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31.12.2005 - Never say never again, even when you've said it like, loads of times (AKA; The Devil makes work for idle thumbs...)

28.12.2005 - 'Twas the day a few days after xmas...(or smth)

21.12.2005 - Adverts / Pinouts

15.12.2005 - Childs Play

  • I just wanted to give a shout out to Childs Play, Penny Arcades childrens hospital charity.
    Every christmas for the past few years they buy loads and loads of toys for childrens hospitals so that the kids who are stuck in hospital and have nothing to do can take their minds away to a better place, there are now other hospitals supported in America, as well as in the UK and Canada so if you're in the UK like me you can give something more locally as well and I imagine that next year the list will grow even more.
    I have 2 kids now and have taken them to hospital on occasion, and seen how much it cheers them up when they're having needles jabbed in them, so it strikes pretty close to home. If you have a spare few quid maybe pop along to the amazon wish lists they have a buy a game or book, it's for a great cause,


1.12.2005 - Muaurrghhhhhhh

  • I'm ill, I sorted out this update surrounded by snotty tissues, so I dont have the energy to write anything else, more soon.

    Site Stuff
  • Fixed the index page jump from hardware page, thanks to Roy Bryant.

  • Added Asteroids PCB picture [link]
  • Added Asteroids Deluxe PCB picture [link]
  • Added Area 51:Site 4 Screenshots [link]
  • Added Road Runner master tape pictures, thanks to the Dragons Lair Project [link]
  • Added a fantastic SF Rush Deluxe Cabinet, thanks to Sara [link]

  • Renamed CPS2 "CP System II" [link]
  • Renamed CPS3 "CP System III" [link]
  • Added CP System II Box picture [link]
  • Added Vampire Savior 2 upgrade kit picture [link]
  • Added better JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ingame screenshot thanks to Audiohominis [link]
  • Added better Capcom Vs. SNK : Millennium Fight 2000 Pro screenshots thanks to Audiohominis [link]
  • Added better Capcom Vs. SNK 2 : Millionaire Fighting 2001 screenshots thanks to Audiohominis [link]

  • Added Fishermans Bait 2 to System 573 [link]
  • Added Quiz Magic Acadamy 3 to Unknown Hardware [link]
  • Added Baseball Heroes 2005 to Unknown Hardware [link]
  • Added Toys March 2 screenshots [link]
  • Added DDR, Guitar Freaks screenshots [link]
  • Added DDR Kids cabinet [link]
  • Added Dark Horse Legend screenshots, thanks to R Belmont [link]

  • Added Skins Game Tournament Edition to Atlantis Hardware [link]
  • Added Swingers to Atlantis Hardware [link]
  • Added Arctic Thunder cabinet and Marquee pictures [link]
  • Added Road Runner screenshot [link]
  • Added Cruisin' USA cabinet pictures, thanks to Sara [link]

  • Added Downhill Bikers cabinet picture [link]
  • Added Counter Strike Neo cabinet and screenshots [link]
  • Added Counter Strike Neo White Memories to N2 Hardware (not sure if this is right) [link]
  • Added better Alpine Racer 2 screenshots [link]
  • Added better PCB Picture for System 11 [link]
  • Added Galaxian 3 J2 Attack of Zolgear screenshots [link]

  • Added Tokyo Cop and Gaelco Championship racing cabinets [link]
  • Added China Dragon 2 screenshots [link]
  • Added Spectral Vs Generation single pcb + kit pictures [link]

  • Added STV Video Board PCB picture [link]
  • Added SG1000 PCB picture [link]
  • Added Radilgy to Naomi GD-Rom [link]
  • Added better All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua title screenshot [link]
  • Added better Guilty Gear X title screenshot thanks to Audiohominis [link]
  • Added better Decathlete and Die Hard Arcade title screenshot [link]
  • Added better Hanagumi Taisen Columns : Sakura Wars title screenshot[link]
  • Added better Sando-R: Puzzle & Action title screenshot[link]
  • Added better Soukyugurentai / Terra Diver title shots title screenshot[link]
  • Added better Taisen Tanto-R 'Sasissu!' title screenshot[link]
  • Added better Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle title screenshot[link]
  • Added better The Typing of the Dead title screenshot[link]
  • Added Power Smash 3 cabinet [link]

  • Added Sky Destroyer to Unknown Pre 90's Hardware [link]
  • Added Shikigami No Shiro III screenshots [link]
  • Added better Taisen Hot Gimmick 5 screenshots [link]
  • Added Space Invaders Anniversary screenshots [link]
  • Added better Half Life 2 Survivor screenshots and cabinet pictures [link]
  • Added Trizeal title screenshot [link]



7.10.2005 - Do Not Adjust Your Set...

  • A huge all embracing flag waving thanks Arttu Ylärakkola of for sorting out all of the PHP and database stuff, we got the site converted in under a month which is pretty crazy considering the amount of content, he's a superstar :)
  • Thanks to Brian and Zach from ZTNet for sorting out the bugs/oddities with the server.
  • Thanks and "HI!!!!111onevelen" to all those who showed concern after my L337 site redesign (read "holding page" while I converted the site), it sure beats an "Under Construction" page and does seem to have caused some minor carnage in various places...(for those curious, it was this)
  • I think it's all finished and working, let me know if anything is broken and Ill fix it as soon as possible.
  • Check out the search boxs in the menu, you can type anything in them and it should find it for you!
  • Also, check out the Base Hardware page (from the menu) and it lists thing by what hardware is based on or compatible with (Dreamcast/Playstation/PC etc..) It needs some streamlining, but it's pretty funky as it is at the mo'
  • Right, as far as actual content goes I've updated quite a few bits here and there but I'm listing just the major changes involving serious content changes (new pages/sections etc,)
  • Sorry it's a bit brief, there will probably be a bit more of a protracted front page when it's settled down and any bugs that rear their head have been squished, with that said, on with the newfangled update!
    That and I cant actually remember what I've done as well...

  • Moved all the one off games from Unique Hardware to whatever hardware they're actually on (Namco System 10, Sega System 32 etc.), even if it meant moving it to other museums, it was too messy otherwise.

  • Created Bishi Bashi Hardware page, moved the 2 bishi bashi games to it.
  • Created GTI Club Hardware page and moved GTI Club and Solar Assault to it.

  • Moved all games with known video hardware from the "Other Hardware" to their correct sections, e.g. moved Star Horse from Medal Hardware to Naomi Hardware and moved some of the kiddy rides to C-2 and ST-V hardware. This does actually make sense (to me anyway), after all, they're just cabinets for a very basic kids game ;)
  • Split up the (woefully out of date) Z80 Hardware page;
  • Created Champion Baseball Hardware page.
  • Created SG1000 Hardware page.
  • Created Kyugo Hardware page.
  • Created Gigas Hardware page.
  • Created Space Position Hardware page.
  • Updated Lindbergh Hardware page.

  • Merged the IDYA Hardware page into the Simulator Hardware page.

    Other Bits
  • So there you go, I hope everyone likes it and doesnt notice much of a difference (at least in the negative)
  • Also a shout out goes to Barry Harris, Andrea Sassanelli, Fred Ullmer, Peter Smit, Rune Keller, Andrej Hribernik and John Hughes for all offering their assistance in converting the site, it's very gratifying to have so many experienced people offer their help :)



13.9.2005 - Resistance is futile...

  • *Edit - 14.09.2005* Someone has been kind enough to offer to help update the site! Stay tuned (but dont hold your breath ;)
    BTW, forwarned is forarmed, if you link to stuff on the site, prepare for it to be broken next update...
  • Holy rusted metal batman!, another update!
  • OK, well, I thought I'd get this update in while I can, let me elaborate...
    I've got a new job, yay me! I'm really looking forward to it, it's based locally instead of London and it also means no more shift work and more or less no more night shifts. This means I get to spend more time with my family and have less chance of being blown up, which is always a bonus.
    Which leads me no to my next point...
  • I do all of my site updating off-line on my laptop, generally on the train to and from work (almost 3 hours a day) which has worked for me ever since I've been doing the site (which is coming up for 5 years believe it or not), but as of (more or less) now I have a new job which has finally got me out of London and means next to no traveling.
    I would really like to convert the site to a database driven one now instead of being hard coded in html.
    Before now I put up a fair amount of resistance to change, as I understand HTML to a certain degree, I was relatively happy with the way the site was running and I don't understand PHP or SQL at all.
    Someone did agree to help me to do it before, but I got confused and decided to drop the idea due to lack of understanding on my part, that and I'm a bit of a control freak (I'll admit now that this was not one of my finer moments, really sorry 'Space)
    With this in place I'll be able to update the site from home online a lot more easily (once it's set up that is) and it will also mean that the site is a lot more organised.
    After scratching my head I'm currently not pleased that, for example, the various Naomi/Chihiro etc. pages are split over several different manufacturers, meaning that you have to visit several different pages to get all of the games available on a system, I want them all so that if you select "Naomi" that all Naomi hardware games are listed, or if you select "Naomi" and "Capcom" you will just get the Capcom released Naomi games, if you get my drift.
    So, if anyone can help me out I would really really (really) appreciate it, full credit will of course be given and tasty treats are available, I just don't have the time to learn PHP/SQL myself, it's taken me this long to figure out html ;)
  • Not much for you retro fans this update, as its mainly adding what was recently announced at the JAMMA 2005 show, which was notable for the official announcement of the Sega Lindbergh hardware platform.

    Sega Updates
  • Added a couple of better screenshots of Virtua Fighter 5 and a small update to some details on Lindbergh Hardware.
    BTW, to all the people saying the Virtua Fighter 5 screens are 'renders', they aren't.
    If you think about it logically (which is asking a lot considering all the mindless fevered ranting I've seen on some message boards) all of that top of the line hardware is just being used to draw 2 characters, a floor and nothing else of any consequence. So all of that horsepower is just being used to throw all of its considerable amount of polygons into the characters to make them insanely detailed. Simple.
    Also, to tidy up the loose ends and stem the flow of emails, Outrun Coast to Coast is apparently going to be the home console version of Outrun 2 SP (or similar) and Sega Rally 3 turned into Sega Rally 2006 and is headed for the Playstation 2 early next year (quite why there's not going to be an arcade version is beyond me, it's been ages since a decent offroad racing game came out)
  • Added Sega Golf Club Version 2006 : Next Tours on Chihiro Satellite Hardware.
  • Added Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card Builder to Naomi 2 Satellite Hardware.
  • Added Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 to Chihiro Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Perfect Billiards on Sega Licensed Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to for R360 : G-Loc to the R360 Hardware page.
  • Added screenshot to Air Rescue on System 32 Hardware.

    Atari Updates
  • None

    Capcom Updates
  • Added War of the Grail to System 246 Hardware.
  • Added Donkey Kong Jungle Fever to Unique Hardware.
  • Deleted Street Fighter 4 from the System 246 Hardware page, it's not getting an arcade release (afaik).
    O, and it was *never* going to be on Atomiswave, there was some confusion between this and the cancelled Sammy Vs. Capcom fighter, SF4 would have been as likely as not on System 248/256 if anything.

    Irem Updates
  • None

    Konami Updates
  • Added Toys March 2 to Bemani Unknown Hardware.
  • Added Drum Mania V2 and Guitar Freaks V2 with cabinet and screenshots to Bemani PS2 Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Pop'N Music 13 Carnival on Bemani Viper Hardware.
  • Added Super Bishi Bashi Champ and screenshots to Unique Hardware.
  • Added Scooter Shooter and screenshots to 6809 Hardware.

    Midway Updates
  • None

    Namco Updates
  • Added Chou Dragon ball Z with screenshots to System 246 Hardware.
  • Added Druaga Online : The Story of Aon to Sega Chihiro Hardware.
  • Added Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection to System 258 Hardware.
  • Added N2 Hardware page and moved Counter Strike Neo to it.
  • Added Counter Strike Neo V2 to N2 Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Tenkomori Shooting on System 12 Hardware.

    Taito Updates
  • Renamed Half Life 2 Arcade to Half Life 2 Survivor and added some screenshots on Type X Hardware (although I suspect it's actually on TypeX+ Hardware)
  • Added Datacarddass Dragon Ball Z, Taisen Hot Gimmick 5, Zoids Card Colosseum and Zoids Infinity EX to Type X Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Ring Fighter on Z80 Unique Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Shikigami No Shiro III on Type X Hardware.
  • (Re)Added Space Invaders Anniversary to G-Net Hardware, thanks to Steve Prendergast for sending me in the piccys.
  • Added screenshots to Indian Battle and moved it to 8080 Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Jolly Jogger and moved it to Z80 Unique Hardware.

    Other Updates
  • Added Tetris The Absolute : The Grand Master 2 and Tetris The Absolute : The Grand Master 2 Plus with some screenshots to the Psikyo SH2 Hardware page.
  • Split up the Atomiswave Hardware page into 2 pages as it was getting pretty large (the old single page was 2 meg+)
  • Added screenshots for Metal Slug 6 on Atomiswave Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Hokuto No Ken and Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden on Atomiswave Hardware.

    Other Bits...
  • Been playing Fable recently, and have discovered something about myself...
    It happened with Knights Of The Old Republic, but not this bad, I *really* can't be bad or evil, believe me I tried.
    I stole the little girls teddy bear, stole the kids pocket money, broke things and killed innocent people and felt totally worthless for the next hour, guess some people are inherently good ;)
    Now, where's my damn halo?


    Toby... (Back to real life! r0x0rs!!!11oneeleven)

31.8.2005 - Quick and Dirty Lindbergh update...

  • *edited 01/08/05 - more/better piccys added*
  • Sega have released their Lindbergh specs at last, I have to say that I am disappointed..
    Looks like they've ditched the Power VR series and are now using PC based hardware for their mainstream stuff as well, I can't say that I'm surprised, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
    Also added a system picture, a couple more screenshots and 2 new games to Lindbergh Hardware page as well, Virtua Tennis 3 and Psi Phy (Sci-Fi, geddit? laugh, I nearly bought a round...)

    Thanks to Santeri Saarimaa for some translation, and thanks to Chris, Pelayo Nastaviek and Nomax who pointed me to the Japanese magazine cutting...

9.8.2005 - Crikey, don't faint...

  • Yeah yeah, I know, just shut it you. This is just a small update correcting several small mistakes that were made in the last update, I had a little free time so I thought I'd quickly chuck this up, aren't I good to you?
  • As per several peoples suggestions (thanks, you know who you are) I have created a new rant section on the site. This is where I will be putting any further commentaries in future, and thank you all for the mostly excellent feedback I received about what I wrote in the last update. I have a few more ideas that I've been throwing around for a while, and this is where you will mostly likely find them.
    For the moment it is going to be called "The Rant" as my creative juices are not flowing, I reserve the right to change it when I come up with a better name, but its 4am, so...
  • O, and the CPS3 screenshots from the last update came from a capture card, stop bugging me about them, they're not from an emulator and I don't care that you want to play them, go away.
  • So with that sorted out, on with the update!

    Sega Updates
  • Completely revamped the STV Hardware section and went through it to alter names, entries, bios details and anything else I could find, thanks to Aaron "RevQuixo" Arnold for all his help.
  • Added Senko No Ronde New Version to Naomi GD-Rom Hardware thanks to Romain Durand.
  • Changed date for Under Defeat on Naomi GD-Rom Hardware from 2002 to 2005, me am teh copy/paste king, oops... Thanks to Romain Durand.
  • Added proper PCB picture to the Triforce Hardware page.
  • Added the title screen to F1 Exhaust Note on System 32 Hardware, thanks to David Haywood.
  • Added better system photo to all of the Naomi Hardware and Naomi GD Rom Hardware pages, Guru built this on a piece of board and it contains all the required components to run the Naomi system (including a GD Rom), it's rather neat if you ask me :)
  • Moved screenshots from Quest Of D Ver.2 to Key Of Avalon 2 on Chihiro Satellite Hardware, got them mixed up somehow...
  • Updated screenshots and cabinet picture for Luping The Typing on Naomi GD-Rom Hardware.

    Atari Updates
  • Moved Cannonball from 6502 Black and White Hardware to 6800 Hardware and added some notes, thanks to Brian Deuel.

    Capcom Updates
  • As with the Sega STV page, the Capcom STV Hardware page got a small update, thanks to Aaron "RevQuixo" Arnold.

    Irem Updates
  • Nothing this time...

    Konami Updates
  • Gave most of the Bemani sections a good going over, changed lots of things here and there. The main things are listed below. Many thanks to Cutriss, Baka Orochi, Tomo Kun and RyogAkari from the DDR Freak forums.
  • Added Bemani Playstation 2 Hardware page and added Guitar Freaks V and Drum Mania V to it with cabinet photos.
  • Added Bemani System 573 Solo Hardware page and moved all of the Solo mix's over to it.
  • Added Bemani Viper Hardware section and moved all the later Pop'N Music's to it, also added the new Pop'N Music 13 Carnival to it.
  • Added System 573 Satellite Hardware page.
  • Added Pyson Satellite Hardware page.
    Both of these sections need work, and may contain mistakes and some assumptions on my part, you'll have to bear with me for the time being...
  • Added Paintball Mania with cabinet picture and flyer to Pyson Hardware.
  • Added Bishi Bashi Online with screenshots and cabinet photo to Unknown Hardware.
  • Added small note about the PC based Konami Longhorn Hardware name.
  • Added X-Men 6 Player screenshots to X-Men Hardware.

    Midway Updates
  • Nothing this time...

    Namco Updates
  • Added proper PCB picture to the Triforce Hardware page.
  • Added Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 to the Chihiro Hardware page.
  • Added Tekken 5.1 to System 258 Hardware.

    Taito Updates
  • Added Idya II and photo to the Idya Hardware page, thanks to Sara Zielinski.
  • Moved Fast and the Furious and Target Terror from Type X Hardware to Licensed Hardware, they are both made by "Raw Thrills" and are on proprietary PC hardware, not Type X.
  • Added Net Keys for Battle Gear 4 to Type X+ Hardware.
  • Moved Space Invaders Anniversary / Qix to Unique Hardware, I knew this a while ago but totally forgot to move it, thanks to Kevin Williams for giving me the nudge ;)
  • Moved Spectral Vs. Generation from TypeX Hardware to PGM Hardware (duff information received originally), thanks to Joseph Hampton for correcting it.

    Other Updates
  • Moved Spectral Vs. Generation to PGM Hardware, thanks to Joseph Hampton.
  • Added notes on Super Tank Attack on Microprose Hardware, thanks to Kevin Williams.
  • Deleted DoDonPachi 3 as an alternate name for DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou, as it was never called this.

    Other Bits...
  • Nowt really, too soon after the last update :)


    Toby... (Made in the UK!)

26.7.2005 - Get Ready! Fire! Fire! Fire!

  • Bit of an editorial rant this time, something I'm trying out to see what reaction it provokes, all views expressed are those of, well, mine I suppose, but seeing as it's my website that's probably fair enough.

  • There's a lot going on with the hardware side of the arcade industry at the moment, first of all there's a lot of hardware being retired and replaced this year, Sega's Naomi 1 and 2, Taito's G-Net, Namco's System246, NeoGeo and possibly the Atomiswave are all seeing their last games (although a couple of releases might trickle into next year).

    This means that most of the 3rd party developers are looking elsewhere for platforms to develop on and all of the big boys have got their new and improved hardware either released or on the cards for sometime this year;
    Sega - Have the Lindbergh, their high end Naomi2/Chihiro's replacement, the Aurora, the low end Naomi/Atomiswave's replacement, a Triforce 2 could be on the cards as well.
    Konami - Have the Longhorn, their new PC based hardware system.
    Namco - Have System 258, an enhanced System 246 (much like the System 12 was to the System 11) and the M-2, which is their own PC based hardware.
    Taito - Have the Type X and Type X+, both PC based.

    Most of the 3rd party developers seem to be jumping from format to format at the moment looking for a stable platform that has the potential for having a large installed base (basically looking for the next Naomi), personally I'd say that upcoming Sega Aurora is definitely the one to watch.

    This was originally though to be Taito's TypeX system, although the TypeX has been beset by quite a few problems recently regarding the fact that it seems to suffer the home PC's fate as a system that seems to require constant upgrading to play the latest games (which in my own opinion, and apparently increasingly in the eyes of operators and developers alike, defies the point of having a "System"), the final nail being the announcement of TypeX+, an enhanced version to cope with added effects wanted for Battle Gear 4, even though this was in production before the original TypeX hardware was even announced.

    This has been born out by the initial excitement over the system, the impressive list of developers and a handful of big name games (Raiden, Tetris and Battle Gear) quickly turning into a trickle with developers seeming to have lost interest and no new game releases announced bar yet another 2D Vs. fighter (Spectral Vs Generation) of which the market is totally saturated with at present (the Atomiswave being the main perpetrator with one 2D Vs. fighter released every month for 5 months, the lack of choice for the system is driving operators insane, with the only people benefiting being collectors).

    Talking of the Atomiswave, like the Taito TypeX, the initial slew of announced developers and releases for it seems to have dried up, and the only people developing for the system being Sammy, Dimps (both of who probably won't be making any more games for it, Dimps are Sammy's bedfellows, and Sammy's arcade division is now Sega who are using the Naomi until it's replacement, Aurora, is released, hence the change for hardware for Guilty Gear XX Slash to Naomi) and SNK-Playmore (who have already ditched the much hyped AW-Net online network).

    I have to say that I saw this coming with the merger of Sammy and Sega, the Atomiswave is a substandard system that was in direct competition, intentionally or not, with the already established Naomi, which was more powerful, has an enormous universal cabinet installed operator base and is cheaper to produce software for as everyone already has the tools. Compound this with the lack of developers and the fact that most of SNK Playmore's releases look barely better than their NeoGeo forefathers and you have a system with pretty much nothing going for it apart from a hardcore of fanatical fans inherited from the Neogeo.

  • A few minor things to clear up as well about some Sega rumors.
    - First of all, neither of Sega's new systems are based on the XBox360, apart from Sega's official denial (which isn't always enough, they flatout denied the Hikaru existed and said the games were running on Naomi at the time) there is the fact that developers have only just got hold of the first proper beta XBox360 machines themselves, and as HOTD4 is already on location test its hardly likely to be running on hardware that doesn't actually exist yet, also the fact that both of these machines use the Imagination Technologies Power VR chips to drive the graphics, not ATI Xeno's, compound this even more.
    - Secondly, there's been some talk of HOTD4's graphics and people saying it looked a bit ropey.
    You really shouldnt look at a static screenshot to judge a game nowadays, you probably missed the 200+ independantly animated zombies all reflected in a huge plate glass window running at you more like 28 days later, the fully destructable scenery and the most organic looking boss that rampages through the level destroying the level dripping blood as it chases you. It's far more impressive in motion than the screenshots imply, that and the fact that it's not even finished yet.

  • This update was actually spurned by getting my hands on something that has made me as excitable as a school kid who's drunk 2 cans of Coke and consumed their own bodyweight in chocolate.
    I am of course referring to the somewhat stonking (beware, UK-ism's ahoy!) looking Afterburner 3.
    I have (as you will notice below) some screenshots of the aforementioned game and whilst looking rather funky in their own (albeit small and fuzzy) way I have to say that they give you absolutely no idea how stunningly good this thing actually looks in motion, I can honestly say that I don't remember seeing a game that gives you such a sense of unbridled speed as this one seems to do.
    To say my hopes are high for it could possibly be the understatement of the year, if for some reason the game is pulled for the arcade or suffers some other unfortunate fate then I vow to delete the site, burn my house to the ground and use the insurance money in an effort to hunt down those responsible and effectuate the first true videogame incited act of violence...

  • I had a hard drive crash recently and lost my drive that my local copy of System16 was on, this was no great worry as I had only just updated the site so I re downloaded it and everything was fine, so I'd finished this update, and went to build the new game lists using my little program I have to automatically do it...and it was gone...
    Raw unbridled panic ensued as I turned my desk upside down looking for my backup disk that I had put in a "safe place". I fired emails off everywhere in blind panic sobbing into my mouse mat. Finally I calmed down enough to be rational, I'm not silly enough to not have backups so I sat down with 2 cardboard box's full of CD and DVD cases and went through them all.
    I finally found the DVD backup nestled inside of my Unreal Tournament 2004 case, the obvious place...
    The steam was veritably pouring off me by this point, apologies too all those who I was insufferable around for those 2 days, especially my wife who wouldn't speak to me for a good few hours after I accused her of, shock horror, tidying up.

  • Anyway, enough insanity for this time round, on with the update...

    Sega Updates
  • Added (the long missing) screenshots to Lets Play Othello and Virtual Mahjong on STV Hardware, huge thanks to Aaron "RevQuixo" Arnold.
  • Added Danchi de Quiz: Okusan 4taku Desu yo!, Danchi de Hanafuda: Okusan Komeya Desu yo! and Youen Denshi Mahjong Yuugi Gal Jan to STV Hardware, thanks to Aaron "RevQuixo" Arnold.
  • Added Legend and screenshots to Z80 Hardware thanks to Randy Hoffman.
  • Added Aurora Hardware page with fairly complete specs and details.
  • Renamed Naomi 3 Hardware to Lindbergh Hardware.
  • Added Afterburner 3 and House Of The Dead 4 with screenshots to Lindbergh Hardware.
  • Added Virtua Fighter 5 screenshots to Lindbergh Hardware.
  • Added screenshot and cabinet shot of Combat on Mechanical Hardware, thanks to Stephen Pritchard.
  • Added a proper cabinet picture to Space Harrier.
  • Added title screen to LeMans24 on Model 3 Step 1.5 Hardware thanks to Ville Linde.
  • Added cabinet shot of the bizarre Thunderblade upright motion cabinet on X Board Hardware, thanks to Bloodf for pointing it out, first time I've seen one of these...
  • Added Dragon Treasure III, Guilty Gear XX Slash and Under Defeat to Naomi GD-Rom Hardware.
  • Added MJ3 and Quest Of D Ver.2 to Chihiro Satellite Hardware.
  • Added World Club Champion Football European Clubs 2004-2005 to Naomi 2 Satellite Hardware.
  • Added 119 and screenshots to System 2 Hardware thanks to wtc.
  • Added Star Wars Trilogy title screen on Model 3 Step 2.1 Hardware, thanks to Ville Linde.
  • Added Virtua Striker 4 cabinet and marquee photos to Triforce Hardware, thanks to Jordi Gahan.
  • Moved Slap Shooter to System E Hardware, thanks to Randy Hoffman.
  • Moved Ultimate Othello / Kyuukyoku no Othello to Licensed Hardware, thanks to Randy Hoffman.
  • Added Monster Bash 2 board dip switch settings paper to G80 Raster Hardware, thanks to Simon Hanlon.
  • Added Double Block T3 PCB and Marquee picture to Discrete Hardware, thanks to Olivier Zardini.
  • Moved Tic Tac Quiz to Unique Hardware, thanks to Greg.
  • Deleted Sega Rally 3, it never got an arcade version, just the home version.

    Atari Updates
  • Added better screenshots for Area 15 : Site 4 on Media GX Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots for Cannonball on 6502 Black and White Raster Hardware.

    Capcom Updates
  • Added Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Alliance Vs. Z.A.F.T. to System 246 Hardware page.
  • Added better screenshots for Capcom Vs. Snk and Capcom Vs. SNK 2 to Sega Naomi GD Rom Hardware thanks to Audiohominis.
  • Added better screenshots for Puzzloop 2 to CPS2 Hardware, thanks to Audiohominis.
  • Added better screenshots and alternate title screens for JoJo's Venture, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike on CPS3 Hardware, thanks to Audiohominis.
  • Added Donkey Kong : Jungle Fever and Street Fighter 4 to System 246 Hardware (this is somewhat of a guess, it makes sense and I'm not creating a unknown section for 2 games...)
    Wild stab in the dark says its Capcom's first Bemani style music game based on Donkey Konga on the Gamecube.

    Irem Updates
  • Added screenshot for Huddle Up (prototype) on Unknown Hardware.

    Konami Updates
  • Added Longhorn Hardware page.
  • Added Lethal Enforcers 3 and screenshots to Longhorn Hardware.
  • Added Thrill Drive 3 and screenshots to Viper Hardware page.
  • Added Dancing Stage Fusion, Toys March and Dance 86.4 Funky Radio Station to Unknown Bemani Hardware.
  • Added DDR Euromix 2 screenshots to Bemani System 573 Digital Hardware.
  • Added Beatmania II DX 12 Happy Sky to the Bemani PC Hardware.
  • Added screenshots for Para Para Paradise, Para Para Paradise v1.1, Para Para Paradise 1st Mix Plus, Para Para Paradise 2nd Mix, Pop'N Music 4, Pop'N Music 5, Pop'N Music 6, Pop'N Music 7, Pop'N Music 8, Pop'N Music Animelo, Pop'N Music Animelo 2 and Pop'N Music Mickey Tunes on Bemani Firebeat Hardware.
  • Added screenshots for Pop'n Music 9, Pop'n Music 10, Pop'n Music 11, Pop'n Music 12 to Unknown Bemani Hardware.
  • Added DDR 2nd Mix Link screenshot to Bemani System 573 Analog Hardware, thanks to 'Paranoia290DDR'.

    Midway Updates
  • Added much better PCB photo to Killer Instinct Hardware, thanks to Guru.
  • Added PCB picture to 8080 Hardware (actually moved incorrect picture from Taito 8080 Hardware), thanks to Guru.

    Namco Updates
  • Added screenshots and cabinet shots for Counterstrike Neo on Medium Sized Attractions.
  • Added Cobra : The Arcade to System 246 Hardware with screenshots and cabinet shots.
  • Added screenshots for Soul Calibur 3 on System 258 Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots for Idol Master on Unknown Hardware.

    Taito Updates
  • Added Type X+ Hardware page and moved Battle Gear 4 to it.
  • Added better screenshots of Battle Gear 4 to Type X+ Hardware.
  • Added Spectral Vs Generation with screenshots to Type X Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Spica Adventure and Homura on Type X Hardware.
  • Moved Barricade and Barricade II to 8080 Hardware, thanks to Randy Hoffman.
  • Added Black Beetle to Unknown Pre 90 Hardware, thanks to Randy Hoffman.
  • Added G-Net logo to G-Net Hardware.

    Other Updates
  • Added screenshots to Super Tank Attack on Microprose 3D Hardware.
  • Added Mobile Suit Gundam Final Shooting screenshots to SSV Hardware.
  • Added alternate title screenshots for DoDonpachi II on PGM Hardware, thanks to Audiohominis.
  • Added Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 to SSV Hardware, thanks to Audiohominis.
  • Added PCB Pictures to Incredible Tech 32 Bit Hardware, thanks to Guru.
  • Added Chase 1929, Hokuto No Ken : Fist of the North Star, Horse Racing, Kenju, Rumblefish 2, The King Of Fighters XI, mostly with pictures and some other stuff, renamed and added a couple of notes to a couple of games on Atomiswave Hardware.
  • Added screenshots for Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi Kenkakuden on Atomiswave Hardware thanks to John Weston.
  • Added screenshots for Knights of Valor 3 on Atomiswave Hardware.

    Other Bits...
  • I love my PSP. I only have 3 games for it, Wipeout Pure, Lumines and Ridge Racer but all 3 are so great that I don't care. Wipeout Pure is my personal favorite, with some excellent bonus packs released already adding more courses and ships it keeps the game fresh, not that I've managed to win even one Phantom Class race yet. One thing you can definitely say is that it's hard as nails.
    Also with the burgeoning homebrew scene I get to play out my weird .mod fetish and get to play Sam'n'Max on the train on my way to work, yay me!
  • Don't even bloody start me on violence in videogames, as a parent with 2 kids I can now quite comfortably say that if you bought and let little Billy play Medadeath Killstorm (Rated M) then you deserve it when he hacks you to pieces and burns your remains for not buying him that toy truck.
    O, and by the way, this site has had to be re-rated adults only due to profanity found by h4x0rZ.
  • Some things change your perspective on life.
    Working in central London as I do and it being the largest city in Europe you get used to some things that some people just wouldn't. Overcrowding, dirt, lack of parking spaces, expensive beer, traffic and terrorist attacks.
    Over the years London has had more than its fair share of attacks, being the most obvious target in the UK it tends to feel the brunt of any hard feeling towards our country, so you actually do come to accept that in some way that it's going to happen at some point and you just hope that you're not in the wrong place at the wrong time, otherwise you'd be living your life in constant fear.
    Not a stranger to these attacks I was on London Bridge station (albeit the other end of it) when it was bombed, I was in central London for the Docklands bombing and was at work again in central London during the 2 recent attacks. My office is a fairly short distance from 2 of the explosions and the bus that exploded did so 500 yards from one of my colleagues.
    Normally this sort of thing doesn't affect me but for some reason this did, I think it was a combination of several things, my wife getting the unavailable tone on my mobile and not being able to get hold of me due to the mobile networks being taken down, her fearing the worst and eventually getting through to me in tears, the fact that I now have 2 kids to look after and be responsible for and not just my own skin and just wanting to see them again, that this was our first experience of suicide bombers (which alone is a chilling prospect), that the perpetrators were actually British and that it was just so...random.

    Did I stay at work while it was going on? Yes. Was I bloody terrified? Yes. Did I still go back to work the next day? Yes.

    Don't let the bastards grind you down,


    Toby... (I could actually manage a whole 4 updates this year!)

14.4.2005 - M-M-M-M-MONSTER UPDATE update update!!!!!!!

  • 15.05.05 - Minor update needed, I fixed a few layout issues and corrected a handful of errors.
  • If you saw the under construction page, sorry, I couldn't help myself, I'm so weak...
  • Eight million visitors, crikey, Not too shabby for one man and his hobby site :)
  • Talking of Spring cleaning (as I wasn't) I decided to embark on the once in a while self improvement lesson in html coding that is spring cleaning the site. Due to reasons I'll go into later I had some offline time on my hands, so I've done a brain meltingly large amount of re-writing and cleaning up of the source code which touching practically every file on the site. This makes *my* part of the site more or less html 4.01 transitional compliant (the advert scripts are not compliant, but they're not mine and a necessary evil). This included converting the whole site to use CSS, which now I've learnt what it does and how it works I think is ace (you have to remember I only do this as a hobby, I have a real job so don't have time to keep up to date with web standards ;)
    I want to tell you though that this was not a simple 5 minute job, I've been hacking away at it since the last update in almost all of the free time I've had that's not been spent at work or being assaulted my kids :)
    Considering the godawful state it was in before (looking at the html in the first pages I ever did back in 2000 was shocking) it's amazing that I even stuck it out to the finish before going completely insane, although I did tend to rant uncontrollably at people from time to time...
    Hopefully though you shouldn't actually notice any difference at all...
  • A huge thanks has to go out this update to The Sheep for supplying me with some excellent captures from his Naomi and Naomi GD-Rom systems. Most of the capcom naomi games have the sparkly new screenshots and quite a few sega ones have also had the old blurryvision originals replaced.
    Also thanks to Clawgrip, who sent me loads of little updates here and there.
  • So, on with the update!

    Sega Updates
  • Added some PCB pictures to Hikaru Hardware at last, a huge thanks to Tomas Dahlgren for stripping down his Podracer PCB to take some excellent photos.
  • Added Chihiro Satellite Hardware page and moved MJ2, Quest Of D and Sega Golf Club Network Pro Tour to it, and added Sangokushi Taisen to it.
  • Added better screenshots for Dead Or Alive 2, Dead Or Alive 2 Millennium, Slash Out, Virtua NBA, Virtua Striker 2 Ver 2000, Virtua Tennis/Power Smash, WWF Royal Rumble and Zombie Revenge on Naomi Hardware, thanks to The Sheep.
  • Added better screenshots for Border Down, Sports Jam, Virtua Golf/Dynamic Golf and Virtua Tennis/Power Smash on Naomi GD-Rom Hardware, thanks to The Sheep.
  • Added Appoooh Hardware page and moved Appoooh and Robo Wres 2001 to it, thanks to Pierpaolo Prazzoli.
  • Moved Battle Star from Unknown Hardware to G80 Vector Hardware and added cabinet photo.
  • Moved Le Mans 24 from Model 3 Step 1.0 to Model 3 Step 1.5 and added some nice screenshots to it, thanks to Tomas Dahlgren.
  • Added Gundam Battle Operating System to Chihiro Hardware.
  • Added Virtua Striker 2 Version '98 to Model 3 Step 1.5 Hardware.
  • Added Virtua Striker 2, Virtua Striker 2 Version '99 and Virtua Striker 2 Version '99.1 to Model 3 Step 2.0 Hardware.
  • Added Invaders 2000 to Unknown Hardware, apparently it was a conversion for the Time Traveler hologram cabinet that never got past prototype field testing, thanks to Kristoffer Bjorkman.
  • Added Daytona USA : GTX 2004 Edition to Model 2 Hardware page.
  • Added better screenshots to Crackdown and Gain Ground on System 24 Hardware.
  • Replaced a lot of the old screenshots in the System 16A, System 16B, System 18, X Board and Y Board pages with nice shiny new ones.
  • Added screenshots for Virtual On Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. Ver5.66 to the Naomi Hardware page.
  • Added better screenshots for Alpha Fighter on Vic Dual Hardware, thanks to Steve.
  • Added better screenshots for Astro Flash on System E Hardware and merged Transformer with it, as its the same game.
  • Added better screenshots for Sanrin San Chan - Tricycle San on System 1 Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots for Sukeban Jansi Ryuko on System 16 Type A and Type B Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots for Ufo Senshi Youko Chan on System 2 Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots and cabinet shots for Virtua Formula on Model 1 Hardware.
  • Added Critter Crusher to Carnival Hardware (as a clone of Tatakot) with screenshots and cabinet shots.
  • Added title screen shot to Twin Squash on System C Hardware, thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Changed the hardware description of System 24 Hardware so it's right, thanks to Phil Bennett for reminding me.
  • Added title screenshots to Starwars Arcade, Virtua fighter, Virtua Formula, Virtua Racing and Wing War on Model 1 Hardware.
  • Added title screenshot for Desert Tank on Model 2 Hardware.
  • Added title screenshot for Harley Davidson & L.A.Riders on Model 3 Step 2.0 Hardware.
  • Added Sangokushi Taisen to the Chihiro Hardware page.
  • Added Zoom909 screenshot on VCO Hardware.
  • Added better Calorie vs Moguranian screenshots on Z80 Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Batman Forever on STV Hardware.
  • Added a couple of better screenshots (mainly title screens) to the STV Hardware page, thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Renamed Power Instinct 3:Groove On Fight on STV Hardware to Groove On Fight as per title screen.
  • Added screenshot to Double Block T3 on Discrete Hardware.
  • Moved Super Space Attack from Unknown Hardware to Vic Dual Hardware.
  • Added DJ Boy to Licensed Hardware page.
  • Added Slap Shooter and screenshots to Unknown Hardware.
  • O, and btw, the screenshots for Dark Edge on System 32 Hardware in the last update came from Thomas Lejefjall, thanks very much!

    Atari Updates
  • Added Barrel Pong, Coup Franc, Coupe Davis, Coupe Du Monde and Stock Car on Discrete Hardware.
  • Added loads of cabinet and screenshots to the Discrete Hardware section.
  • Added screenshot for Gotcha on Discrete Hardware, thanks to Simon Claessen.
  • Renamed Indy 400 to Indy 4 on Discrete Hardware, thanks to Greg.

    Capcom Updates
  • Added better screenshots for Cannon Spike/Gun Spike, Capcom vs SNK : Millennium Fight 2000, Gigawing 2, Heavy Metal : Geomatrix, Project Justice, Power Stone and Spawn on Naomi Hardware, thanks to The Sheep.
  • Added a title screenshot for Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper on GD-Rom Hardware, thanks to The Sheep.
  • Added Capcom Fighting Jam and screenshots to System 246 Hardware.
  • Added Pang, Pomping World and Super Pang to Mitchell Hardware, not sure how I missed those!
  • Added Coors Light Bowling to Unique Hardware, its the alternate name for Capcom Bowling.
  • Fixed and added some links here and there (Hi Phill!)

    Irem Updates
  • Added screenshots to Battle Bird and Panther on Unknown Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Lot Lot and Kid Niki to M62 Hardware.

    Konami Updates
  • Added a Bet Hardware page and added Mario Roulette, Slime Kun, Tsurikko Penta and Whoo Yarth Taar to it.
  • Added Poly-Net Warriors and screenshots to Polygonet Hardware.
  • Added Heat Of Eleven '98 to M2 Hardware.
  • Added Percussion Freaks 9th mix and 10th Mix to Bemani System 573 Digital Hardware.
  • Added screenshots for Mambo-A-Gogo and moved it to Bemani System 573 Digital Hardware.
  • Added screenshots for Beatmania 3rd Mix, Beatmania 7th Mix, Beatmania Club Mix, Beatmania : The Final, Pop'N'Music, Pop'N'Music 3 and Pop'N'Stage EX to Bemani DJ-Main Hardware.
  • Added screenshots for DDR 2nd Mix on Bemani System 573 Analog Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots for Ultraman and Ultraman Club to Chequred Flag Based Hardware, thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Moved DDR Solo Bass Mix from Analog to Bemani System 573 Digital Hardware, thanks to R Belmont.
  • Added screenshots for DDR Solo 2000 on Bemani System 573 Analog Hardware.
  • Added more screenshots to Hyper Crash on Nemesis Hardware.
  • Updated the hardware specs on Viper and Twinkle Hardware, thanks to R Belmont.
  • Added better screenshots to Hexion on Z80 Based Hardware, thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Added screenshots to Space King 2 on 8080 Based Hardware, thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Added better screenshots to WEC Le Mans 24 on Dual 68000 Hardware, thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Moved Evil Night from Hornet Hardware to M2 Hardware, as its a clone of Hell Night (or the other way round), but its definitely M2 hardware as I've seen the PCB/CD for it.
  • Added screenshots for Beatmania II DX 8th Style to Bemani Twinkle Hardware.
  • Added screenshots for Para Para Paradise 1st Mix Plus to Bemani Firebeat Hardware.
  • Added a much better PCB and crate photos to Bemani Twinkle Hardware.
  • Added PCB pictures to Bemani Firebeat Hardware and changed hardware comments, looking at the PCB it's definitely not Viper based.
  • Added screenshots and cabinet shots for Mahjong Fight Club 3 on Satellite Terminal Hardware.
  • Added PCB picture of Sub board to M2 Hardware.
  • Moved Ultra Dome from Unknown Hardware to Scramble Hardware.
  • Added Attack Rush as alternate name for Hyper Crash on Bubble System and Nemesis Hardware.
  • Added screenshots for Main Stadium on Unknown Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Dark Horse Legend on System 573 Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Soccer Superstars and Vs. Net Soccer on Konami GX Hardware.

    Midway Updates
  • Added Strikes and Spares as alternate name to 10 Pin Champ and added screenshots to the Astrocade Hardware page.
  • Added Midnight Marauders "Screenshot" to the Electromechanical Hardware page.
  • Added Demons & Dragons and screenshot to Astrocade Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Professor PacMan on Astrocade Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Shrike Avenger on SAC 2 Hardware.

    Namco Updates
  • Added Mechanical Hardware page and added Flick Derby and Zero In to it.
  • Added Mario Kart Arcade GP, cabinet and screenshots to the Triforce Hardware page.
  • Added Taiko No Tatsujin 6/Drum Master 6 and Taiko No Tatsujin 7/Drum Master 7 to the System 10 Hardware page.
  • Updated the system specs for System 23 Hardware and System Super 23 Hardware, thanks to R Belmont and Guru.
  • Added better screenshots to Paca Paca Passion on System 12 Hardware, thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Added Tekken 2, Prime Goal EX and Point Blank 2 screenshots to the System 11 Hardware page.
  • Added better screenshots for Super World Stadium '99 and Libero Grande on the System 12 Hardware page.
  • Added better crate picture for System 23 Hardware.
  • Added Air Combat title screen to System 21 Hardware.
  • Added screenshot to Abnormal Check on Unknown Hardware.
  • Fixed and added some links here and there (Hi again Phill!)

    Taito Updates
  • Added PPC JC System Type C Hardware page and moved Operation Tiger from GNET to it, thanks to Chris Hardy.
  • Added Mechanical Hardware section and added Top Shooter to it.
  • Added Homura, Spica Adventure, Taisen Hot Gimmick Mix Party, Tetris The Grand Master 3 : Terror Instinct and Usagi Online with lots of new screenshots to Type X Hardware.
  • Added Fast and the Furious and Target: Terror from Raw Thrills to the Type X Hardware page, they are being reworked to run on the Type-X System.
  • Added better hardware photo to Type X Hardware, thanks to Spekkio.
  • Renamed F2 Expanded Hardware page to F1 System Hardware and added PCB picture to it.
  • Added IDYA Simulator Page.
  • Added Command War and Recalhorn to the F3 Hardware page complete with screenshots, thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Added Birdie King Hardware page and moved Birdie King 1,2 and 3 to it, thanks to Pierpaolo Prazzoli.
  • Added screenshots to Warp 1 and Western Gun 2 on Unknown Pre 90 Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots of Indian Battle on Unknown Pre 90 Hardware.
  • Added cabinet photo to Sub Hunter on Unknown Pre 90 Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Field Goal on Unique Hardware thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Added screenshot for Harakari Professional Baseball on Type X Hardware.
  • Added much better hardware photo to Type X Hardware, thanks to SiK.
  • Added Ashita no Joe to Unique Hardware, thanks to Clawgrip.
  • Added better screenshots for Psyvariar 2 on Naomi GD-Rom Hardware, thanks to The Sheep.
  • Added screenshots to Ping Pong King on Ping Pong King Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Psychic Force EX on FX1A Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Fighters Impact A, G Darius, G Darius 2 and Raystorm to FX1B Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Real Puncher / Sonic Blast Man Real Puncher on Unknown Post 90 Hardware.
  • Moved Violent Shooting and better screenshots to N.Y. Captor Hardware, its a clone of Cycle Shooting.
  • Added Honey Pit to Unknown Post 90 Hardware.

    Other Updates
  • Added better title screens to all the games on SPI Hardware.
  • Added Seta 1st Generation Hardware page, thanks to Fausto Car?
  • Added Seta 2nd Generation Hardware page, thanks to Fausto Car?
  • Added Puzzli 2 Super with screenshots and PGM logo to PGM Hardware.
  • Added screenshots to Photo Y2K 2, Puzzle Star and Knights of Valor Super Hero's on PGM Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Drivers Edge on Incredible Technologies 32-Bit Hardware thanks to Aaron Giles.
  • Added screenshots to Dolphin Blue on Atomiswave Hardware (the older pictures were from the ATEI pre release version), thanks to The Sheep.

    Other Bits...
  • Internet suckage...
    My internet connection was down for 2 weeks due to a RAS (adsl exchange) fault in March and this was, as they say, "teh sux".
    I had a play for a few hours (after logging my call with my ISP's support) and I figured out it had to be an exchange fault (being an ex-comms engineer) but it took the combined might of British Telecom and my ISP 2 weeks to fix.
    This was mainly (read "totally") due to the stunning inability of either BT or my ISP's helpdesk's to listen to anything I was telling them. I told them repeatedly that I had tried 2 different pc's and routers and that nothing worked at my house, and I was receiving in a constant 2meg downstream of invalid data before I even attempted to connect, and when plugged in next door everything worked perfectly. Their response? To totally ignore what I'd told them and give me advice ranging from "your modem is faulty" to the old favorite"reinstall windows".
    Now I know that support desks have to speak to computer illiterate people all the time, but when you present them with a full suite of test results and a logical train of diagnostics you'd at least expect them to acknowledge this, but no, this strays outside of their flowchart at which point their heads explode and they become um-ing and err-ing vegetables, repeating the same phrase over and over again "your modem is faulty", "your modem is faulty" as infinitum.
    Much shouting ensued. BT eventually said they would send an engineer out under the threat of huge charges if the fault was on my equipment, the lad that turned up had been on the job for less than 3 months and was totally out of his depth, so he wandered off after looking around aimlessly for a while and saying he was going to the exchange, I heard no more for the whole of that day. More shouting ensued. 2 weeks to the day that I went offline 2 of BT's uber engineers turn up at my house, plug their laptop in and say "that's not right, your RAS ports busted, we'll pop down the exchange and sort it out", an hour or so later the little green light came back on and all fixed and I was running again.
    Thanks to John and his compadre from BT for being the sole raft of sanity in this veritable ocean of idiots.

  • So, the actual site re-write is the sole fault of my almost terminal ADHD kicking in and needing something to occupy it while I couldn't lurk online and annoy anyone or read any of my mail, I spent the time taking the site apart and redoing it (although it actually took more like 2 months than the 2 weeks I was off line, but after 2 weeks the site was so stripped down that there was no going back).
  • Apart from that, I've been fine, thanks for asking,


    Toby... (That'll do for 3 months...)

8.1.2005 - OMG I'm so behind it's not even funny...

    08.01.2005 -
  • Excuses Excuses...
  • In case you've been wondering why there has been a distinct lack of updates on the site (I've had enough emails asking me where I was that I think some of you might), I've been a teeny bit busy. The little fella that Jack is holding is Luke, and he was born on October 15th. Hectic is not an all embracing enough word to describe the past few months...
  • So, I've finally gotten around to the point where I can fiddle around with the site again (Charles MacDonald and Aaron Giles have been poking me with sticks telling me to get off my lazy arse), and it was actually quite fun getting back into the swing of things, apart from the trawl through my huge back catalogue of emails which are great to receive but sometimes intimidatingly large to wade through...
  • I've also decided to upload a half finished Irem section that I was working on before I got too busy to finish it. As always, any pointers would be appreciated.
  • Anyway's, On with the update!

    Sega Updates
  • Some very nice additions to the Sega part of the site this time thanks to the extraordinary technical achievements made by Charles Macdonald, Nicola Salmoria, Olivier Galibert and Aaron Giles which has made the following possible;
    - Added better screenshots for AB Cop, Afterburner, Afterburner 2, Line Of Fire, Racing Hero, Super Monaco GP and Thunderblade on X Board Hardware.
    - Added better screenshots for Outrun, Super Hang-On and Turbo Outrun on Outrun Hardware.
    - Renamed and added screenshots for Limited Edition Hang-On on Outrun Hardware.
    - Added better screenshots for Super Hang-On on Enduro Racer Hardware.
    - Added better screenshots for Action Fighter to System 16A Hardware.
    - Added better screenshots for Cotton, Dynamite Dux, Flash Point, MVP, Ryu Kyu Sonic Boom and Toryumon on System 16B Hardware.
    - Added better screenshots for Bloxeed, Clutch Hitter, D.D. Crew, Desert Breaker, Laser Ghost, Moonwalker and Where's Wally! on System 18 Hardware.
    - Added better screenshots for Jumbo Ozaki Super Masters, Quiz Syukudai wo Wasuremashita / Quiz My Homework and Tokoro San no MahMahjan on System 24 Hardware.
  • Added Ghost Squad, Outrun 2 SP, Sega Golf Club Network Pro Tour and MJ-2 to Chihiro Hardware.
  • Added Virtua Striker 4, The Key of Avalon 2 and F-Zero AX Monster Ride to Triforce Hardware.
  • Added Melty Blood : Act Cadenza, Chaos Field, Quiz K Tie Q Mode, and Senko no Ronde to Naomi GD-Rom Hardware page.
  • Yeehaw! Moved Twin Squash from Unknown Hardware to System C Hardware thanks to Gerald Coy for finding a board.
  • Added screenshots for Counter Run and PCB picture (bootleg?) on Z80 Hardware at last!, thanks to Mark from the UK.
  • Added some better screenshots to Dark Edge on System 32 Hardware, thanks to whoever posted them to the mameworld message boards, sorry I've forgotten who...
  • Added a better title screenshot to Title fight on System Multi 32 Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Robo Wres 2001 on System 2 Hardware.
  • Added Virtual On Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. Ver5.66 to the Naomi Hardware page, I'm not sure how I missed this, it might be because its got a stupid name. :)
  • Added Touch De Uno! 2 and Shangri-La to the Naomi Hardware page.
  • Added Witch to Unknown Hardware page.
  • Added Starraker to Unknown Hardware page thanks to Simon Hanlon.
  • Added Double Block to Discrete Hardware page thanks to Thierry Lescot (hi!).
  • Added Wonderboy III - Monster Land to System 16A Hardware thanks to Thierry Lescot (and again!).
  • Added Club Kart Euro Session and screenshots to Naomi 2 Hardware.
  • Added Virtua Tennis/Power Smash to Naomi GD-Rom Hardware, thanks to Andreas Thors?
  • Added a much much better screenshot to Frogs on Vicdual Hardware, thanks to Grant from Zulu Records.
  • Added some notes to Tic Tac Quiz on Unknown Hardware, thanks to Chris Rohl.
  • Added notes on Triforce Hardware's ability to have expanded RAM modules, thanks to Jason Martens for reminding me.
  • Added Outrun 2 SP flyer the Chihiro Hardware page, thanks to R-Jay.
  • Moved MJ2 to the Chihiro Hardware page.
  • Added screenshots for Jyuohki on System 16B Hardware, thanks to Arzeno Fabrice for reminding me.
  • Added GD-Rom photo of Initial D : Version 3 to Naomi 2 GD-Rom Hardware page, thanks to Shane Wells.
  • Added screenshots to Idol Janshi Suchipai 3 on Naomi Hardware.

    Atari Updates
  • Moved Accelerator from Unknown 80's Prototype Hardware to System 2 Hardware, thanks to Larry Hastings.
  • Added better screenshots to Tank 8 on 6800 Hardware.
  • Added cabinet shots to Avalanche and Starship 1 on 6502 Black and White Hardware, thanks to Grant from Zulu Records.
  • Added cabinet shots to Crash'n'Score and Hi-Way on Discrete Logic Hardware, thanks to Grant from Zulu Records.
  • Added PCB pictures to Indy800 on Discrete Hardware, thanks to Greg.
  • Added loads of cabinet pictures to Pong and Pong Doubles on Discrete Hardware, thanks to Greg.

    Capcom Updates
  • Added some notes about Street Fighter on 68000 Hardware, thanks to Colin Shaughnessy.
  • Changed the release dates on most of the games in the CPS3 Hardware Page, thanks to p.k.
  • Moved Rival Schools from ZN1 to ZN2 Hardware, oops, can't have been paying attention on that day ;), thanks to p.k. for pointing it out.

    Irem Updates
  • Added everything...
  • Big thanks to BloodF and Chris Hardy for all their help sorting the bits and pieces out, top chaps all round :)
  • I know its far from complete (unknown is a right mess), but this is as good as I can get it at the moment due to lack of time and seeing as there was nothing else on the net about Irem stuff (apart from R-Type fan sites) I thought I'd chuck it up anyway.
  • If you have any pointers please feel free to email me and I'll sort out the problems.

    Konami Updates
  • Added a Bemani Karaoke Hardware page and moved Dance Dance Revolution Karaoke Mix 2nd to it.
  • Added Dance Dance Revolution Karaoke Mix 2nd and photos to the Bemani Karaoke Hardware page, thanks to Michael Bortnyck.
  • Added screenshots for Beatmania 1st Mix, Beatmania 2nd Mix, Beatmania 5th Mix, Beatmania 6th Mix and Beatmania Dreams Come True to the Bemani DJ-Main Hardware page, thanks to Fausto Car?
  • Renamed Kontra to Kontora on Contra Hardware and removed the reference to it being a bootleg, thanks to David Perez.

    Midway Updates
  • Updated the hardware description of Zeus and Zeus II hardware thanks to Aaron Giles and Fausto Car?
  • Renamed Arctic Thunder SE to the Graphite Hardware page, thanks to Chris Rohl.
  • Added cabinet shots for Asteroid and Ball Park on Discrete Hardware, thanks to Grant from Zulu Records.
  • Added cabinet shot for Leader Lo-Boy on Discrete Hardware, thanks to Gary Fox.

    Namco Updates
  • Added Tekken 5 screenshots to the System 258 Hardware Page, thanks to Thomas Butters.
  • Added Soul Caliber 3 to the System 258 Hardware Page.
  • Added some information about Bubble Trouble on System 2 Hardware.
  • Added some better screenshots to Namco Classic Collection Vol.2 on System ND-1 Hardware.
  • Added some updated hardware specs for System 22, System Super 22, System 23 and System Super 23, thanks to Guru and Fausto Car?
  • Added some better screenshots for Time Crisis on System Super 22, thanks to Fausto Car?

    Taito Updates
  • Added Taito Type-X Hardware page. This is probably one of the most important hardware releases in recent history, a cheap and easy to program for PC based system that has had most of the Japanese independent arcade game manufacturers signed up for it, its also looking like its going to be a shmups fans ultimate system...
  • Added Chaos Breaker, Gigawing Generations, Half Life 2 Arcade, Harakari Professional Baseball, Raiden 3 and Shikigami No Shiro III to the Taito Type-X Hardware page.
  • Added Chaos Breaker and Gigawing Generations screenshots to the Taito Type-X Hardware page, thanks to Lawrence from NFG.
  • Added Trizeal and screenshots to the Naomi GD-Rom page, thanks to Lawrence from NFG.
  • Added Cleopatra Fortune Plus and ExZeus with screenshots to the Naomi GD-Rom page.
  • Added Jump Coaster and screenshots to Licensed Hardware, thanks to Greg.
  • Added cabinet photo to Battle Gear 2 on Type Zero Hardware, thanks to Informatica.
  • Added cabinet photo to Densya De Go! on JC Hardware, thanks to Informatica.
  • Someone sent in saying that Dangerous Curves on Unknown Post 90 Hardware is actually using a Sega Model 2 board, but frankly I think its a bit suspect knowing that Taito always tended to do their own thing, but I added a note anyway...

    Other Updates
  • Added Dyna Gears and Mobile Suit Gundam Final Shooting to SSV Hardware page, thanks to Fausto Car?
  • Added Faster Than Speed to the Atomiswave page, thanks to Thomas Butters.
  • Added Dirty Pigskin Football, Extreme Hunting and Neogeo Battle Coliseum and screenshots to the Atomiswave page.
  • Added better King Of Fighters Neowave screenshots to the Atomiswave page.
  • Deleted King of Fighter 2004 from Atomiswave page, it was renamed King of Fighters Neowave, thanks to Ricardo L. Negr?
  • Added Puzzle Star to PGM Hardware thanks to David Raingeard.
  • Added screenshots to Knights Of Valor 2 on PGM Hardware, thanks to xlxlxll.

    Other Bits...
  • Gradius V, why there wasn't a version made for the arcade is beyond me, its pure shmup perfection, I don't think that I've enjoyed a shooter this much since DoDonPachi, if you're a shooter fan and haven't bought it run out this instant and grab yourself a copy, now, go on, stop reading...
  • Outrun 2, hmm, well, I don't know, its a *great* arcade game, and the new SP version has even better level design and looks even more stunning, but it didn't work at home for me, if you're after that superb Sega home arcade experience then you're best bet is still F-Zero GX on the gamecube, which is still holding a rocket propelled place in my heart, even if its harder than diamond studded titanium.
  • If you get the chance to get near an arcade any time soon, have a go of Ghost Squad, its pretty much the best gun game I've played since Time Crisis 2, great fun and some genuine innovations (the thermal imaging level is great)
  • I thought I'd just chip in with my thoughts on Half Life 2 as well, I know you've probably read this just about everywhere else, but it really is rather spiffy (apart from the Steam installer, which is the proverbial pile) and I really enjoyed it from start to finish, and Im really looking forward to what Valve and Taito are going to do regarding Halflife 2 Arcade on Type X Hardware, should be interesting...
  • I'll be off to the ATEI in a few weeks, I missed last years due to being under several feet of snow, so hopefully I'll make it this year, if you want to catch up you'll find me hanging around the Sega booth looking suspicious as usual...
  • O, I want a Sony PSP, if anyone wants to send me one to review and gush over then that'd be great :)


    Toby... (Overfed from christmas stuffing...)

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