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26.12.2013 - Merry Xmas!

11.12.2013 - Nu Hardware Update (are we in the 80's again?!?)

1.12.2013 - Working through the backlog

  • I'm making a concerted effort to get through my to do pile and the notes people have left me scattered around the interwebs :)
  • Huge shout out of Matt Stritenberger this update, who put in some real effort and research time and cleared out a load of my "unknown's", great to see the back of some of these.
  • I've updated the sites protection against bots, scraping, leechers and other such bad behaviour which were on the verge of causing my (very patient) hosting company to pull the plug on the site, hopefully legitimate users are not affected, if you are drop me an email or a note on my facebook page.
  • The reason this is necessary is that this site is on shared hosting, and I'm very much skirting the edge of what you can get away with on a shared server nowadays... This is a non-profit site and the 1 advert I use up top just about pays for the hosting (hardly anyone clicks adverts nowadays :/ ). If I was forced to move to a dedicated server then it would mean I'd have to pay considerably (about 10x) more, which would mean that I would be forced to at least increase the ad presence on the site, something I've avoided as I don't like ads and this is still my "hobby site".
  • Something that might help in this regard is someone to provide some sql cacheing expertise, if anyone has any decent experience in this area please let me know.

  • Added screenshot to Pong on Atari Discrete Hardware, thanks to gregf.
  • Added cabinet blueprint to Crossfire on Atari Discrete hardware, thanks to gregf.
  • Added screenshots to Anti Aircraft, Breakout, Crash N' Score, Jet Fighter, Quadrapong, Rebound, Shark Jaws, Space Race and Stunt Cycle on Discrete Hardware, thanks to Adam's excellent discrete hardware emulator DICE.

  • Added pneumatic punching cabinet pictures to Street Fighter on Capcom 68000 Hardware
  • Added cabinet pictures and screenshot to Ken Sei Mogura on CPS Hardware.
  • Added PCB pictures to 1942 and Vulgus on Capcom Z80 Based Hardware.

    Data East
  • Created a SNK NeoGeo MVS Page and linked all of the Data East games there from the main NeoGeo page in the "other" section
  • Nice On is a Data East licence of Exidy's Rip Cord, so added that name and moved it to the Data East Licensed Hardware page, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Added Hamburger to DECO Cassette Hardware, a prototype of Burger Time, also added screenshots to Angler Dangler / Fishing, Manhattan, Skater, Super Doubles Tennis, Oozumou – The Grand Sumo and DS Telejang, thanks to gregf.

  • Disappointingly renamed "Pyson" hardware "Python" hardware, thanks to R Belmont and Matt Stritenberger.
  • Moved Brain Busters from Unknown Hardware to be clone of Monster Maulers on Mystic Warrior Hardware, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Moved Handle Champ from Unknown to System 573 Hardware and added screenshots and a cabinet picture, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Deleted Junction from Konami Unknown, it was a home version and a mix of Cue Brick and Loco-Motion, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Added better screenshots to Gachaga Champ on Konami System 573 Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Hang Pilot on Konami Hornet Hardware.
  • Added better screenshots to Thrill Drive on Konami NWK-TR Hardware.
  • Deleted Great Train Gang from Konami Unknown, direct translation of Dai Ressya Goutou (Iron Horse), thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Created Konami Ultra Sports Hardware, moved Five a Side Soccer there, renamed Ultra Sports to Ultra Hockey and moved it there as well and added some screenshots, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Moved Sauroid to Unique Hardware, it's a universal cabinet from Konami, not a game, added a pic and flyer.
  • Added cabinet picture to Funky Monkey and moved it to Konami Unique as it's a mechanical game.
  • Added marquee, cabinet picture and description of Pirate Ship on Konami Unknown Games.
  • Added a note about Dancing Stage Fusion being a chassis-less Python 2, there seems to be lots of confusion about this one with some people saying it's Viper (which it's definitely not, as it has a ps2 mobo).
  • Tidied up the Konami Bemani System 573 Digital Hardware page and added cabinet and screenshots to DDR 3rd Mix, 4th Mix, 4th Mix+, 5th Mix, DDRMAX, DDRMAX2, DDR Extreme, DDR Solo 2000, DDR Solo Bass Mix, DDR USA, Dance Freaks, Dance ManiaX 2nd Mix, Dancing Stage Euromix, Dancing Stage Disneys Rave, Dancing Stage Featuring Dreams Come True, Drum Mania 2nd Mix, Guitar Freaks 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Mix. (phew).
  • Tidied up the Konami Bemani System 573 Analogue Hardware page, adding screenshots and cabinet pictures to DDR, DDR 2nd Mix Club Version and Dancing Stage Featuring True Kiss Destination.
  • Tidied up the Konami Bemani System 573 Analogue Hardware page, adding screenshots and cabinet pictures to Dancing Stage Supernova 1+2 and Dancing Stage Fusion.

  • Moved Hill Climber from Unknown Hardware to Irem Unique Hardware, it's a mechanical game, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Deleted The Galaxy Empire Strikes Back from Irem Unknown, direct translation of Gingateikoku No Gyakushuu (Uniwar S), thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Deleted Tsukikage (Legend Of The White Wolf) from Irem Unknown, direct translation of Saigo no Nindou (Ninja Spirit), thanks to Matt Stritenberger.

  • Moved Ball Park and Leader from Discrete Hardware to Licensed Hardware, as they were both licensed from Ramtek, thanks to gregf.
  • Added screenshot to TV Basketball on Midway Discrete Hardware, thanks to Adam's DICE.

  • Moved Alien Sniper from Unknown Hardware to System 246 Hardware, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Added better screenshots to Armadillo Racing on Namco Super System 22 Hardware.

  • Deleted Laugh Racer, a mistranslation of Rough Racer on System 24 Hardware, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Added Fantasy Zone II to Sega System 16B Hardware.
  • Renamed Formation Battle In May to Mayjinsen on Sega Naomi Hardware, added prototype status and notes about it being unreleased, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.

  • Added screenshots to Astro Zone on Taito 8080 Hardware, thanks to gregf.
  • Moved Turn It Around from Unknown Hardware to G-Net Hardware, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.
  • Added better screenshots to Racing Beat on Taito Z System.
  • Moved Power Blade to Nintendo Playchoice 10 Hardware and linked it back to Taito Unique.
  • Moved 2 Minute Drill to Taito Unique and added a better cabinet picture
  • Renamed and added screenshots and notes to Black Beetles on Taito Unknown Hardware, thanks to gregf.

  • Moved Nintendo Playchoice 10 from various sections to one single one in the "other" category, added PCB pictures and details, this is a work in progress!
  • Moved Nintendo VS Hardware from various sections to one single one in the "other" category, added PCB pictures and details, this is also a work in progress!
  • Added screenshots to Donchan Puzzle Hanabi de Doon!, Meijin-Sen / Mayjinsen 3, Super Real Mah-Jongg VS and Variant Schwanzer on Aleck64 Hardware.
  • Deleted Shin Li Chen from PGM Hardware, mistranslation of the Japanese name for Martial Masters, thanks to Matt Stritenberger.

    Site Stuff
  • Rationalised the licensed games and moved stuff around a bit so it's tidier on the back end, more work to do here!



23.11.2013 - All Your Base.

21.2.2013 - Server move and other stuff

  • You may have noticed things going a bit weird a week ago with some down time, then some weird messages, this was due to a server move which had newer software and hissy fits were thrown.
    It should all be fine and dandy now hopefully.

  • I have a huge pile of outstanding stuff to go through, I really should get around to it sometime...must finish Borderlands 2 first though!


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