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Sega Bass Fishing
Sega Rally Championship
Sega Rally 2
Sega Ski Super G
Sonic Championship
Starwars Racer
Starwars Trilogy
Top Skater
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Fighter 3
Virtual Striker
Virtual Striker '99
Virtual Striker 2
Virtual Striker 2 Version '98
Virtual Striker Ver.2000
Virtual Striker
Virtual On
Wave Runner
WWF Wrestlemania
Zombie Revenge

Key: S - start button, V - vulcan cannon, M - missile, F - foot sensor (only on sit-down version)
Stage Action Required Result
V M F stick-right
S speed-fast
V M stick-right
V M stick-left
S stick-down
S V M F stick-up
DUKE message
100 missile
100 missile
50,000,000 pts
250,000,000 pts

Alien Syndrome
Shoot and grab everything as quickly as possible. If you manage to finish a level before the timer reaches 100 you get a 60K bonus.

Astro Blaster
This is a list of just a few of the secret ways to get bonus points in the vertical space shoot-um-up Astro Blaster. 1000 Points for shooting without missing a shot during "Fuel status Marginal"
700 Points for killing everything in the horizontal attack force before they reach the other side of the screen
600 Points for getting through an entire sector with out hitting "Critical" on laser temperature
400 Points for not losing a ship through an entire sector
400 to 1500 Points for docking perfectly WITHOUT using the direction buttons
??? Points for "scraping" the docking claws during dock

You can reach the maximum score, 99999 points, simply by playing for a long time. But you can reach it quicker if you pull down most of the time. Pulling a column all the way down gives you 25 points at level 1, 125 at level 10. The extra points are added while you're pulling, so you can pull down a column *most* of the way and you can position just before it lands to get most of the points. The magic jewel will be split if part of it sticks up above the top. The part above the top will fall separately and get rid of more jewels. This is cute but not useful once you're good at the game.

Golden Axe
If possible go to a different level of ground than your opponent. If you are lower you can cut up his legs and he can't hit you. If you are higher he will jump after you and you can hit him in mid-jump. (He won't attack until he's on your level). (Contributor: Unknown) General strategy: Make things fall off ledges. Best with skeletons on eagle's head on last level.
Two Player health restore: If a player's health is at zero (no life bar visible) when the bonus level/intermission ends, s/he will begin the next level at full health (three life bars). So if you CAREFULLY hack one another, you can restore your health. You should allow the other character to recover after each swipe, otherwise you may throw or kick and actually kill the other player.

Crazy Taxi

$700 first fare
At the beginning of the game, instead of driving forward, drive in reverse. Pick up the customer. She will pay $700 for a ride to the bottom of the hill!
$975 fare
Make your way up to the roof of the parking garage by driving up the ramp at one of its corners. To the left, standing on a giant umbrella is an old lady. Let her hop aboard. She will ask you to take her to the police station and pay you a whopping $975!
Crazy Dash
While moving forward, release both pedals. Put the car in "Reverse". Then put it in "Drive" and press the accelerator. (If done correctly, the taxi will instantly reach its top speed.) Crazy Dashes are best used after accidents or after collecting fares.
Crazy Rocket
While the car is stopped to pick up or drop off a customer, press the brake pedal. Pull gearshift back to "Reverse". As soon as the animated sequence has completed (and you can control the car), put the gearshift back into "Drive" while pressing the accelerator.
Pickup Swimmer at Beach
Snorkeling near the reefs outlying the west beach is a customer… But to pick her up, you'll have to drive into the ocean!
Here are the cabby's directions to the beach:
At the beginning of the game, grab the person who's nearest to you. (She will want to be taken to the cable car stop.)
After arriving at her destination, let her out and make a sharp left.
Snatch the customer with the outrageously large hat. (She will ask to be taken to the West Side Beach.)
When you have arrived at the beach, drop her off and head straight into the water!
Power Slides
Like reckless driving (i.e., 'Crazy Through'), power-slides can increase your fare. To power-slide, suddenly throw the car into reverse then back into drive again while sharply turning the steering wheel.
Ride a motorcycle
Insert coin(s).
Press (and hold) the accelerator and brake pedals.
Push Start.
Push gearshift up.
Release accelerator and brake pedals.
Choose driver.
Push gearshift down.
Press Start.
Start Game from Lookout Tower
To begin at the lookout tower, hold the gearshift in reverse while selecting a driver. Push Start. Then release the lever.
Reverse Route
Before you press the Start Button hold the Gear Selector in Reverse while holding the Brake and the Accelerator. When you start the level your taxi will be facing the opposite direction. This will force you to take an entirely different route.

Daytona USA

Extra Time
On the beginner track there is a slot machine on the top of the stone arch. To play the slot machine, press Start to stop the movement of the wheels. If you get a 777 you'll gain extra time.
Fast Start
In the transmission selection screen hold the "Start" button down, you will notice that it says "Real Players Only". Keep holding the "Start" button down, until the transmission selection time runs out (You have to choose manual.) From my knowledge this only works on the beginner track. Continue holding the start button down through the whole first lap. If you notice you reach 210 mph just before the Jackpot machine. This will give you at least 2 car lengths lead over other racers that don't do the cheat (if you do it right and don't bump any other cars). This will give you time to get away from the rest of the field and keep on truckin'.
No Computer Opponents
Hold the start button at the transmission select screen. The words REAL RACERS ONLY will appear across the screen. All of the racers must hold down the START button until they choose the desired transmission for the code to work. When the race starts you will notice that there are no computer racers. If you are playing by yourself pushing the start button will enable you to race in a time trial mode.
Play Slots
At the beginner stage, when you see the overhead slot machine, press start to play it while driving.
Beginner Course Tip
When you drive near the Slot Machine, press:
START 3 times
If you get three 7's you'll get 7 seconds of extra time. If you get three Bars you'll get 5 seconds of time.
Expert Course Tips
If you stop on the last corner the seagulls will get closer to your car.
If you drive the second lap in reverse the Statue will be standing on it's hands.
If you stop completely near the statue you can make it spin by pressing the Start button repeatedly.
When the game starts press the start button repeatedly to make the seagulls get larger.
Hidden Music
Enter At the High-Score screen.:
H.O (to hear music from Hang-On)
V.R. (to hear music from Virtua Racing)
Secret View
To get an overall view of the race conditions during gameplay hold:
Special Ending
To view the Special Ending you must finish in third place or better on every course.
Time Attack Mode
While you are at the Transmission Selection Screen hold:
Now only the cars controlled by players will be on displayed on the track. If you score a high enough score you name will be displayed with a T.A. next to it.
Intermediate Course Tip
If you drive onto the elevated path just before the Pit Road, a billboard will appear stating that you just lost your sponsor.
On the beginner circuit, you will pass under a sign that has different symbols rotating on it. (Like a bingo machine) If you press the start button to stop these symbols, and you get 3 of a kind, you get one free credit. e.g.. You press the Start Button 3 times and they all land on a lemon.
When you are asked to chose manual or automatic gears hold down the start key and choose one. You will be the only car on the track. This only works in single player mode!
ROCKET START : For Expert and Advanced courses only. While at the starting grid, keep the brake pressed, step on the gas and hold it around 6500-7000 rpms. When the race starts, let go off the brake and floor it. You should quickly jump ahead to the front of the pack !
When going into turn 3,slam it into 3rd gear and hook it left, when going strait, put it back into 4th
When you are at the last lap,go by pit work and you are far ahead of the others
On the advanced track slow down when you get to the beginning of the pits and do a U-turn up the ramp and drive into the tunnel, you will waste a credit but it's good for a laugh.
On the expert track slow down and stop on the corner that has the massive statue of Jeffrey from Virtue Fighter. Make sure you can see him clearly and that you are completely stopped. Now press the start button rapidly to see him rap dance.
If you finish any of the races first, hold down the start button to see the credits.

Daytona USA 2
Bumper Camera
To access the awesome bumper cam, press view buttons 1 and 2 during a game.
Helicopter Camera
To access the awesome sky cam, press all view buttons during the game!
Mirror Mode
On the circuit select screen, hold down Start and choose a track. Choose car and transmission as normal. You should now have Mirror Mode.
Time Lap Mode
During transmission select, hold down START and press the accelerator to pick your transmission. If done correctly, the words "Time Lap Mode" will appear and you will race the track alone without interference from other drivers.
100-Meters Dash
When the players are introduced press Right, Left and the button you use in other sports for selecting the angle. In this way the player will roll and go faster.
Shot-put and Discus Throw
By pushing the START button you can choose the direction of the wind. The wind blows to where the air-balloon is pointing.

Emergency Call Ambulance
Stretcher running On AT/MT select screen With MT selecting (It will not be decided yet.) Need to input the shift lever as follow : UP - UP - DOWN - DOWN - UP ( This would be in case of UP/DOWN shift lever case) 3 - 3 - 4 -4 - 3 OR 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 ( In case of H type shift lever ) Then, in the screen, the Stretcher will appear on the side of the ambulance and will be available to choose as a player's car. ( This would be the option for both AT Mode and MT Mode.) Regarding the bonus score status at the stage clear. As players clear each stage, bonus points will be added as the score board indicates, if the following condition's prevail:

NO DAMAGE: The car must arrive in the hospital with no dents or scratches.

STABLE: The player has driven safely in which case, the score will show ''STABLE''( Even in the short time) in the top left hand corner.

BRAVE: If the player leaps over a bridge or a hill.

SPECIAL: In each and every stage, there is a place where the player must go. (For instance) At the end of the first stage, there is a big billboard in the park and the player must drive through. If the player succeeds, the game will say '' Good Job''. This option has a 2nd, 3rd, 4th stage.

Fighting Vipers
In order to play as B.M. (the final boss), At the character select screen hold up an the joystick, then press and hold start, while holding up, move left or right until off the side of the screen

Harley Davidson: L.A. Riders
Hidden Music Track
When you select your bike, press and hold the foot brake. Select your transmission with the start button. Hold both of these until the race begins. Now scroll through the music and a new track called "Jingle Bells" will be there

House of the Dead
Bonus Room
First save all the people, then proceed to the final level. After you beat the giant bat, shoot the switch to the right of the door. Go inside for a host of power ups.
Both Players are Sophie
Right after inserting your credit, pull the triggers in the following order. Left 1, Right 2, Left 2, Right 1 then hit START before the game enters demo mode.
Both Players are Super G
Right after inserting your credit, pull the triggers in the following order. Left 1, Right 1, Left 1, Right 1, Left 1, Right 1 then hit start before the game enters demo mode.
Display Score
Right after you insert your credit, pull the left trigger three times, the right trigger twice, then press START before the game enters demo mode.
Easy Zombie Kill
Hate shooting zombies 4 or 5 times before killing them? Aim carefully and quickly for the center of the head or the skinniest part of the legs. One or two bullets should take them out easily.
Player 1 Plays as Sophie
Enter this code at the title screen after inserting your currency: press Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Start. Right and Left refer to the triggers.
Player 1 Plays as Super G
Enter this code at the title screen after inserting your currency: Left, Left, Right, Left, Left. Right and Left refer to the triggers.
Quick Reload
Any fan of arcade shooters will know that it's time consuming to reload by shooting the gun away from the screen, and annoying losing your target.
For a quick and painless reload, simply put your fingers in front of the nozzle and squeeze one off - then you can get back to killing whatever it was you were killing without interruption. In order for the following codes to work, you must pull the trigger of both guns in the following order AFTER inserting your money, and BEFORE pressing start.
For player 1 to dress like Sherlock Holmes,
left trigger 2 times
right trigger 1 time
left trigger 2 times, and then press start
For player 2 to dress like Sherlock Holmes
Right trigger 2 times,
Left trigger 1 time,
Right trigger 2 times and then press start
For both players to dress like Sherlock Holmes
Pull left trigger once,
Right trigger once,
Left trigger once,
Right trigger once,
Left trigger once,
Right trigger once, and then press start.
For the left player to be Sophie,
Right trigger once,
Left trigger once,
Right trigger 2 times
Left trigger 2 times, and then press start
For Right player to be Sophie
Left trigger once,
Right trigger once,
Left trigger 2 times,
Right trigger 2 times, and then press start.
For both players to be Sophie
Left trigger once,
Right trigger 2 times,
Left trigger 2 times,
Right trigger once, and press start.
To display the score throughout the game,
Left trigger 3 times,
Right trigger 2 times, and then press start.
Important note: You can only use one code at a time. For example, if you want to play as Sophie, you will be unable to display the score.

House of the Dead 2
Alternate Endings
There is three possible endings to the game, but it all depends on your score at the end of the game.
For the Normal ending, your score has to be under 80,000 and the last number cannot be a zero.
For the Bad ending, your score has to be under 80,000 with the last number being a zero.
For the Good ending, your score has to be over 80,000 and the last number being anything.
Bonus Room
If you manage to get through the entire game without killing any civilians or letting the zombies kill any civilians, you will be rewarded with a bonus room, just before the last boss. The room contains life-ups and bonus points.
Boss Tactics
1. Judgment: Aim for the purple bat.
2. Heroplant: Aim for his heart,in the middle.
3. Tower: Aim for the heads that are charging up or turning yellow.
4. Strengthen: Aim for his head.
5. Magician: Aim for his left or right leg. He is faster, quicker and harder than the magician in House of the Dead part 1, so be careful!
6. Emperor: Aim for the pink ball of his body. His life goes down little by little.
Grenade Launcher
On the first level hit all enemies in the HEAD and when you reach the 1st Boss you will pick up a grenade launcher
Increase Life Stock
To increase the number of lives a player will have, rapidly push the start button while inserting coins.
Note: This trick also works during the game!
No Reloading On Final Boss
If you shoot your gun away from the screen 5 times right before fighting the final boss, you won't have to reload.
Quick Reload
Any fan of arcade shooters will know that it's time consuming to reload by shooting the gun away from the screen, and annoying losing your target. For a quick and painless reload, simply put your fingers in front of the nozzle and squeeze one off - then you can get back to killing whatever it was you were killing without interruption.
Score Display
Insert your credit(s). Before the demo starts rolling (on the title screen), pull the triggers of the guns in the following order: L,L,R,R,R,L,R and press START. Now your score will be displayed in the top corner, so you can see if you are going to get the good ending, or if you're just kicking your friend's butt

Indy 500
Pace Car
To get the pace car, hold down the START button and the brake pedal while choosing transmissions. Keep holding it until the race starts.
Police Car Cameo
Press the START and VIEW buttons while holding the BRAKE and ACCELERATE peddles. Next, select automatic or manual transmission, then press START, VIEW, BRAKE and ACCELERATE again. If you did it right, a police car will appear and run the course backwards.
Turbo Charged Engine
First choose manual transmission. When you are racing and you are in sixth gear go into the pit area. If you did this right it will switch you into first gear and you will be going about 265 mph in first gear!
Activate all Cheats
After you insert your coin press and hold the brake and both zoom buttons and then press start to select your course and your transmission. Do not release the brake and zoom buttons until the race starts. If you do this you will be running in the pace car, backward, mirrored, and with no enemies.
Drive Pace Car
To drive the Pace Car, select an automatic transmission and then hold the brake pedal and Start button down until the race begins.
Go Backwards
To race backwards press the zoom buttons while selecting the race course.
Modify Motor
To get a more powerful engine, choose a manual transmission and a one-lap race. Once it has begun, immediately take a pit stop. Afterwards, as you emerge from pit lane you'll have a faster engine!
Note: This code only works for 1-Player games.
Panoramic view
If you want to have a panoramic view press the zoom buttons together in when you are in outer zoom mode.
Sea Gull Attack
This code only works on the Highland raceway.
Start the race and then turn around and race backwards avoiding cars. Go through the tunnel and stop right outside. When the sea gull attacks you turn around quickly and drive the race. If done right you will have the sea gull following you the rest of the race, gut... YOU WILL LOSE

Last Bronx
Strange Weapons
At the character select screen, press START 13 times then press Punch, Kick, etc. to select the character. When the game begins your character will use a weird weapon (Corn, Fish, Broom, etc.)

Lemans 24H

Drive King Car
Insert coin(s)
Press (and hold) the break pedal down.
Push Start.
Select a course
At the car selection screen, highlight "Nismo", the vehicle on the far left.
Hold Zoom-in + Zoom-out while pushing down on the accelerator.
Release the brake pedal.
Drive Sonic Racer
Insert coin(s)
Press (and hold) the break pedal down.
Push Start.
Select a course
At the car selection screen, highlight "Nismo", the vehicle on the far left.
Hold Start + Zoom-in while pushing down on the accelerator.
Release the brake pedal.

Manx TT
Sheep Mode
To ride a sheep instead of a motorbike do the following: In the transmission select screen, press gear up, gear up, gear down, gear down, lean left, lean right(and stay there), hold the brake in and then accelerate. This must be done quickly, before the timer runs down. If your successful, you'll hear a "baaah" noise.
Time Trial Mode
At the Course Select screen, hold the brake while selecting your course.

Motocross Go!
Race Alone
Hold brake, gas, and view while you insert your coins. Keep them pressed until you start the race.
Secret Bikes
When selecting bikes, while turning the handle to full throttle and holding the brake, select your bike with the view button. The YZ400 gives you a transparent player with a visible heart. The YZ250 gives you a player in a black jumpsuit (very fast!!)

Nascar Arcade
Secret Course: There is a Secret TEAM SEGA racecourse hidden in the game that unlocks after 700 plays. To access this course the players must do the following:

Before inserting coins, put gearshift in Neutral! When selecting racecourse, shift gearshift 4th to 2nd to 1st to 3rd, and step on the brake. The TEAM SEGA Course should appear.
Secret Drivers: There are three secret drivers in this game. To access these drivers players must do the following:

DALE EARNHARDT, Jr. - Select Dale Earnhardt, Sr, Car #3, put the shifter into 3rd gear and press on the brake pedal. Dale Jr.'s car will appear.
ADAM PETTY - Select Kyle Petty. Car #44, step on brake pedal and shift 4th to neutral to 4th, Adam's Car will appear.
RICHARD PETTY - Select Kyle Petty, Car #44 and shift up to 1st gear. Richard Petty's #43 STP Special Retro Car will appear.

Out Run
The fastest route for finishing the game is Right (Devil's Canyon), Left (Snowy Alps), Right (Wheatfield), Right (Autobahn)

Big Head Mode
To get big heads hold down all buttons for 30 seconds.
Play as Wangtan's blue transformation
To play as Wangtan's blue special, at the character select screen push and hold all three buttons; punch,kick,and jump while holding the joystick up. Then when you transform you will battle as Wangtan's more powerful blue transformation

Scud Race
Secret view points
Hold Start,press View button 3 Hold View button 4,press View button 1+2+3
Special Rocket Car
While choosing the car at the car selection screen, hold down the START button until the game opens the Transmission selection, then let go of the start button. It may only work for the Super Beginner Track. Note: if the car becomes a small thin rocket car as the confirmed car, it means the code works.
Time Lap Mode
While selecting your transmission at the Transmission Selection screen, hold down the START button until the race starts. Note: The code is confirmed if you see a "TIME LAP MODE" on the screen at the Transmission Selection Screen.
Unlock Hidden Vehicles (Super Beginner)
To unlock the hidden vehicles, select "Super Beginner" course. Then, at the vehicle selection screen, hold down the Start button while choosing an automobile.

Sega Bass Fishing
Play as a Woman
Pull the lever down and press the yellow and the red buttons simultaneously. Now choose your bait and you will soon see that you are playing as a woman instead of a man. This code will last for the current area

Sega Rally Championship
Faster Car
To get a super fast version of your car, run through the gears from 1st to 4th (i.e., 1st then 2nd then 3rd and 4th in that order), in the car selection screen. You should hear a whoosh sound if you are successful. You can now press the accelerator on the car of your choice.
Practice Lakeside Track
To practice the fourth track, "Lakeside", which is not usually available unless you place first in the championship, do the following:
In the course select screen, hold down the brake pedal, turn and hold your steering wheel to the right to highlight "Mountain" (but do not select it), now run through the gears as follows, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd. (You have to go back into neutral before hitting 3rd gear the second time.) If successful you should hear a whoosh sound. Do not select Mountain, wait for the timer to run down and select itself.

Sega Rally Championship 2
Bonus Cars
When picking a car pull the E-brake and press the view button at the same time. The Toyota celica and the lancia delta will now be selectable (the game counter must be above 1000 games played before the code will work).
Secret Course
In the Riviera stage, after the last hairpin on the first lap, you'll see a row of cones before the next turn. Knock ALL of these over and continue on until you come around to the last hairpin again. Just after you pass it there will be a sharp left turn available, take it to find yourself in a Secret Points course.

Sega Ski Super G
In order to play the game as a snowman you must do the following
Hold down the left view button (on top of the ski pole) while selecting which course to race
In order to race as a guy with Norge on his backpack wearing a baseball cap
Hold down the right view button (on top of ski pole) while selecting which course to race

Sonic Championship
Super Sonic
Start the game with Sonic and defeat the first eight enemies without losing. When you fight Metal Sonic, win the first round, at the second round start hyper mode by pulling the joystick back and pressing Punch and Kick at the same time. Sonic will then change to Super Sonic and you can't lose any health.

Starwars Racer
Default setting:
Player only can choose two racers. But...

When the total number of game play exceed 700, GASGANO (most right racer) can be chosen.

When "Expert Course" was cleared 50 times, BEN QUADINATORS (most left racer) can be chosen.

Once those racers are appeared on the select screen, they will not disappear even operator clears its back up memory.

This tip comes to you from one of the top racers in the arcades:
At the start of the boonta classic, use jump to boost speed for good start. Then at the first left turn follow the pod that appears in front of you. After completing the turn, straighten out and use the boost button. At this point keep right to avoid all the traffic. Hug the wall on the right turn. On the first big drop should come out at 2nd position. The pod with big wings will knock into you and give a speed boost, which then allows you to overtake anakin right at the entrance of the canyon! The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Star Wars Trilogy
In the first level, when you have to shoot all the ties, hit the event button and wait for a second. For each tie that the wingmen take out, you will get about 2000 points!
Also in the first level, in the trench, when Darth Vader and two ties swoop down, you can shoot them with torpedoes! You have unlimited, so don't worry about failing.
In Hoth, when Luke says "Attack Pattern Delta, go NOW!" Repeatedly press the event button. There will be a red triangle around its head. Shoot, and you will kill it! Press the event button whenever Luke says "Attack pattern Delta"
On Endor, when you are on foot, sometimes the event button will flash for a second when you are in front of a single troop. Repeatedly hit the event button, and don't shoot the trooper. An Ewok will fall on his head, giving a kill, and 3000 points!
On The battle with Darth Vader, if you kill him, hit the event button, and you will hear the emperor say "So be it....Jedi"
On the final level, when the Tie Bombers are flying in, take out the last one, and IMMEDIATELY press the event button before the shuttle comes. The a-wings will hit the shuttle, and give many points for each hit!

Top Skater

In order to play as a surfer you must press the following sequence of yellow buttons on the character select screen
Left 3 times
Right 3 times
Left 13 or more times
In order to play as a Boogie Boarder you must hold down the start button when you select your course, and then while still holding the start button press the following sequence of yellow buttons on the character select screen.
Right 6 times
Left 6 times
Right 3 times
Left 3 times
Right 4 times, and then let go of the start button
In order to play as bigger "cartoon like" people, you must press the following sequence of yellow buttons on the course select screen.
Left 9 times
Right 9 times
Left 4 times
Right 4 times
Left 5 times
Then, press and hold the front of the board down and press left and right yellow buttons together 3 times.
In order to get this code to work, you may have to first "unlock" it. To do this, you simply have to perform the code while holding down the start button. After doing that once or twice, the code should work without holding the start button.
In order to switch the character from riding Goofy foot or Regular:
Press and then release both yellow buttons.
(This even makes the surfer's board backwards)
In order to race on the secret event course you must:
Hold the front of the board down from the point you press start, until you see your skater at the beginning of the run.,
You must play the Expert course, You may choose any character,
Continue to hold down the front of the board until the game begins.
Now, do not do any trick on the "Big Air" jump. (Just skate off the edge)
Just after the entrance to the building, there should be an opening in the fence on the left side. Jump through it, and welcome to the secret course.
NOTE: This code may need to be unlocked by holding sown the start button in addition to the front of the board throughout the selection process (This will only need to be done once)
Big Head Mode: At the Course Select screen, press Left 9 times, Right 9 times, Right 4 times, Left 4 times, Right 5 times, and Left 5 times. Next, lean forward on the board and (while holding forward), press Left and Right together 3 times. If you do this correctly, you will hear a laughing sound.
Continuous Grind: To perform a continuous grind, hold down the front or back end of the board on the grinding pole.
Freestyle Course: To access the secret, freestyle course, do the following: At the course select screen, lean and hold forward on the board, then press RIGHT to highlight the expert course. While continuing to hold forward, press the START button and choose your character. Continue to hold the board down until you feel click and the screen says "ACTION BOARD WILL UNLOCK." As you approach the "BIG AIR" jump at the beginning of the course, DO NOT MAKE A JUMP. Simply "fall off" the edge without leaning backwards or forward to make a jump. At the beginning of the arena on the left side there is a broken fence. Jump into the area to warp to the secret course. Enjoy the freestyle course, you have 90 seconds, there are no time bonuses or checkpoints.
Goofy Mode: To change the stance of the players from normal to goofy and vice- versa, press Left and Right together on the character of your choice (at the character select screen.) This trick does not work on P-Nut, and it will make Alex "surf" backwards).
Grinding Made Easy: When coming up to a grind rail, kick the nose of your board (instead of your tail) when right in front of the rail. If done correctly, you will get on, doing a 50-50, 5.0, nose slide, tail slide, blunt slide, boardslide, K- Grind, or crooked grind.
Play as Alex the Surfer: At the Skater Select screen, press Left 3 times, Right 3 times, then press Left 14 times before the counter reaches 0. If you were quick enough you'll see Alex.
Play as P-Nut: At the Course Select screen, press and hold Start (don't release it!) At the Character Select screen, press Right 6 times, Left 6 times, Right 3 times, Left 3 times, and Right 4 times. You should now be Cookie. Release Start and Cookie will be wearing a swimsuit and a boogieboard.
Top Tricks: When skating with any skater, when you're about to go off a jump, kick the nose or tail of your board the second you come off the ramp. If done correctly, you can ensure an A-Class or S-Class rating. Note: Don't kick the tail or nose of the board to quickly, or the game will say,"Trick Miss." and you'll crash and earn no points!

Virtua Cop 2
Get Machine Gun (1st Level)
On the first level, after the robbery has occurred but before the car chase begins, riddle the square-shaped painting with bullets to uncover a machine gun.

Virtua Fighter

You can get the credits of the programmers to come up on the screen by holding down a START button during the demo. When it comes to the standard demo w/ Sarah kicking Kage, the credits will come up. Keep holding the START button to keep the credits com coming, or else they will freeze. Also, you can get Kage to _roll_ while the demos are running. Just spin the player one joystick, and he'll roll either backward or forward, it's up to you. On the beginning of the computer intro, you can get Kage to roll off the mat almost before Sarah even tries to kick him. After you finish a game against the computer, the last round which you lost will then be played during the intro. If you got to Dural, the round where you beat Akira will be shown. What a great way to rub in a loss, especially I f the computer had a real good comeback on you :)
KAGE'S FACE MASK It seems that after about 3,000 plays, the mask on Kage falls off instead of just his headband. You can see his teeth and a scar on his cheek.
USING DUPLICATE COLORS In order to play with both players having the same colors, have one player select a character. The other player should now highlight, but not select, the character to the LEFT of that character. For example, if you both want to play Pai, then the second person should highlight Akira. (If you both want to play Akira, highlight Jacky). Now press Right+All three buttons simultaneously. When play begins, you will both be using Player 1's colors (e.g.. both Pai's will have blue uniforms.)
PLAYING AS DURAL It is possible to play as Dural, although the timing to do so is a bit tricky. First, you must beat the computer Dural and have 2 games worth of credits in the machine ready to go. After beating the game, have one player press start and pick a character . As soon as that character finishes smiling, but before the game actually starts, player 2 should press start to interrupt the process. If your timing is perfect, and the stars are perfectly aligned, and you've been a good boy or girl, player 2 may com e in as Dural. Should you be fortunate enough to get to play as Dural, here are Dural's (known) special moves: Wolf's Suplex (Def+Punch), Wolf's Clothesline (For,For+Punch), Jeffry's Body Press Throw (Back+Punch), Kage's Rolling Kick (For,For+All), Kage's Knee Pounce (U p+Punch), Akira's Kick (For,For+Kick), Pai's DDT (For, Down+Punch)

Virtua Fighter 2
See Kage's Face
Play as Kage and win 20 matches in a row. After the 20th match, every time Kage is knocked down, his mask will fall off.
Slow Motion Replay
After winning a round, hold all three buttons. The replay should now play in slow motion. NOTE: This trick may only be used once per play, so only use it when you get a really cool win
Slow motion replay
If a particular finishing is funny, gross, painful, humiliating or spectacular; you may opt for a slow motion replay. As you KO, RO or TO your opponent, hold down all three buttons to effect the slow motion replay option. You are only allowed one slow motion replay per credit insertion.
Victory taunts
Another nice touch to replays is the victory taunts and phrases. You can actually control what your character says. During the replay, hold down either P, K, or D to select the taunts. Win a set under ten seconds and your character will say the "below ten second taunt".
Game completion replays
If you complete the game, the replays of all the stages will be played. The trailing animation frame shadows for these replays can be controlled. Tap the left player D button to negate the frames and the right player D button to reveal the frames. Tapping the joystick up decrease the number and speed of trailing animation frames. Tapping down will increase the number and speed of trailing animation frames.
Kage's face mask
Kage's face mask will only fall off if he wins 20 straight wins from challengers. After that, Kage will have his face mask falling off indefinitely after being knocked down; provided that the VF2 machine is not turned off at the end of the day. He has no scar on his cheek anymore and he is described as rather handsome.
A little bird told me
At Jacky's stage where the background are mountains. You can actually see a virtua bird! Just hold down all buttons including the start buttons and joysticks. You will see the bird swooping down from far away. This bird will hover around the losing character. As long as a human versus human fight features the Jacky mountain background, this bird can be called out. You need not do it at the beginning of the round, in fact, you can call the bird out anytime on Jacky's mountain stage. Please note that when playing Sarah against the computer, the background will not be mountains when you reach Jacky. The background will be a city street, thus you cannot see the bird.
If you like the old BGM
In the momentary silence before the first set of every round begins, hold down PLAYER 1 START button to play a funkier VF1 version of the music played in Jacky's stage. Hold down the PLAYER 2 START button for a funkier version of the music played in Sarah's stage. This old VF1 BGM would end when you start a new round.
Win Dural with a DRAW bug
When you reach Dural, Fight win all sets except the last one so that you are ahead. For the last set, back off a little then stay low and squat doing nothing. Dural will keep doing 2 low punches and a low kick but will not advance to attack or even throw you. The resulting set will be a DRAW but you still win the round. During the replays, your character will be shown in a ready state facing Lau but nothing happens during the credit scroll. When the next in line starts a new game, the scenery is different from the normal and the characters show trailing animation frames or even disappear. It is very difficult to fight the game in this mode. The only way to get rid of this is to reset the machine. Try not to do this unless you are in the mood to pick up a real fist fight.
The true power of Akira
If you get to key in your own initials for getting to the top twenty with Akira, do not key in the "END". Make Akira run quite far away until he appears quite small. Don't run too far though. Do a special move of Akira and you will see the whole screen shake.
Credit roll
In the demo mode, hold down the player start button to invoke the credit rolls. Release the start button and the credit roll will freeze.
Mysteries and rumors
The skybreaker is still a rumor. Akira does have a sliding attack. Well, not really sliding. He actually gets down on one knee and gives a low side kick. Any information on how it is done is appreciated. This is not the rising sweeps of Akira but done while he is still standing. Any info on selecting Dural would be appreciated.

Virtua Fighter 3
Costume Change
To wear player 2's outfit as player 1 or vice-versa, do this. When you get to the character you want to use hold the START button and press the DODGE button

Virtua Striker
Big Heads
When the speaker is announcing the competing teams, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Long Pass. If you're playing a two-player game then both players must enter this code.
Play as F.C. Sega
Go to the team select screen. Choose Spain and press START, choose England and press START, choose Germany and press START, then choose Argentina and press START. F.C. Sega can now be selected

Virtua Striker '99
Performance Mode
To see how well you performed against a challenger, hold the joystick DOWN before pushing the Start button to begin a game

Virtua Striker 2
Kick Off Goal
When the referee blows the whistle for kick off, hold UP-RIGHT immediately and press the SHOOT button for about slightly more than 1/4 of the power gauge. Release the joystick and SHOOT buttons and watch your ball roll into the net.
NOTE: This only works with some teams such as Brasil, Holland and Spain.
Play as F.C. Sega
Go to the team select screen. Choose Spain and press START, choose Germany and press START, choose England and press START, then choose Croatia and press START.
Play as Yuky Chan Team
When you are in the Teams selection:
Press DOWN-RIGHT and press START
Press DOWN and press START
Press LEFT
Press RIGHT and press START
Press RIGHT and press START
If you hear a strange voice the code is right.
Play as Yuky Chan Team...The Easy Way
Go to Yugoslavia and press start,start. Go to USA and press start,start. Go to Korea and press start,start. Finally go to Italy and press start,start. Time is a factor with this code
Rank Mode
To see how well you performed against a challenger, hold the joystick DOWN before pushing the Start button to begin a game

Virtua Striker 2: Version 98
Performance Mode
To see how well you performed against a challenger, hold the joystick DOWN before pushing the Start button to begin a game.
Play F.C.Sega
First,go Spain and press start. Second,go England and press start. Third,go Germany and press start. Last,go Croatia and press start. Then you will play F.C. Sega.
Play as Yuki Chan(Cartoon team)
When you are at the team select screen go to Yugoslavia press start twice then U.S.A press start twice then at Korea press start twice and then finally at Italy and press start twice if done correctly you will hear a sound then on the top of Japan there will be an extra team Yuki Chan

Virtua Striker Ver. 2000
Play as FC Sega
Select France, Press Start
Select Cameroon, Press Start
Select Saudi Arabia, Press Start
Select England, Press Start
Select Germany, Press Start
Select Argentina, Press Start
This will make the team "FC Sega" a playable team.
Play as MVP Genki (alien team)
First you have to have MVP Yuki Chan and then go to Yuki Chan and press the 3 buttons and start at the same time.
Play as Yuki Chan
1. Select Yugoslavia, press start.
2. Select USA, press start.
3. Select Korea, press start.
4. Select Italy, press start.
5. A new team will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. ( Yuki Chan )

Virtua Striker
Performance Mode
To see how well you performed against a challenger, hold the joystick DOWN before pushing the Start button to begin a game

Virtual On
Different poses to see a different victory pose, press the attack buttons after winning a match.

Wave Runner
Big Head
When jumping off a ramp, press the start button and the player's head will become larger.

WWF WrestleMania
Undertakers Finisher - Buried Alive
After defeating an opponent for the second and final time, (make sure he is lying on the mid-left of the ring) press U,D,D weak punch and if done correctly the screen will begin to shake and the undertaker will begin to bury the opponent.

Zombie Revenge
Change outfits
Step 1:Insert coin
Step 2:Select any character
Step 3:Hold down "STAR" (don't let go)
Step 4:Press either punch or kick to start the game.
PS don't let go of the "Start" button until you are able to control your character.

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