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Hardware : Either Y Board, System 32 or Model 1


R360 R360
R360 R360
R360 R360
Gyroscopic full motion cabinet which rotates fully through 360 degrees in every direction. Spherical main unit mounted inside giro on 2 axis, which was in turn mounted on fully rotating outside circumference.
This is the only machine I have ever seen where people are actually afraid to go on it. It makes some people feel sick just looking at it, which is understandable!.
The R360 is the ultimate arcade cabinet (especially for the time is was produced) and it is still yet to be beaten.
Y Board Hardware
The original game software was a modified version of G-Loc Air Battle with 2 modes, either "Experience or Game".

Model 1 Hardware
An upgrade was released in the form of a special version of Wing War on Model 1 Hardware, although by this time they had stopped producing the R360 and this version is very rare. I only know of one or two in existence outside of Japan (where I assume there are a few more)

X Board Hardware
There have been rumors of an Afterburner II version made for the R360, I doubt it due to numerous reason and a lot of people seem to mistake G-Loc for Afterburner in the R360 for some reason, no-one has produced any hard evidence as of yet but I'd be more than happy to be made to eat my words...
The cabinet didn't actually respond that well to the controls, it was slow to react, and the direction the cabinet moved you in didn't necessarily have any relation to what was going on in front of you on the screen.
This was due to its weight of the gyroscope and the way the whole machine worked.
If the cabinet was designed to be able to suddenly change directions like your plane, it would have meant stopping the unit dead and then instantly changing direction to another, and the inertia and gforce would more than likely kill you or at best make you incredibly ill. So, well, I think we'll forgive them for that ;).
Sometimes you would be flying the right way up on the screen but the cabinet would be totally upside down, it confused you, made you laugh, made you feel dizzy and made you fall over sometimes when you got off of it, but it didn't really matter, as above and beyond anything else this was a ride, not a stuff.
Safety Features
Main safety feature is that this was a attended ride, as in that there had to be an attendant present for you to play the game. The attendant monitored the machine and the game from a control tower next to the unit, which had an emergency stop button on it.
Also, if the player hits the big red stop button inside the cockpit all motion stops, however, the cockpit does'nt immediately bring itself to the upright position. It just stops right where it is (so the player could be left hanging upside down if that's when the button was pressed). When the cockpit stops, a loud buzzer inside the attendant's tower sounds and an error message flashes on the attendant's tower monitor that says the Emergency Stop Button was pressed. The attendant needs to check that all is safe, and then press the Enter button on the attendant's control panel. This will cause the cockpit to move to the upright position and go to game over.
It has a full rollercoaster type harness, pulls over shoulders and clips in place with a seatbelt between your legs.
It had a fence 1 meter away all around it and sensor grid on the main platform that stops all movement if anyone approached the machine while moving, as it would be incredibly dangerous to anyone who got near it and could easily kill someone or decapitate them.
Is also has a sensor on the main entrance to the ride so that if your arm or leg went outside of the cockpit it would stop.
Media : Quicktime movie of cabinet in motion
Links : Kevin's R360 Site


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