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31.8.2017 - Indulging myself

26.8.2017 - Err, Hi...

  • Just an update that I'm still about/alive and interested, real life has a habit of getting in the way and I've got another hobby now as well which I'm very much enjoying!
  • I've had some interesting stuff sent to me over the past year or so and I really do need to get around to adding it, thanks to all those who keep sending stuff in, I do promise I'll sort it out and add what needs to be added, and update what needs updating :)

    Hopefully some stuff soon, you can follow me on facebook, I don't update much so it won't be a spamfest, I just tend to post when I've updated the site or somethings really interested me in relation to arcades,

  • edit* I've fixed a lot of broken links involving Atari Slapstic all over the Atari section, thanks to Chad Kary for pointing one out and making me fall down that rabbit hole ;)



    (O yeah! Go and play Sonic Mania, it's awesome!)

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