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Konami Arcade Hardware Overview
Some sort of explanation is necessary for the Konami section of this project compared to the Sega, Namco and Atari sections of the site, as it is quite different to the others...

Sega & Namco more or less unified all of their games since the early 80's under "Systems" - these were simply the same base hardware with different program roms, and lasted them over a great deal of time, and meant minimal development costs and general ease of use...
Konami on the other hand seemed to go about things in a totally different manner, what some people are calling a "what CPU have we got a lot of today" kind of setup.
There are very few specific systems until fairly recently, most of the games being custom hardware and different configurations almost from game to game, this make cataloging them incredibly difficult. Where not in systems the games are now sorted into video hardware, as this has much more bearing on how konami made their games, i.e. very video chip orientated, much like modern pcs are.

There are still quite a few games are in the Unknown Hardware section at the moment, and there are a lot of games in the Power PC Hardware page, as it is known that they have Power PC CPU's, but little or nothing else is known about them.

Konami Arcade Video Systems and Hardware
*HELP!* - Konami Unknown
Konami Unique
Konami 8080 Based
Konami Scramble
Konami Z80 Based
Konami Tactician
Konami Framebuffer
Konami 6809 Based
Konami Dual 6809 Based
Konami Laserdisc
Nintendo Vs.
Konami Bubble System
Konami Double Dribble Based
Konami Green Beret Based
Konami Nemesis
Konami Blades Of Steel Based
Konami Dual 68000 Based
Nintendo Playchoice 10
Konami Chequered Flag Based
Konami Contra Based
Konami Twin 16
Konami TMNT Based
Konami Kids Medal Machine Type-1
Konami TMNT2 Based
Konami Xexex Based
Konami X-Men Based
Konami Mystic Warrior Based
Konami Polygonet
Konami GX
Konami Quiz Do Re Mi Fa Grand Prix Based
Konami GV System / Baby Phoenix
Konami Ultra Sports
Konami ZR107
Konami Bishi Bashi
Konami GQ System
Konami GTI Club
Konami Cobra System
Konami Hornet
Konami M2
Konami Power PC Based
Konami System 573
Konami NWK-TR
Konami Viper
Konami System 573 Satellite Terminal
Konami Python
Konami Viper Satellite Terminal
Konami Python Satellite Terminal
Konami PC Based
Konami Bemani Python
Konami Python 2
Konami Bemani Arcade Hardware
Konami Bemani DJ-Main
Konami Bemani System 573 Analog
Konami Bemani Karaoke
Konami Bemani System 573 Digital
Konami Bemani Twinkle
Konami Bemani Firebeat
Konami Bemani Viper
Konami Bemani PC
Konami Bemani Python
Konami Bemani Python 2
Konami General Flyers
This Is Our Spirit
More Exciting, More Sophisticated!
Jamma Pinouts

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