merged the Namco Hardware and Gaelco Hardware pages into Licensed Hardware page, this make more sense to keep them all in one place, moved World Rally from unique hardware to Licensed Hardware, and added some PCB shots for Surf Planet.
  • Moved Gumball Rally from Unknown hardware to Redemption Hardware.
  • Added some TV spots for Area 51 Site 4, Dig Dug, Gravitar, Primal Rage and Space Duel.
  • Added some more pictures, information and footage to the Tenth Degree page, thanks to Jacob.
  • Added Atari staff page (by no means complete) thanks to Aaron Giles.
  • Updated and Synchronized about 20 new Atari flyers with The Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Konami Bits
  • Added a PSX2 Based Hardware page, with Perfect Pool and Pool Pocket Fortunes.
  • Added a Bubble System Hardware page, with Gradius, the only game to ever use it.
  • Added Beatmania IIDX 7th Style, Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix / DDRMAX 2, Drummania 6th Mix, Guitar Freaks 7th Mix and Martial Beat to the Bemani Section.
  • Added pictures of Racing Jam, Fighting Bujitsu, Mystic Warriors, Operation Thunder Hurricane, Terraburst, Winding Heat, Solar Assault, Slam Dunk, Slam Dunk 2, Skiers High, Roadrage, Battle Tryst, Polystars, Hang Pilot, GTI Club, and Racing Force, all thanks to Mitaine.
  • Added PCB pictures for Cobra Hardware, M2 Hardware, System 573, Chequered Flag Hardware,
  • Added PCB and screenshot pictures for Racing Jam and Racing Jam 2 on NWK-TR Hardware.
  • Added pictures for Ultraman and added Ultraman Club to Chequered Flag hardware thanks to Joachim.
  • Added pictures for Dragon Ball Z on Xexex Hardware.
  • Added title shot for Kontra, the Japanese version of Contra/Gryzor on Contra hardware.
  • Added some tech info the the PPC section, thanks to Guru and Anatoly.
  • Added PCB and screenshot pictures for Daisu Kiss, Crazy Cross 2, Slam Dunk 2/Run & Gun 2, Tokimeki Memorial Tell Me Your Heart, Rushing Heroes, Taisen Tokkae-dama and Winning Spike on GX hardware, thanks to R Belmont and Joachim.
  • Added new screenshots for Bucky O'Hare and Wild West Cowboys Of Moo Mesa on XEXEX Hardware thanks to the new mame driver from R Belmont.
  • Added screenshots to Thrill Drive on NWK-TR hardware.
  • Added screenshots of Tsurugi and Thrill Drive 2 to Viper Hardware section.
  • Added screenshots of Evil Night and Operation Thunder Hurricane to Hornet section.
  • Added screenshots of Hang Pilot to PPC Section.
  • Added screenshots of Kick and Kick, Fishermans Bait Marlin Challenge and a cabinet pic of Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ to System 573 page.
  • Added Ultra Sports and screenshots of Crypt Killers to Unknown section.
  • Added Heat Of Eleven to unknown hardware section thanks to Luciano L?z.
  • Added some PCB shots for Deadeye on unknown hardware.
  • Updated and Synchronized about 30 new Konami flyers with The Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Namco Bits
  • Added a Namco Triforce Hardware page, the new Nintendo Gamecube based arcade system. There are no games announced for it yet so its just the hardware specs and some pictures at the moment.
  • Added pictures of Motocross Go!, Armadillo Racing, Rapid River, Final Lap R, Tokyo Wars, Pocket Racer, Power Goal EX, Dunk Mania, Cyber Sled, Aqua Jet, Alpine Racer 2, Ace Driver Victory lap, Rave Racer, Ridge Racer 2 and Ridge Racer, all thanks to Mitaine.
  • Added Turret Tower to the Special Hardware page, with some good information on it.
  • Added Panikuru, Taiko No Tatsujin / Drum Master, Taiko No Tatsujin 2 / Drum Master 2, Taiko No Tatsujin 3 / Drum Master 3 and Mojipittan to the System 10 page, also added system specs and a cool advertising hoarding for Mr Driller G.
  • Split the System 2 page into System 2 and a System 2 Derivative page, seeing as the hardware was different enough to justify it.
  • Moved J-League Soccer V-Shoot from unknown to NB-1 Hardware.
  • Added some better screenshots to Point Blank and Super World Stadium 95 on NB-1 Hardware, thanks to Brian A Troha.
  • Added better pictures to Outfoxies, thanks to Stroff for the emulation.
  • Added better pictures to Tekken Tag Tournament, thanks to Grey Wolf.
  • Added cabinet shots for Ace Drive Victory Lap to Super System 22 page.
  • Added some really nice artwork for Valkyrie on System 2.
  • Added poster for Galaga '88 and Rolling Thunder.
  • Changed some names, Midnight Bay Racing to Wangan Midnight, Exbania to Exvania on NA1 hardware, thanks to Mark for point it out, oops ;)
  • Updated and Synchronized about 30 new flyers with The Arcade Flyer Archive.

    Taito Bits
  • I'm only mentioning here anything extra that I've added to the Taito Project, to save room more than anything else ;)
  • Added around 150 new games, most including screenshots/cabinets, far too many to mention individually.
  • Replaced a great deal of the screenshots for better ones and added some PCB pictures.
  • Added lots of nice hardware information to all hardware sections, with explanations and details where possible.
  • Added new Hardware Systems, Taito X System, Taito SJ System, Taito JC System, Taito Neogeo Hardware, Toaplan Hardware, Scorpion Hardware and Super D3boS Hardware.
  • Split Unknown Hardware into Pre 1990 Unknown and Post 1990 Unknown to make it easier to deal with, as always, any help will be appreciated ;)
  • Split the Taito Projects old '8 Bit' section into about 16 sections, from 1978 "8080 Hardware" (Space Invaders) to 1987 "New Zealand Story" hardware, check out the Hardware page for details.
  • Added and Synchronized close to 300 new flyers with The Arcade Flyer Archive.
  • This update is obviously only me getting used to Taito, it's by far the biggest single addition I've made, it runs the Sega section a close(ish) second for size and amount of games, and there's lot I still don't know, so any help in the unknown sections or any part is gratefully received.

  • Site Bits and Other Stuff...
  • There's been lots of site work behind the scenes this update, I've deleted the old "A-Z" lists, as they were superfluous to requirements, reorganized the site a little so its (hopefully) easier to navigate, updated most of the hardware pages and reformatted a lot of things so each section across the manufacturers is the same (or close).
  • Changed the "Old News" section to split it into years, as the old complete one was getting enormous and taking an age to load.
  • Change th sit fro .htm t .html whic doesn' d anythin differen, bu wil sto Saraya/Belmon an th othe peopl constantl moanin abou i an askin wha centur I wa livin i ;), happ no?
  • Fixed an Opera bug which meant that the site showed a large white window round the main page, I did this as it's now my browser of choice and it was bugging me.
  • Updated the Complete List of games on System 16, which is now formidably large...
  • I'm know I haven't included everything, and have forgotten to mention something or someone from this update as I've done so much in it. I've been doing work on it on the train/work/home/toilet, on the laptop and on the PC and I've been transferring so much stuff backwards and forwards that I'm bound to have lost track of at least some of what I've done and added, so you'll just have to bear with it or just look through every page or something, and if I didn't give you credit for something you sent in then I'm sorry, there was a lot to do in this update and some things just got lost in the pile, just drop me a line and I'll say thanks in the next update I do ;)
  • That's it, no more, I need a holiday, somewhere hot, with no computers, but maybe an Arcade...;)


    Toby... (Does anyone actually read all this?...)

18.2.2002 - The Million Dollar Update!

  • Just cracked one million visitors! WooHoo! Not bad at all :)
  • Konami's hardware certainly applies to the quote "A riddle wrapped up in an enigma" and until recently had been the source of much debate. In the early to mid 1990's Konami was desperately searching for a way to leapfrog its competitors. Namco had system 11 and system 22 and Sega had the ST-V system along with its model 2.
    While Namco certainly presented a threat, Konami deemed Sega the more likely rival and in 1995 released it's two new systems to go head to head with Sega. The first is an in-house project that is theorized to be the beginning of the Power PC hardware, but to compete with the less expensive systems such as System 11 and ST-V Konami entered an agreement with Sony to produce PSX based hardware which went through a couple of revisions and then became the GV system. This would eventually become System 573 and be Konami's staple diet for their cheaper arcade game hardware through to the present day - Pcb-A-Holic.
  • I had planned to do an ATEI feature earlier in the month, but to be honest I was so dissapointed by the show in general that I couldnt sum up the enthusiasm, but I did go an did take some pictures, so look out for all the new stuff on the next update which should follow soon (well, within the month anyway ;)
  • Now on with the update!

    Sega Bits
  • Added a great marquee picture for Virtual On.
  • Added some more Naomi hardware pictures.
  • Added a picture of the Sonic Championship cabinet.
  • Moved Angel Kids to Z80 Hardware, thanks to Haze for the emulation in MAME ;)
  • Found out that House of the Dead and Virtua Cop 2 both use a special video board that has a gun i/o port.

    Namco Bits
  • Nothing this update.

    Atari Bits
  • Added a page all about "Tenth Degree", an Atari prototype I (Pcb-A-Holic) own, including pictures and some in game footage.
  • Added pictures and the marquee to Surf Planet.

    Konami Bits
  • The unknown Bemani Hardware that Sixtoe spoke of in the last update is probably based on a modified System 573 at it's base. This hardware is most likely used on all Konami bemani games and would explain the great ease with witch these titles are released on the playstation.
  • Added a Power PC hardware page. This is for all of the games that we don't have a specific system for as of yet, but know had a Power PC chip in them. Konami used Power PC hardware as early as 1995, and the first title to use this technology was probably Midnight Run. Examples of other games believed to be Power PC based are: Hang Pilot, Road Rage, Winding Heat, Solar Assault etc.
  • Added a Hornet System page and deleted the 3DFX based system, added Total Vice, The Simpson's Bowling, and Evil Night.
  • Added pictures of Powerful Baseball thanks to Smittdog.
  • Moved Code One Dispatch to Viper Hardware.
  • Added Battle Tryst to M2 Hardware with pictures.
  • Tidied up the Unknown Section by renaming and properly translating names, and added some more pictures here and there.

  • Other Stuff (and now a word from our sponsor)
  • Pcb-A-Holic "Many thanks go out to everyone who helps me achieve the impossible as I dedicate my time and effort to you."
  • Sixtoe "Meeelion!! r0x j00!! Update plse!!"


    Six and Pcb-A-Holic...

1.1.2002 - New Year, Old man...

  • Well, who'd have believed it, as of today I have been running the site for a whole year. A fair amount has changed here in that time...The sites gone through 2 complete design changes, expanded a little, gained a staff member and generally gone on in leaps and bounds. I've enjoyed the past year and all the email (well, most of the email, and when my emails working) I get from people helping out and just chatting, I've met a lot of cool people and had a chance to work with some really top chaps, so all in all its been a great experience.
  • Many thanks go out to everybody who's helped me in the past year, they are mainly covered in the Thanks section, but special thanks go out, in no particular order, to...
    ShinobiZ - For the idea and starting the site.
    R Belmont, Farfetch'd & Olivier Galibert - Moral and Immoral support when needed, thanks guys :)
    Pcb-A-Holic - For his help with information before he came aboard, and for his work since, my right hand man :)
    Becky - My wife, for putting up with it all, much to her general disgust 99% of the time ;)
  • With that said, on with the update!

    Sega Bits
  • Updated the System 24 page with pictures of Hotrod and Tokoro San no MahMahjan 1 & 2 thanks to Olivier Galibert.

    Namco Bits
  • Updated the System 11 page, mainly thanks to the groovy S11emu :)

    Atari Bits
  • Added Gauntlet Dark Legacy screenshots to 3DFX section.

    Konami Bits
  • Finally got around to a total overhaul of the Bemani section and split it Across 4 pages.
  • Added *loads* of games which include ParaParaParadise 2nd Mix, ParaParaParadise DX, Drummania 2nd Mix, Drummania 3rd Mix, Drummania 4th Mix, Drummania 5th Mix, Guitar Freaks 2nd Mix, Guitar Freaks 3rd Mix, Guitar Freaks 4th Mix, Guitar Freaks 6th Mix, Dancing Stage: Dreams Come True, Dancing Stage Featuring True Kiss Destination, Pop N Music, Pop N Music 2, Pop N Music 3, Pop N Music 4, Pop N Music 5, Pop N Music 6, Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix +, Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix, Dance Dance Revolution Link Version, Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 and Dance Dance Solo Bass Mix.
  • Still not a lot known about hardware apart from the fact that some are PSX based, some are CD based and some are DVD based, and nearly all of them use a cartridge to supplement the CD/DVD.
  • Now up to a stunning 80 bemani games...Konami really churned a lot out in the 4 years they've been doing them, for the slow ones out there that's 20 games a year, pretty fair going ;)
  • Many thanks to Amy at Channel Beat for some of the new information and pictures, and Station Taito, a groovy arcade in Japan for some of the pictures. :)
  • Apart from the Bemani frenzy also added 2 more pictures to Konami 80's gallery on System 573 hardware that I had in the directory and forgot to put up, oops...

    Other Stuff
  • Made a new monster htm file with all the games on the whole site in it due to a few requests for it, look out for it on the side bar in the museums section under complete list, its huge, so may take a while to load on slow connections.
  • I'll be shooting off later this month to this years ATEI arcade trade show in London, so look out for some sort of report later on this month into what went on, its always good fun :)
  • For some bizarre reason, must have been bored at the time, I decided to count up the games I had on the site, just for my own curiosity, but I thought I'd put them up here for everyone else...

    Namco - 261 Games
    Atari - 308 Games
    Konami - 468 Games
    Sega - 592 Games

    So, Sega wins by a huge margin! Hurrah! Anyway, this isnt exactly a accurate test, as I`m sure I`m missing loads of games still, but hey, its something to go on about at the end of the update no?


    Six... (Hangover? Me? From new years? Nooooooo...)

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